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5 Ways To Improve Your Home Décor Chattanooga

Envy is not a good quality to have but in certain circumstances it can be a positive motivator. If you go to a friend’s Chattanooga home to admire how they have decorated things you might be hit with a feeling of envy. But you can turn those feelings into the perfect excuse for giving your own home décor a make-over. The following tips offer up a great way to improve your Chattanooga home décor:
Time To Paint Those Walls: When was the last time you painted the walls in your home? If that answer is “never” then you are long overdue. You can certainly add a lot of flair and personality by picking colors for your walls beyond plain white. For instance, selecting a shade of blue can provide a more relaxing vide to a room while a dark red color provides a warm glow. What do you want to surround yourself with? The options are endless and can be a lot of fun to consider!
Go Slip Covers: There was a time when slip covers for sofas and chairs meant plastic. The goal was to protect the furniture as opposed to worry about how tacky it looked. Today, you can use cloth slip covers to create an entirely new look for your room. Instead of replacing a comfortable sofa, just swap out the slip covers to match the mood of the season.
Think Accessories: As you look in on your living room or bedroom you might think, “Something is missing.” What’s missing could be a simple accent like a decorative lamp on an end table. The holidays are also a perfect excuse to add accents throughout a room. You can even add more photos of the family or memorable occasions to the room. These don’t have to be hanging on the wall but can be in quaint frames sitting on the mantle or coffee table. These types of personal accessories can also reveal a lot about your personality and even provide a smile every time you walk past them. Sofa pillows would also fit into this category and are a perfect accent to any room with a couch.
Consider the Floors: While most of the attention in a room goes towards the walls and furnishings, the floor choices also play an important role in the feel of a room. If you’ve been living with wall to wall carpeting it might be time to make the switch to hardwood floor. You might just be amazed at how cost efficient it is to install laminated flooring. It’s also a lot easier to keep clean.
Clear Out the Clutter: Before you start any home décor improvement project you should start with a “clean slate.” This means making sure all your junk and clutter is removed from your home. You can easily get this done when you hire an experienced junk removal team like Junk King Chattanooga to show up and take away your junk with one service call. Once that has been accomplished you can start your decorating in earnest.

Back To School Home Improvement Projects Chattanooga

Are you suffering from empty nest syndrome? This occurs to parents when their kids grow up and move away from home. Typically, the first signs of this happen when they head off to their freshman year of college. This is when what was once a very active and bustling household becomes quiet. You suddenly find a lot more time on your hands because you’re no longer playing chauffer, cook, washer, cleaner and everything else moms and dads spend 18 years doing. So now what? First of all, embrace the fact that you’ve done an amazing job if your young one is now off to college. You’ve earned a break and it might be time to consider shaking things up a bit. You might want to think about taking on some of these back to school home improvement projects around your Chattanooga home:
Start a New Hobby: What’s that one thing you’ve always wanted to do but never had time because of the kids? Was it to learn more about wine? Take a pottery class? Discover how to make homemade pasta? Learn how to knit? What long lost hobby you once thought about taking up now is the time to actually dig in and try it. Here’s the really good news: if you end up not liking it, so what? How many false starts did your own kids go through with their hobbies? You can certainly have a few of your own.
Do More Entertaining: If you decide to pick up a few cooking classes then you’ll want to show off your culinary skills by throwing a dinner party. How great will it be to gather with a group of like-minded adults and discus adults topics! Yes, you can bring up the kids but that’s a lot different than wondering what they are up to in the next room!
Rearrange Your Furniture: Having more time on your hands allows you the freedom to explore your own living space and that can be accomplished by simply rearranging your furniture. Mix it up. Swap out rooms. You’re only limited by your own imagination and the furniture you have.
Try Remodeling: Perhaps it’s really time for you to get that Jacuzzi tub you’ve always dreamt of. Why not? With the kids back to school, you can take on a small remodeling project without causing too much disruption to your routines. Just think of all those amazing bathes you’ll be able to take.
Clear Out the Clutter: Of course, all of the above home improvements should really begin with a complete cleaning out of the clutter in your home. You can start that new hobby by clearing out a space for a workshop. Or do more entertaining by bringing in a new living room or dining room set. And if you decide to remodel, you’re going to end up creating a lot of demolition. All of that can be served by hiring a professional team of Chattanooga junk haulers to show up at a scheduled time and take away your junk. No job is too big or too small when you hire experienced junk movers like Junk King Chattanooga.

Get Rid of Your Old Furniture in Chattanooga

The ABC Nightly News recently conducted an experiment to see just how much of what we’ve bought can actually be claimed to be “made in America.” For the purposes of this story, they had a typical family volunteer to surrender their home. The challenge was to remove everything that wasn’t made in America and replace it with those items that were manufactured here. The first shock was exactly how much they had which was an import. This turned out to be practically everything! All of their rooms were stripped bare. Fortunately, with a little internet research and due diligence, they were able to refill their home with just about everything that was taken away. The one thing they couldn’t replace was the coffee maker!
It might be interesting for you to conduct your own experiment like that around your home in Chattanooga. How much of what you have in your home can be considered “made in America?” As you go about lifting up items to see their country of origin, you might also discover that it’s time to get rid of some of those items. It might not be a case of wanting to buy American, but rather it could be that your old furniture is really just ready for the junk heap. When that happens then your best bet to get rid of that old furniture is by calling in a team of professional furniture haulers like Junk King Chattanooga.
You might be wondering why you would need to hire somebody to take away your old sofa or easy chair when you can do it yourself. Let’s get real; if you could do it yourself than the old pieces of furniture would already be gone! The simple truth is that sometimes we just don’t have the right equipment to get rid of our old furniture. This “equipment” could mean strong arms and backs of a few friends or family members. Even if you’ve got some strong folks around Chattanooga willing to pitch in and haul out your sofa, what are they going to do with that? Will these same folks have a truck big enough to take away your furniture?
Suppose by some miracle they do have a big enough truck, then what? Will those same folks know where to dump the furniture? If you tell them, “Just get rid of it”  they could have the best intentions, but that might not mean they know where to go. After driving around looking for a dump or recycling center your helpers might just decide it’s best to leave the furniture by the side of the road. Wrong move! We’ve all driven by abandoned furniture, right? Chattanooga is too pretty of town to mess up that way.
If you call in a local Chattanooga Furniture Disposal team, Junk King, then they’ll make sure your furniture is gotten rid of the right way. Don’t spend another day with furniture that you don’t want!