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Chattanooga Computer Monitor & Printer Recycling

Do you realize that you’re staring at some potential hazardous waste? No, not this blog post! We’re talking about your computer monitor. It is perfectly safe in its present form. However, if you were to take that monitor out to your backyard and let it start to decompose, you could be releasing toxic chemicals into your soil. If you have a garden there, then those plants are in danger. That same concept applies to dumping your computer monitor into a landfill but on a much larger scale. This is why many cities around the country have made it illegal to throw out things like a computer monitor, printer or copier. Does that mean you’ll forever be stuck with those unwanted objects? Not if you hire Junk King.


Since they began collecting junk over ten years ago, Junk King has always had a strong eco-friendly disposal policy. The Junk King crews are all trained to spot any item that could be recycled or donated to a charity. The goal is to keep as much of the collected junk out of a local landfill. This is especially vital with e-waste. Junk King has established working relationships with all the certified recycling centers in the Chattanooga area. They’ll make sure your computer monitor and other e-waste objects make it to those facilities.

Don’t worry about extra costs for the recycling service. That’s because there won’t be any. With Junk King on the job, you’ll only be charged a flat rated based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. When the Junk King crew shows up at your home, you’ll show them all the stuff you want removed including those e-waste items. They’ll size it all up and present you with that estimate. If you agree to the price, then consider it locked and loaded. There won’t be any extra charges at the end of the job. Since the crews like to pack up the trucks tight, you’re sure to get the best deal every time.

As long as Junk King is pick up your e-waste, why not let them remove the rest of the clutter from around your home and yard. One appointment with Junk King and you could have a junk free home. Won’t that be nice? Turn your outdated computer monitor and rubbish over to Junk King. You’ll be glad you did!