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Post Thanksgiving Holiday Junk Removal in Chattanooga

When it comes to holiday fun, nobody does it better than Tennessee. All throughout the season, there are events for the whole family to enjoy. Over at the Bristol Motor Speedway, there are millions of lights strung up along the route and visitors get to actually drive along the legendary “World’s Fastest Half-Mile” track. Speaking of millions of lights, you’ll find those same numbers on display at Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas festival and Christmas at Graceland over in Memphis. Here in Chattanooga, you can take in the annual Holiday Starlight Parade and the Lighted Boat Parade. Lots of amazing decorations floating by plus a big fireworks display at the end. For an event that might be a might bit warmer, head inside for the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera production of “Home for the Holidays.” It’s a delightful concert of Christmas classics you’re sure to enjoy.

Of course, those are just the events you can go to outside of your home. There might be plenty to do right where you are especially if you’ve got a big family to tend to. Will you be opening your home for guests? Are out of town family members coming by for a visit? Is your college student coming home for the holiday? If the answer is “yes” to any of those questions, then you are going to have to get the place ready and that will mean tossing out all your clutter. Once you’ve filled up the trashcans and still have oversize items to toss out what are your options? Actually, your best option is to hire Junk King Chattanooga.

Junk King is a company of professional junk haulers based right here in Chattanooga. Living in the local community gives Junk King an important perspective. They want to keep Chattanooga clean as much as you do. That’s why they’ll help you take away any junk you might have rusting in your front or back yard. They’ll also help you make a clean sweep of your home to cart away any old furniture pieces, appliances, e-waste or mattresses that are going to get in the way of your guest’s comfort.

Junk King is an extremely dependable service. They take great pride in their high marks for customer satisfaction. Unlike the phone or cable company, when Junk King makes an appointment they won’t keep you waiting for hours. They know how valuable your time is especially at this time of the year. They’ll have you cleared out of all your junk before you can say, “Here comes Santa Claus!” Call Junk King Chattanooga today to find out how at 1-800-995-5865.

Chattanooga Recycling News

You know about recycling your paper, plastics and soda cans but what about recycling Mother Nature? Yes, even the fallen leaves from the trees can be recycled. Recently the City of Chattanooga’s Department of Public Works announced that they will begin a loose leaf collection from November to February. Here’s the information they provide:

“Public Works crews will collect loose leaves on each residential street two times during the season. Bagged leaves, loose leaves, and brush must be separated at the curb for collection. Residents must request bagged yard waste collection and brush collection by calling 3-1-1. Leaves and brush may also be taken to the Wood Recycling Center located at 3925 N. Hawthorne Street where wood chips and leaf compost are also available free of charge to City of Chattanooga residents. Leaf collection is a residential service only.  It is illegal for landscapers or contractors to dispose of yard waste, including brush and leaves, by placing materials at the curb for City collection.”

They also have some handy guidelines for you to follow:

  • Separate loose leaves, bagged leaves, brush and bulky items.  These materials are collected, processed, and disposed of differently.
  • Move loose leaves, bagged leaves, and brush as close to the curb edge of pavement as possible, but avoid placing the materials in the street or co-mingling materials.
  • Avoid raking leaves into ditches.  Doing so can cause flooding problems and have a negative impact on water quality.
  • Avoid raking leaves into the street.  Doing so can cause drainage problems and lead to hazardous driving conditions when leaves become wet.

This is certainly a very nice service but it might not be the most convenient one. First of all, there is all that business with “co-mingling” materials. Do you really want to sort your piles of raked garbage? And what happens if you spend hours raking those piles but the crews don’t show up until the next day. Won’t those leaves blow back into your yard? And just try keeping kids from diving into those piles!

The better course of action for leaf recycling or any proper recycling of bulky items would be to give Junk King Chattanooga a call. This is the Chattanooga based business that has made recycling junk their number one priority. It doesn’t matter what you’re throwing away; if Junk King thinks it can be recycled they’ll make their best effort to insure that item gets to the right recycling center. There could be several facilities around Chattanooga which take in different types of materials. You won’t have to worry about finding out which piece of junk goes to what recycling center; the Junk King crew will do all the work. You also won’t have to get your hands dirty because that same Junk King crew will do all the heavy lifting. When it comes to recycling in Chattanooga, Junk King is your best bet!

Chattanooga Leaf Removal

Fall in Chattanooga is a sight to behold. The leaves on the trees take on a life of their own. It’s as if they are screaming, “Hey look at how colorful we can be!”  In fact, Chattanooga was just named by Outside Magazine as the Best Town Ever based on reader’s votes. Around Chattanooga, fall is a terrific time to enjoy many outdoor events and yes, a lot of them have a rather “spooky” vibe to them.

Take for instance the “Boo in the Zoo.” Think of this as a family party happening every weekend in October down at the Chattanooga Zoo. Not only will you get to check in with all the furry creatures, but there will be trick or treat stations, pony rides, costume contests, games and plenty of fun. It’s also a “non-scary” event which makes it perfect for the young ones. For the older “kids” who don’t mind a good scare, the Post-Mortem Haunted Trail is a walking haunted house type of affair that’s sure to be full of chills and thrills.

Take note that fall in Chattanooga isn’t just about getting scared. The Ketner’s Mill Country Arts Fair kicks off another wonderful season by offering an amazing array of handmade arts and crafts. This is the perfect spot to start your holiday shopping. For those who are feeling a bit more athletic, there is the 7 Bridges Marathon that begins in Renaissance Park and goes for 13 miles ending up in Coolidge Park. If you’ve never taken a walking tour of these bridges and parks this is the perfect opportunity.

It’s easy to see how you can fill up your calendar with events but you might be feeling overwhelmed with all those leaves mentioned above. We’re not talking about watching the changing of the colors but the falling leaves. You’ve got to rake them up. After pulling them into several piles and letting the kids do their jump thing, you’re still going to be left with getting rid of those leaves. Depending on your yard, it might not be practical to toss them out and you don’t want to burn them for fear of spreading a fire or being fined. Your best course of action for leaf removal would be to hire Junk King Chattanooga.

Despite their title, Junk King would be the perfect leaf removal partner. They’ll show up at the scheduled appointment with enough wide open truck space to haul off a forest of leaves! The added bonus is that you can also get rid of some other junk you might have laying around your yard or home. Fill up the Junk King truck and say good-bye to clutter once and for all.

Signs That It’s Time to Call a Chattanooga Junk Removal Specialist

How organized are you in your life? We all have a little clutter but when that clutter overruns things it might be time to call in an expert. In Chattanooga there are actually several professional organizational experts who will come into your home and business to help you get back on track.

For instance, here is a list of all the areas that one particular specialists says she can help with: “Attics, Basements, Bedrooms, Boomer/Senior Downsizing, Children, Closets, Clutter Elimination, Combining Households, Coordinating Dual Residences, Craft Rooms, Custom Filing Solutions, Custom Storage And Design, Declutter, Email, Estate Organizing, Garage Organization, Hoarders, Holiday Decor & Storage, Home Based Business, Home Staging, Homes, Inventory, Kitchens, Memorabilia Storage, Move In, Move Out, Non-profit Organizations, Office Organization, Organizing Workshops and Pack Rat.” That certainly covers a lot of ground!

Not to take anything away from the expert but getting organized is really not all that challenging. Like anything else you want to accomplish in life, you have to want to do it but it doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. The professional organizer will tell you to get rid of your clutter. You can cut out that middleman and get right to the help with Junk King Chattanooga.

Junk King Chattanooga is made up of teams of professional haulers. This means they have the manpower and the truck space to cart off anything you want tossed out. Yes, you have to decide what you want gone. A good rule of thumb to follow is if it’s broke and not getting fixed, let it go. If you aren’t using it and don’t plan on using it, let it go. It’s really not that complicated.

As you go through your home identifying what you want tossed out you can mark the item with a big red X or slap a Post-It note on it. Anything that will let the Junk King crew know what has to go. Of course, you can even just wait until the removal appointment and just point to what you want taken out!

The Junk King Chattanooga crew is also certified and insured. This makes them the perfect type of workers to invite into your home, even for a few moments. With Junk King on your organizational team, you won’t have to worry about picking up heavy objects. They’ll also climb the stairs or go into the garages and sheds. Wherever you’ve got the junk is where they’ll be. After you’ve moved out the big stuff, you can tackle the little things like desk drawers and cupboards a lot better. Are you ready to get organized? Then call Junk King and get started today.

Chattanooga Junk Removal Prices

Like a painter staring at a blank canvass considering all the possibilities, a group of architect recently toured Chattanooga’s Glass Street to see what could be made of those dilapidated buildings and vacant lots. The short answer is quite a lot. One of the designers, Blythe Bailey, told a local newspaper that an empty lot on the corner of North Chamberlain Avenue and Glass Street could “become a community garden and the vine-covered empty building behind it — a former five-and-dime store — could be a place for a sign that identifies the area as historic Glass Street.”

The local residents think this is a swell idea. For too long the historical buildings on this commercial street have sat empty and neglected. Bringing them back to life can become a huge boost for the entire community. Naturally this is going to take a lot of work with all kinds of city, state and federal agencies cooperating. This type of cooperation is not unheard of especially when many local businesses are standing by willing to pitch in. One such business, Junk King Chattanooga, might actually be called upon for some of the construction waste removal once the project gets underway. That’s just the kind of job that Junk King excels at: removing huge piles of debris from a site and making it appear as if that junk was never there in the first place. Imagine what they could do around your home.

It won’t come as a shock to say you’ve probably got junk to throw out. Whether that’s an old sofa or an unused fridge, you’ll find that hiring the Junk King is your best bet. Junk King steps in when your weekly garbage pickup can’t do the job. In other words, if you’ve got something that’s not going to fit in the trashcan then let Junk King handle it.

Junk King Chattanooga is made up of professional junk haulers. This is their 9 to 5 job. These aren’t day laborers but experienced workers who are bonded and insured. That means they’ll be responsible and dependable. Junk King wouldn’t have it any other way. With Junk King you’ll be getting an extremely competitive price based on the volume of junk. Based on how much space your junk will take up on the Junk King truck is how much you’ll be charged. Nothing more. If you have had an unpleasant experience with movers charging extra fees then you know how important it is with getting an estimate. Keep in mind that the estimate you’ll be getting from Junk King will be in writing so it matters.

When you’re ready to restore your home to a “junk-free”  zone, give Junk King a call to set up a visit from a supervisor for that estimate. They’ll schedule the pickup time based on what is convenient for you. It’s really they only civilized way of getting rid of junk.

Home Downsizing Tips in Chattanooga

The idea of downsizing is gaining in popularity all across the country, including in Chattanooga, for a variety of reasons. Top among them is the idea that moving into a smaller home or apartment is more affordable. But there is also the quality of life issue to consider. As we get older, taking care of a large home becomes a bit more burdensome. This is especially true if all the kids have moved on and you’re left alone in a big empty house. In that case, downsizing makes perfect sense.

How much time do you devote each week to keeping your home clean? Now imagine that time is cut in half by living in a place without so many rooms. And we’re just talking about the typical dusting, sweeping and wiping down of counters. With the big spring cleaning projects you have windows to wash, drapes to clean, gutters to clear out… the list is endless. It doesn’t have to be that way if you make the decision to downsize. You’ll be able to have more time to dedicate to being with friends or your hobbies.

Then there is the money to think about. If you’re living in a home that is all paid for then consider yourself lucky! If you were to sell that home you’d have a very decent amount of money to retire on. Why wait? Moving into a smaller place will also cut back on electric, water and heating bills. That’s going to put even more money in your pocket. How would you like to spend that? Spoil the grandkids? A cruise? There are a lot of possibilities!

Finally, as we get older we often find it’s a bit harder to get around. You could relocate to a place without stairs and easy access to all kinds of shops, cafes and friendly neighbors all within walking distance.

Downsizing doesn’t have to overwhelm you, especially when you hire a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Chattanooga to help with the process. These junk haulers will be able to haul out all of your unwanted stuff without you having to lift a finger. Even if you’re staying put, it’s still a great idea to bring in a professional team to help you clear out the clutter. These qualified junk haulers will have the right amount of heavy lifting experience and empty truck space to take care of anything you want tossed out. They’ll be able to sweep through your garage, basement or attic and carry out furniture, big kitchen appliances and any other bulky item that you can toss out in the garbage.

Yes, a home where a family grew up in has a lot of memories but you’ll be taking those memories with you wherever you go. The idea is for you to live a more stress free life and that can happen with downsizing.

Back To School Home Improvement Projects Chattanooga

Are you suffering from empty nest syndrome? This occurs to parents when their kids grow up and move away from home. Typically, the first signs of this happen when they head off to their freshman year of college. This is when what was once a very active and bustling household becomes quiet. You suddenly find a lot more time on your hands because you’re no longer playing chauffer, cook, washer, cleaner and everything else moms and dads spend 18 years doing. So now what? First of all, embrace the fact that you’ve done an amazing job if your young one is now off to college. You’ve earned a break and it might be time to consider shaking things up a bit. You might want to think about taking on some of these back to school home improvement projects around your Chattanooga home:
Start a New Hobby: What’s that one thing you’ve always wanted to do but never had time because of the kids? Was it to learn more about wine? Take a pottery class? Discover how to make homemade pasta? Learn how to knit? What long lost hobby you once thought about taking up now is the time to actually dig in and try it. Here’s the really good news: if you end up not liking it, so what? How many false starts did your own kids go through with their hobbies? You can certainly have a few of your own.
Do More Entertaining: If you decide to pick up a few cooking classes then you’ll want to show off your culinary skills by throwing a dinner party. How great will it be to gather with a group of like-minded adults and discus adults topics! Yes, you can bring up the kids but that’s a lot different than wondering what they are up to in the next room!
Rearrange Your Furniture: Having more time on your hands allows you the freedom to explore your own living space and that can be accomplished by simply rearranging your furniture. Mix it up. Swap out rooms. You’re only limited by your own imagination and the furniture you have.
Try Remodeling: Perhaps it’s really time for you to get that Jacuzzi tub you’ve always dreamt of. Why not? With the kids back to school, you can take on a small remodeling project without causing too much disruption to your routines. Just think of all those amazing bathes you’ll be able to take.
Clear Out the Clutter: Of course, all of the above home improvements should really begin with a complete cleaning out of the clutter in your home. You can start that new hobby by clearing out a space for a workshop. Or do more entertaining by bringing in a new living room or dining room set. And if you decide to remodel, you’re going to end up creating a lot of demolition. All of that can be served by hiring a professional team of Chattanooga junk haulers to show up at a scheduled time and take away your junk. No job is too big or too small when you hire experienced junk movers like Junk King Chattanooga.

Chattanooga Recycling – Beat the Heat by Going Green

It looks like it’s going to be another scorching summer in Chattanooga. In fact, those in the know are predicting record breaking heat to arrive any time now. This is such an important issue for local residents that the Chattanooga City council put out new guidelines for all city employees who work outdoors to follow. Public works employees are being asked to take more breaks and drink more water while on the job. Nobody seems to be complaining about that directive.
There are other changes in store for municipal employees especially on the Chattanooga police force: They’ve been given new uniforms. Chattanooga Police Sergeant Charlie Brown recently told a local news station, “In 19 years this is the most comfortable I’ve ever been.” That’s probably because for the first time in the city’s history, police officers have the option to wear shorts if they prefer. There are also a line-up of new shoes and shirts made from what they are calling “breathable material” that goes a long way to beat the heat.
“It breathes better than the polyester,” said Brown, “you’re a whole lot more comfortable and it moves a whole lot easier.”
Obviously when the heat goes up, the air conditioners come on. The strain on Chattanooga’s energy grid could spark brown outs across the city unless folks do their part to conserve. Beyond switching to fans or sleeping out in the backyard, one proactive step you can take to conserve energy is not to waste it and that can be accomplished by recycling. When you recycle you are actually reducing the amount of natural resources that we all use. Lessen the need for those resources means they will be available when we need them such as when the heat rises. In other words, you could make an argument that sorting your recyclables can let you keep the AC on a bit longer.
Of course you don’t have to just stop at all your household plastics or paper. You can go bigger. How much bigger? What about sofa big? Or mattress big? Or washing machine big? Any one of those items can actually be hauled away to a proper recycling facility and broken down. Here’s the best part about this: You don’t have to lift a finger except to call a professional junk hauling crew like Junk King Chattanooga. Let these movers take away all your bulky recyclable materials because they’ll know just where to take them.
There could be several facilities around Chattanooga to handle all those repurposing needs. This means one center for metals, one for wood and another for material and cloth. Would you know where to find these places? Sure you can Google them but don’t be surprised if they are spread out all over the outskirts of the city. When the professional junk haulers show up, just let them know you want your materials recycled. In fact, you might not even ask. They’ll probably already be recycling because they know what’s good for their business is good for Chattanooga.

Chattanooga Residential Junk Removal

Here’s a fun project for a Saturday afternoon in Chattanooga. Gather the family together and pass out stacks of Post-its to play, “We should get rid of this someday.” Now have everyone race through the house and slap a Post-it on any item that is either busted, worthless or no longer being used. Give then 15 minutes. The family member who can identify the most items can win a prize! After the big race, do your own tour of the home just to see what everyone else considers to be junk. You might be surprised at the amazing amount of things that could be cleared from your home. Now that you have all of those items identified, it will only take the services of a locally based Chattanooga residential junk removal company to come by with their truck and take it all away.  That company is Junk King Chattanooga.

So, what’s the result? Will you find Post-its on old furniture that nobody wants to sit on anymore? Will there be boxes of clothes that nobody would wear? What about old school books, magazines or newspaper? Of course you don’t have to limit the search just to the inside of your home. You could expand the playing field to include garages, backyards and storage sheds. Then imagine what you could find! Rusted lawnmowers that will never work again, tires, or even car parts that won’t fit in any car could all be laying in wait.  Suddenly what started out as simple experiment has turned into a major find of useless junk.
Maybe you don’t have to go through such elaborate methods to identify all your junk. But it is a safe bet that merely walking around your home on a normal day probably has you flashing on several items and saying to yourself, “I’ve got to get rid of that someday.” Well, that day has come!
When you call up a professional Chattannooga junk removal company, they can accomplish in a few hours a total removal of all your unwanted stuff. Yes, all of this junk had a purpose at one point or else you wouldn’t have brought it into your home in the first place. But time takes its toll on everything and if it is time to say good-bye to that junk then so be it. The Junk King hauling crew you’ll be inviting into your home will be bonded and licensed. After all, you just don’t want to invite anyone into your house. Once you explain what needs to be done to the team supervisor, you can sit back, relax and watch all that junk fly out of the door.
After the job is complete, you might just be surprised by all the new space you’ve reclaimed. Some folks have managed to take back entire rooms from the “junk monster!”  Don’t wait another weekend to get rid of your trash!
Simply call 1-800 995 JUNK or book an free on site estimate online with Junk King Chattanooga.

Chattanooga Construction Waste Removal

There is a group of dedicated folks who spend their working day traveling up and down the Mississippi on a barge. Their mission? Just to haul away all the garbage that gets dumped in river. Sounds like a very noble project doesn’t it? It’s important to have our largest river kept clean. There’s one slight problem: they’ve been doing this for ten years straight. That means there has been ten years worth of enough garbage to fill a barge every day. And that’s garbage that has been dumped along the shores of the mighty Mississippi. It’s enough to drive you crazy. A lot of that garbage could be categorized as construction waste.  This would mean piles of lumber scraps, rebar or chunks of concrete all creating an eyesore. And you don’t need a river to dump. There are plenty of places all over Chattanooga that have suffered from the blight of this kind of dumping. It doesn’t have to be that way especially when there is a professional construction waste removal company who is up to the job – Junk King Chattanooga.
Let’s get real. The responsibility of construction waste removal falls to the manager of the project. Being a good manager they will probably delegate this job to their workers. Not to point fingers, but are those workers in the best position to get rid of all that site waste? After a long day of work, the last thing these guys want to do is load up trucks with garbage and haul it to a dump site.
You might think that having a dumpster on the site is all you need, but how quick does that dumpster fill up and overflow? Doesn’t take long. And the garbage service you’ve hired to take away that dumpster isn’t going to pick up what overflows to the ground. “It’s not their job.” That’s why hiring one company who is charged to take away all the waste is the way to go. Whether that amount is one truckload or a dozen, let them handle it.
You can also rest assured that the company your are hiring isn’t going to take any shortcuts to the dump. It’s their job to dispose of that waste properly and that’s just what they are going to do. There are plenty of headaches to be had on any construction. Material costs can shoot up in the middle of a job ruining estimates. Deliveries are late forcing workers to sit around doing nothing. Inspectors are late which hold up the project. With all of that going on, the last thing you should worry about is what’s happening to your garbage.
Hiring an outside company means your construction waste will literally become out of sight and out of mind. Focus on the build, not on what you’re throwing away.
Junk King Chattanooga specializes in working with construction sites to haul off all that excess waste at the end of the day or end of the project.  It’s as simple as calling 1-800-995-JUNK or booking a free on site estimate online.