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Chattanooga: Hoarding How to Get Rid of Junk

When it comes to the clutter in your own home, how close are you to becoming a full-blown hoarder? We all have things we like to hang onto. You need look no further than a closet crammed full of clothes we no longer wear or a garage stuffed to the rafters with all sorts of boxes of junk for proof of this. What makes a true hoarder is someone who develops an emotional attachment to that junk.

A hoarder can’t let go of things because of some intrinsic psychological burden that compels them to hang onto it. We’re not talking about things like neon beer signs or furniture made from driftwood that looks tacky. That’s really a matter of taste. To be classified as a hoarder it means you are essentially not letting go of anything. This is often diagnosed as a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD. When hoarding has reached extreme levels it might be time to bring in qualified psychological or psychiatric help.

Which brings us back to the issue of your own junk collection. Are you ready to get rid of it? If so then you should consider hiring a professional junk hauler like Junk King Chattanooga who will have the right amount of manpower and available trunk space to take away any amount of junk. It might sound harsh to accuse someone who has a lot of junk in their home of being lazy. It’s easy to ask, “Why don’t they just throw it all out?” The answer that question could come down to a matter of practicality.

Someone who lives by themselves might not have the ability to get rid of big items like old furniture or rusted car parts. Instead, they pile up in backyards, porches and driveways. Most of those big items where probably brought into the by means of a delivery truck. It stands to reason that that would be the only way to get rid of them. That is why calling the professional haulers can accomplish that task.

The other issue with this kind “hoarding” is what it might do to property values. You might be perfectly happy to put an old refrigerator or worn out sofa on your porch but if it gives the appearance of junk then your neighbors might not appreciate what that could do with their own property values. Yes, you are well within your rights to do whatever you want on your own front porch but you’re only causing a disservice to yourself by hanging onto those big bulky items. Suppose you need to assess your home? Wouldn’t you want it to have the highest value possible? Appearances do matter!

The moment you clear your house of all that junk you’ll be able to reclaim some valuable space that might have been lost over the years. Even having an empty closet can mean a lot when you need to store those valuable items you want to keep as opposed to all the trash you’re willing to let go. Don’t cross the line to become hoarder when it’s so easy to get rid of your junk.

Declutter Your Chattanooga Home

Do you dread coming home at the end of every workday? Not because of who you might be living with but because of the mess that you are surrounded by. You’re not alone. Many folks find that with a busy schedule it’s all they can do to get dinner on the table and attend to the needs of their family before collapsing in bed at the end of a busy day. This is when things like decluttering your home go right out the window! If you’re frustrated with the amount of clutter you’re surrounded by here are some helpful hints towards changing that situation and creating a clutter free living environment.
The first thing you need to accept is the fact that a lot of this clutter is going to end up being junk you can throw away. If you schedule an appointment with Junk King Chattanooga to send one of their crews out to your home then you will have a specific target date in mind when it comes to getting rid of all that junk. For instance, if you make the appointment with Junk King for the following Saturday then this weekend will be the perfect time for you to decide which junk items you’re going to throw out.
Setting a deadline that you have to adhere to is a great way to jumpstart your decluttering. What you don’t want to get into is a situation where you’re simply moving your junk from one room to another. That might work if you have company coming over but ultimately it’s just going to end up bogging you down even more. Again it goes back to this issue of accepting that you’ll be throwing this junk out.
With regard to determining whether or not you should throw something out, you need to think in terms of practicality or sentimentality. Nobody would ask you to get rid of something that holds sentimental value but could you make that claim for an old sofa or mattress? What about a computer you no longer use? Is that really sentimental? Over the years you might have found that storing items in boxes is a way to keep your junk organized. While that may be true in certain circumstances you have to ask yourself how many boxes you now have full of stuff you haven’t sorted through? Are you being overrun by boxes? Here’s where the Junk King crew can also be of service. Not only will they be able to move those large bulky items but they can pretty much take away anything you wanted to whether it’s boxed up or just gathered in a pile.
The moment your home has become decluttered it won’t take much effort to keep it that way. Just get in the habit of asking yourself “why am I keeping this?” Unless you have a good answer that item whatever it is needs to be thrown out.

Chattanooga Office Cleanout for the Holidays

Wrapping up the business year isn’t just about planning for the office Christmas party (although that’s very important!). It also means putting certain things in order in anticipation of the coming year. This could mean everything from employee reviews, to handing out year-end bonuses to reassessing the company’s future. One item that should be on the top of any Chattanooga office’s end of year to-do list is to complete a top to bottom office cleanout. While some employees might balk at this, the truth is whatever clutter or mess that is lurking in an office was created by them so they should have a hand in cleaning that up. However, they don’t have to do that alone. Savvy office managers have turned to hiring experienced Chattanooga office cleanout crews like Junk King to come in and get the business in shape.
Just as it is with your home, things in an office have a tendency to pile up. The difference is that in your home you can account for every item that is stuffed away in a closet or basement. In an office, you might discover some unused equipment or furniture that is taking up valuable space but you have no idea where they came from. The natural instinct is not to rock the boat. If there is something sitting in a storage area or abandoned cubicle it must be there for a reason. Were you to ask around you might just find that the reason is nobody wants to accept responsibility for throwing something away. The result is a lot of office junk that should be disposed of.
This same principle of clearing out the clutter can also apply to company files. While it is true that many files need to be held onto, it’s amazing what a file review can uncover. Are there duplicate files? Are the same files being kept in boxes uploaded onto the company hard drives? Just how much office space can you reclaim if you were to toss out all that junk?
Usually, any office has a maintenance crew that is part of the building staff. But just because there is a crew on call to fix the plumbing or AC doesn’t mean that same crew is going to help take out the junk. That’s why hiring a professional crew of office cleanout experts like Junk King Chattanooga can get the job done without a flurry of memos flying back and forth. If you are stepping up to manage this disposal project you just need to identify what has to be taken away and schedule the appointment with the junk haulers. They’ll handle all the rest. If you don’t want to disrupt the work day, you can schedule the removal project for a weekend or after office hours. That’s another benefit of hiring professional junk haulers: they are going to work with your schedule. Once all the junk is cleared out of the office, you can focus on more important things like who is going to DJ that Christmas party?!

For the best in office cleanout, or any other residential junk removal services, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.