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Chattanooga Grill Disposal and Recycling

Around Chattanooga folks take their barbequing very seriously. For many it comes down to a simple choice: Dry rub or marinade. With the dry rub, a combination of spices (often secret ingredients) is rubbed onto the meat of choice and then it is slow roasted, grilled or smoked. With the marinade option, it’s the same “secret recipes” but these are more sauce oriented. The best option is to soak the meat in the marinade of choice for several hours. In some cases even an entire 24 hour period. You’ll find passionate devotees on both sides of these BBQ equations.

There are also equally passionate opinions about the types of preferred grills. Again there are two basic choices: Propane or natural burning. Old school grilling consists of charcoal briquettes doused with light fluid then set ablaze. When the flames die down, the charcoal continues to burn bright and provide the heat source of for the BBQ. It’s that initial “flame up” that is cause for great concern and also the spark that has ignited many fires that got out of control. Some folks just can’t resist pouring heavy with that lighter fluid. Perhaps that’s why the propane grill grew in popularity.

With a propane grill you simply turn on the gas from a stored tank and spark up your grill much like you would turn on your stove top. The benefits of propane grilling are that it provides an even and consistent heat source. What might be lost is a distinct flavor found through smoking your BBQ with different types of wood chips. Actually, there are many propane BBQ grills can allow you to add wood chips for that smoky flavor. You can even put chips together in some aluminum foil, get them damp and create the same smoker effect when you close the hood of your BBQ. Keep in mind that smoking BBQ is not always about heating BBQ. The flavors infused into the meat come from the smoke of the wood not the flame.

No matter which type of BBQ method you prefer, you might discover as you head out for your first official BBQ of the summer that your grill is in bad shape. Even if you have kept that grill covered through the winter, it was still subjected to some harsh elements. If you weren’t as diligent with your “after grill” clean up then there might also be lots of charred gunk piled up on your grill which is certainly not appetizing. All of this means you could be in the market for a new grill. Don’t let getting rid of the old grill stand in your way. Hire a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Chattanooga to take away that old grill and you’ll have plenty of room for you new model. Those same junk haulers can also make quick work of any other stuff you want taken away. This makes buying a new grill the perfect excuse to get rid of all your junk. That’s a winning scenario in anybody’s book!