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Chattanooga Moving and Junk Hauling

If there is one event that strikes a chord of fear in many people it is moving day. Although there certainly is a lot of excitement around making the transition into a new home that doesn’t take away the dread of having to go through the process of a move. Ironically, most people hire professional movers so the only thing they really have to worry about is all the packing and unpacking and that’s not very complicated at all. Why should you be afraid of packing? Yes it is time-consuming but it’s not the end of the world!
With regard to the packing phase this is a perfect opportunity for you to streamline the amount of stuff you’ll be taking to your new environment. In other words, do you really want to be carrying all your old junk into your new home? Of course not! That’s why you should consider a junk move before the furniture move.
Making sure that your moving day is as stress free as possible will all come down to a matter of organization. This is where you’ll be able to put your time management skills to the test. In most cases the move you make won’t be a rushed one. It’s very rare that you will have 24 hours to get out! Typically you’re dealing with at least 30 days especially if you’re moving from apartment to apartment. For someone who is buying a new house the time between closing the deal and making the move could be even longer. The bottom line is that you should have plenty of time to get all your packing done.
The best approach to this is the “one box at a time” method. Suppose you have a large collection of books. Obviously they will all need to be boxed up. So on day one of your packing project just take care of four shelves of books. Stack those boxes in the corner and you’r done for the day. Next day, do four more shelves. Before you know it all of your books will be packed and that is one less item you have to worry about.
You could take that same approach with your closets. Just set the goal of doing one closet a day. As you enter into the closet zone this is where eager to start to amass your junk piles. Here is where you’ll discover all those forgotten items once were held in great esteem but are now worthless. The more junk you discover you have the more practical it will be to hire junk haulers like Junk King Chattanooga to show up before the major move.
This is also the perfect opportunity to get rid of those big furniture pieces that you have no desire of bringing into your new living space. Why would you want to take a nasty old sofa if you’re buying a brand-new one? There really is no reason other than the fact that you’re hiring movers they would be the only ones who could help. Once again you see the reason for a pre-moving junk moving day. Start your new life off on the right foot without a lot of old junk!