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Chattanooga Carpet Disposal and Recycling

Do you know what to look for in a new carpet? Yes, color and pattern are the first things that will attract your eye to a particular style but there are some other factors you should be aware of such as twist, stain protection and getting a professional installer. Since this is a major purchase and something you’ll be living with for several years you want to make sure you get the carpet pick right!

The twist in a carpet refers to the individual yarn pieces found in the fabric. Yes, you’ll have to get in close to examine the twist and if you have a magnifying glass then bring it! The number of twists per piece of yarn will reveal the density of the pile and how it will feel. Keep in mind that the height of the pile has nothing to do with its density. The more twists you have the more spring in your step. This also translates into better visuals when it comes to hiding footprints.

No matter where you’ll be placing your carpet, stain protection should be a major consideration. A carpet in a heavy traffic area should be cleaned twice a year. This doesn’t mean vacuuming but a deep cleaning with shampoo. The good news is you can rent one of these cleaners from your local grocery store. Today, there are some amazing strain resistant protections that are part of a c carpet design. Ask for a demonstration in the store.

Just as you should be looking for a reputable dealer to sell you the carpet you also want to make sure they are providing you with a reputable installer. If they are hiring an outside contractor, don’t hesitate to shop around to see if you can get a better deal or use someone a friend has recommended.

Before the new carpet can be put down you’ll want to prepare the floor. Not only will this mean a layer of padding but removing the old carpet. Even if your installer will be taking up the old carpet there is no guarantee they’ll be able to dispose of it properly. That’s why you should hire Junk King Chattanooga before the carpet arrives. A Junk King crew will have no problem rolling up that old carpet and loading it onto the back of their truck. On that same trip they’ll be able to take away any other oversized item you want to toss out like old living room furniture or junk from your garage. Why not make a clean sweep of things through your home? It’s easy when you’ve got Junk King Chattanooga on your side.

Chattanooga Recycling News

You know about recycling your paper, plastics and soda cans but what about recycling Mother Nature? Yes, even the fallen leaves from the trees can be recycled. Recently the City of Chattanooga’s Department of Public Works announced that they will begin a loose leaf collection from November to February. Here’s the information they provide:

“Public Works crews will collect loose leaves on each residential street two times during the season. Bagged leaves, loose leaves, and brush must be separated at the curb for collection. Residents must request bagged yard waste collection and brush collection by calling 3-1-1. Leaves and brush may also be taken to the Wood Recycling Center located at 3925 N. Hawthorne Street where wood chips and leaf compost are also available free of charge to City of Chattanooga residents. Leaf collection is a residential service only.  It is illegal for landscapers or contractors to dispose of yard waste, including brush and leaves, by placing materials at the curb for City collection.”

They also have some handy guidelines for you to follow:

  • Separate loose leaves, bagged leaves, brush and bulky items.  These materials are collected, processed, and disposed of differently.
  • Move loose leaves, bagged leaves, and brush as close to the curb edge of pavement as possible, but avoid placing the materials in the street or co-mingling materials.
  • Avoid raking leaves into ditches.  Doing so can cause flooding problems and have a negative impact on water quality.
  • Avoid raking leaves into the street.  Doing so can cause drainage problems and lead to hazardous driving conditions when leaves become wet.

This is certainly a very nice service but it might not be the most convenient one. First of all, there is all that business with “co-mingling” materials. Do you really want to sort your piles of raked garbage? And what happens if you spend hours raking those piles but the crews don’t show up until the next day. Won’t those leaves blow back into your yard? And just try keeping kids from diving into those piles!

The better course of action for leaf recycling or any proper recycling of bulky items would be to give Junk King Chattanooga a call. This is the Chattanooga based business that has made recycling junk their number one priority. It doesn’t matter what you’re throwing away; if Junk King thinks it can be recycled they’ll make their best effort to insure that item gets to the right recycling center. There could be several facilities around Chattanooga which take in different types of materials. You won’t have to worry about finding out which piece of junk goes to what recycling center; the Junk King crew will do all the work. You also won’t have to get your hands dirty because that same Junk King crew will do all the heavy lifting. When it comes to recycling in Chattanooga, Junk King is your best bet!

Chattanooga Leaf Removal

Fall in Chattanooga is a sight to behold. The leaves on the trees take on a life of their own. It’s as if they are screaming, “Hey look at how colorful we can be!”  In fact, Chattanooga was just named by Outside Magazine as the Best Town Ever based on reader’s votes. Around Chattanooga, fall is a terrific time to enjoy many outdoor events and yes, a lot of them have a rather “spooky” vibe to them.

Take for instance the “Boo in the Zoo.” Think of this as a family party happening every weekend in October down at the Chattanooga Zoo. Not only will you get to check in with all the furry creatures, but there will be trick or treat stations, pony rides, costume contests, games and plenty of fun. It’s also a “non-scary” event which makes it perfect for the young ones. For the older “kids” who don’t mind a good scare, the Post-Mortem Haunted Trail is a walking haunted house type of affair that’s sure to be full of chills and thrills.

Take note that fall in Chattanooga isn’t just about getting scared. The Ketner’s Mill Country Arts Fair kicks off another wonderful season by offering an amazing array of handmade arts and crafts. This is the perfect spot to start your holiday shopping. For those who are feeling a bit more athletic, there is the 7 Bridges Marathon that begins in Renaissance Park and goes for 13 miles ending up in Coolidge Park. If you’ve never taken a walking tour of these bridges and parks this is the perfect opportunity.

It’s easy to see how you can fill up your calendar with events but you might be feeling overwhelmed with all those leaves mentioned above. We’re not talking about watching the changing of the colors but the falling leaves. You’ve got to rake them up. After pulling them into several piles and letting the kids do their jump thing, you’re still going to be left with getting rid of those leaves. Depending on your yard, it might not be practical to toss them out and you don’t want to burn them for fear of spreading a fire or being fined. Your best course of action for leaf removal would be to hire Junk King Chattanooga.

Despite their title, Junk King would be the perfect leaf removal partner. They’ll show up at the scheduled appointment with enough wide open truck space to haul off a forest of leaves! The added bonus is that you can also get rid of some other junk you might have laying around your yard or home. Fill up the Junk King truck and say good-bye to clutter once and for all.

Chattanooga Apartment Junk Hauling

Thanks to the burst housing bubble, the real estate pendulum has swung away from homeowners and back towards apartment renters. This means that apartment space is at a premium and rent prices are ticking up. If you’ve got an apartment you’re happy with then hold onto it! Maybe your apartment isn’t all it should be. Are you feeling too crowded? The real problem could be summed up in a single word: Junk. You don’t have to be a homeowner to have a lot of junk. Apartment residents can be hanging onto just as much useless stuff; you’ll just notice it a lot more in an apartment!

In some cases, folks living in apartments have actually made the move from a bigger home to a smaller, more manageable space. Unfortunately, they’ve brought all their stuff with them. In another example, a person could be renting a two bedroom place and turned that second bedroom into their own private storage locker. In either case, that’s not a good use of the space. The obvious solution is to get rid of all that junk and you can tackle that project with the help of a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Chattanooga.

Professional junk haulers will often show up for the job in pairs. This means moving any bulky item won’t be a problem. Apartments also come with stairs. Again, this isn’t a problem for the professional junk hauling crew like Junk King. They’ll do all the heavy lifting and the stair climbing!

Clearing out the clutter in an apartment could free up space that you’ll be able to use for more practical purposes. Get rid of that old loveseat and you can make room for a desk for study or a home office. Swap out that huge dining room table for a smaller version and you’ve got room for a china cabinet. The best apartments come with storage space but here too you might be overwhelmed with junk. Whether it’s a compartment in the garage or a single bedroom closet, you don’t want it overflowing every time you open the door. The same useful principle applies. In other words, if you’re not using it then it’s not worth hanging onto.

When the junk is cleared from your apartment, you can look at that space with fresh eyes. If you’ve been a good tenant then your landlord might not object to having you make some cosmetic improvements like a new paint job. Instead of going with the traditional (and often boring) white shade, perhaps you can think outside of the box with some bolder colors for your rooms. A key search of the internet can fill you up with plenty of inspiration to turn a drab apartment into a cozier environment. Here’s the bottom line: If it makes sense for you to live as a renter as opposed to an owner that doesn’t mean have to live with junk!

Clear Some Clutter Before Your Chattanooga Halloween Party

Halloween is not just for kids anymore. Sure, they are the reason we buy candy and keep it at the ready for the trick or treaters. But be honest; don’t you pick the candy you’ll have no problem eating if there is some left in the bowl? Typically the weekend before the big day, you’ll find adult parties popping up all over the neighborhood. If you want to get into the act this year by throwing your own Halloween fest here are some helpful tips you can apply to your party production:
Get Creative With the Decorations:
There will be an unlimited supply of fake spider webs or plastic tombstones to spruce up your front yard but since a lot of the party action will be indoors you want to make sure your creepy decorations extend there as well. To set the mood you can rent a theatrical fog machine to lay a mist of eerie smoke by the front door to great your guests. Its’ also easy to find a dry ice supplier for some chunks of this special effect. When dry ice is dropped into any liquid, it creates that smoky look and it melts away completely harmless… just wear gloves when you break up the dry ice.
You can also hang bats, spiders and other ghoulish items from the ceiling with fishing wire and tacks. Any chance for your guest to knock into something floating in the air will certainly elicit a scream or two.
Have the Digital  Camera Standing By:
You can create a live streaming digi photo display by setting up a lap top and digital camera hooked up. You can either assign photography duties to a special friend or simply pass around the camera and encourage everyone to start snapping. You can even set up a faux photo booth and make sure everyone stops by for a snap.
Go Black & White on the TV:
While you pick out your perfect party soundtrack, don’t forget the visual element. You can run some classic black and white horror films on the TV with the volume turned down to add a creepy allure. Good choices would be any of the classic horror films from the 40s and 50s plus the perennial favorite “Night of the Living Dead:” the original!
Clear Out the Clutter:
Cleaning up before and after your Halloween party will be greatly aided if you hired the professional services of junk haulers like Junk King Chattanooga.  Before the party, you might want to make room in the garage to set up your spooky buffet or mini-haunted house display. To accomplish that, you’ll want to toss out all that junk that is stacked to the rafters. After the party, you’ll have plenty of trash that might overflow your garbage cans. With a professional team of junk haulers on call before and after the party you’ll be able to make sure to stay on top of the cleanup efforts.

Back To School Home Improvement Projects Chattanooga

Are you suffering from empty nest syndrome? This occurs to parents when their kids grow up and move away from home. Typically, the first signs of this happen when they head off to their freshman year of college. This is when what was once a very active and bustling household becomes quiet. You suddenly find a lot more time on your hands because you’re no longer playing chauffer, cook, washer, cleaner and everything else moms and dads spend 18 years doing. So now what? First of all, embrace the fact that you’ve done an amazing job if your young one is now off to college. You’ve earned a break and it might be time to consider shaking things up a bit. You might want to think about taking on some of these back to school home improvement projects around your Chattanooga home:
Start a New Hobby: What’s that one thing you’ve always wanted to do but never had time because of the kids? Was it to learn more about wine? Take a pottery class? Discover how to make homemade pasta? Learn how to knit? What long lost hobby you once thought about taking up now is the time to actually dig in and try it. Here’s the really good news: if you end up not liking it, so what? How many false starts did your own kids go through with their hobbies? You can certainly have a few of your own.
Do More Entertaining: If you decide to pick up a few cooking classes then you’ll want to show off your culinary skills by throwing a dinner party. How great will it be to gather with a group of like-minded adults and discus adults topics! Yes, you can bring up the kids but that’s a lot different than wondering what they are up to in the next room!
Rearrange Your Furniture: Having more time on your hands allows you the freedom to explore your own living space and that can be accomplished by simply rearranging your furniture. Mix it up. Swap out rooms. You’re only limited by your own imagination and the furniture you have.
Try Remodeling: Perhaps it’s really time for you to get that Jacuzzi tub you’ve always dreamt of. Why not? With the kids back to school, you can take on a small remodeling project without causing too much disruption to your routines. Just think of all those amazing bathes you’ll be able to take.
Clear Out the Clutter: Of course, all of the above home improvements should really begin with a complete cleaning out of the clutter in your home. You can start that new hobby by clearing out a space for a workshop. Or do more entertaining by bringing in a new living room or dining room set. And if you decide to remodel, you’re going to end up creating a lot of demolition. All of that can be served by hiring a professional team of Chattanooga junk haulers to show up at a scheduled time and take away your junk. No job is too big or too small when you hire experienced junk movers like Junk King Chattanooga.

Chattanooga Hot Tub Disposal

A Tale To Tell
There are many folks around Chattanooga who like to swap ghost stories. Seems like nearly every family has their own version of “things that go bump in the night.”  For the most part, these ghostly stories are of the more friendly type. An occasional apparition, noises after midnight and the random light switches going on and off are the norm. Quite often these incidents are more practical than paranormal but that doesn’t mean they can’t be shared. Anyone who moves into a new home will always be on the lookout for strange sounds especially at night. These can be attributed to the house “settling” but it doesn’t make them any more appealing. In extreme cases, folks move into a home and find themselves sharing the space with an other worldly visitor. You didn’t ask for this but it pretty much came with the home. Hopefully, you won’t have to go the full on exorcism route if a ghost begins popping up!
Other “Inherited”  Items
The potential for a friendly ghost visit isn’t the only thing a new home owner can inherit from the previous owners. There is also the matter of décor. Some home owners are turned off by a potential purchase because of cosmetic choices like shag carpeting or Formica finishes. Even a ghastly paint job can be enough to turn a deal sour. This has more to do with a lack of imagination than anything else. Wallpaper can be strip away and paint covered up. Those are easy fixes. But what about the big items that might have been left behind like a hot tub? That’s simply not anything you can paint over to get rid of. A big piece like that is going to require an experienced hot tub disposal crew like Junk King Chattanooga.
Breaking Down the Hot Tub
Whether you are getting rid of the hot tub you “inherited” or are replacing the model you installed you’re going to need help breaking it all down. Even the smallest of hot tubs will mean a bulky fiberglass tub shell that has to be hauled off in once piece. Sure you can chop it up and try stuffing it into your garbage cans but it’s going to take several weeks of loads not to mention the hazardous conditions that exist when breaking up fiberglass. Then there are all the encasement components to deal with. Many classic hot tubs borrow from the original design of an oak barrel. These wooden planks could be suffering from mold which is not something you really want to be handling. Then there is the actual motor for the hot tub to contend with. Add it all up and you can see why bringing in an outside crew like Junk King is your best option for getting rid of a hot tub.
More Bang for the Buck
If it feels a bit extravagant to hire haulers to just take away a hot tub then why not add to their truck with all the junk you’ve been hanging onto all these years? You probably have some stuff that just like the hot tub wasn’t practical to throw away. Now it can be tossed out and simply forgotten.

Chattanooga Moving and Junk Hauling

If there is one event that strikes a chord of fear in many people it is moving day. Although there certainly is a lot of excitement around making the transition into a new home that doesn’t take away the dread of having to go through the process of a move. Ironically, most people hire professional movers so the only thing they really have to worry about is all the packing and unpacking and that’s not very complicated at all. Why should you be afraid of packing? Yes it is time-consuming but it’s not the end of the world!
With regard to the packing phase this is a perfect opportunity for you to streamline the amount of stuff you’ll be taking to your new environment. In other words, do you really want to be carrying all your old junk into your new home? Of course not! That’s why you should consider a junk move before the furniture move.
Making sure that your moving day is as stress free as possible will all come down to a matter of organization. This is where you’ll be able to put your time management skills to the test. In most cases the move you make won’t be a rushed one. It’s very rare that you will have 24 hours to get out! Typically you’re dealing with at least 30 days especially if you’re moving from apartment to apartment. For someone who is buying a new house the time between closing the deal and making the move could be even longer. The bottom line is that you should have plenty of time to get all your packing done.
The best approach to this is the “one box at a time” method. Suppose you have a large collection of books. Obviously they will all need to be boxed up. So on day one of your packing project just take care of four shelves of books. Stack those boxes in the corner and you’r done for the day. Next day, do four more shelves. Before you know it all of your books will be packed and that is one less item you have to worry about.
You could take that same approach with your closets. Just set the goal of doing one closet a day. As you enter into the closet zone this is where eager to start to amass your junk piles. Here is where you’ll discover all those forgotten items once were held in great esteem but are now worthless. The more junk you discover you have the more practical it will be to hire junk haulers like Junk King Chattanooga to show up before the major move.
This is also the perfect opportunity to get rid of those big furniture pieces that you have no desire of bringing into your new living space. Why would you want to take a nasty old sofa if you’re buying a brand-new one? There really is no reason other than the fact that you’re hiring movers they would be the only ones who could help. Once again you see the reason for a pre-moving junk moving day. Start your new life off on the right foot without a lot of old junk!

Chattanooga Junk Hauling – Hire the Professionals

The thin line that separates a professional worker from an amateur worker is whether that person in question is getting paid or not. Look no further than the NFL versus College Football for a perfect example. Although the colleges are where all the NFL players come from, until they sign that contract those college players aren’t considered professional. Of course, just because you get paid for a job doesn’t always mean you’re going to be “professional” about carrying out that gig. However, there is one area where professionalism really matters and that’s with junk hauling. It all comes down to a simple question: who do you want to let in your Chattanooga home… a professional or an amateur?

Junk hauling is a pretty simple concept. You’ve got piles of useless garbage that need to be taken away. Back in the day, this meant loading up your own car or truck and heading out to the nearest landfill in the Chattanooga area. You were typically charged a fee to unload your garbage and that was the last you ever saw of that junk. Today, many people are trying to make landfills extinct by enacting recycling programs. This means there could be several different recycling facilities all around Chattanooga to handle all the tons of reusable materials generated every day. A professional junk hauler like Junk King Chattanooga is going to know right where those centers are located because they are all part of their daily routes. Do you want to spend your time searching these down, getting maps and loading up your own car? And forget about loading up your family’s car with junk; you just had it washed!

Another good reason to hire Junk King Chattanooga is that they’re going to be bringing along a crew who is experienced in moving junk. This will be a trained crew who is bonded and insured. Does that make a difference? What would happen if you went to your local Home Depot and hired a couple of day laborers to haul away your junk? Suppose one of those workers throws out his back because he wasn’t properly trained. Would you be held responsible? In our “lawsuit crazy” society, you just might be. When you hire a professional Chattanooga junk hauling crew you’ll be signing a contract which clearly states what and who you are responsible for. Chances are your only responsibility will be to point to what needs to be carried out. The rest will be up to the pros.

Speaking of that contract, when you utilize Junk King Chattanooga’s hauling services you will be given an up front estimate before any item is moved out of your home.  This is the price you will pay – there also won’t be any haggling with a professional company like Junk King. Their reputation is on the line with every job. If they don’t stay professional, they don’t stay in business. It’s just that simple.

Junk King Chattanooga will be ready to service your hauling needs in early 2011 – simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.