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The Value of Professional Debris Removal Services

Debris builds up as time progresses.  Even if you are a minimalist and don’t have a large home or business, you will eventually end up with debris of some sort at your house, apartment, business, or other space.  The question is what to do with it.  Instead of trying to get rid of all the debris on your own, have our team expedite its removal.  

Junk King Chicago Downtown provides comprehensive debris removal services for homes and businesses throughout the area.


What is Debris Removal?


Our debris removal services eliminate all the excess from a home, business, or other building. For example, if you are having your kitchen or bathroom remodeled, debris will gradually pile up to the point that it gets in the way, becomes a hazard, or is simply an eyesore. There is no sense in letting the debris stand in your way when our debris removal specialists can haul it away on your behalf. Simply point us in the direction of your junk, and we will remove it, so it is out of your way. 

Debris removal projects are not strictly limited to remodels. If you are clearing out your attic, garage, basement, or another part of your home or business, you will undoubtedly have an abundance of debris and other sundries you no longer want or need. Instead of putting them in storage or attempting to drag them all out to the curb or transport them to a recycling service, sit back and relax while our team performs the haul. We haul the debris away from cleanouts, foreclosures, remodeling projects, renovation projects, yards, storage spaces, and just about everywhere else.


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Why should you hire the Junk King Experts for debris removal services?


Removing debris is more challenging than most assume. From developing a strategy for an efficient and safe removal to performing the removal the right way and ensuring the space is suitable for use afterward, there are plenty of subtleties to mind during the project. Simply showing up with a large truck and randomly removing the debris without an overarching strategy will not suffice. Junk King employs a strategic, precise, and careful approach to debris removal as well as junk removal. 

Removing debris from a remodel, renovation, or another site is not a DIY (do it yourself) project in the slightest. The debris from such projects and even the cleanouts of your storage space requires proper handling, physical effort, workforce, trucks, and more. We have all the team, vehicles, and other necessities needed to perform efficient and safe debris removal. You don’t have to lift a finger but give us a call to coordinate debris removal services.


Debris Removal of Downtown Chicago and Surrounding Area


We take pride in providing debris removal services of all different types. Aside from construction sites, our debris removal services extend to remodels, renovations, yard waste, residential debris, storm debris after nasty weather events, and more. We remove all sorts of items, including:

  • – Materials from home improvement projects
  • – Yard waste
  • – Items left after commercial remodels/renovations


Not only are we pros in debris disposal, we specialize in all sorts of junk removal including:


Whether you are decluttering your home or business, performing a home repair, cleaning out your garage, moving to a new home, or remodeling your kitchen, lean on us to get rid of the debris that inevitably results. Choose our debris removal services for your home or business. You will find clearing out the area provides more space, peace of mind, safety and makes your property that much easier on the eyes once the removal is finished. 

If you have any junk or other items you would like removed in addition to debris, our team will haul those away as well. Simply point us in the direction of the items you want hauled away, and our team will transport them away from your home, business, or other building. We haul just about everything that is not hazardous or toxic.


Contact Junk King Today


Do you need debris removal or any junk hauled away from your home, business, or other sites?  Junk King is at your service.  Dial 1-888-888-JUNK to find out more about our debris removal services and schedule service at your property.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Junk King Experts for Furniture Removal


Has that couch seen its last movie marathon, and now become an eyesore? If yes, then it’s time to get rid of it. What about that old desk or dresser that’s taking up too much space in your attic or garage? Perhaps you’re moving, and your old furniture just doesn’t fit into your new place. Whatever the case may be, you’re looking to rid yourself of the junk and regain space in your home. Well, there’s a reason the locals call Junk King Chicago Downtown!


We get it. Furniture removal in downtown Chicago can be a challenge, and disposal is a tough business. This is why a lot of people tend to hold on to large and bulky items long after they’ve outlived their usefulness. Also, it’s tricky to maneuver furniture disposal regulations in the Chicago Downtown area and surrounding area. Each jurisdiction has its own ordinances. But one thing is for sure: leaving it by the curbside will lead to issues with the local authorities and maybe even a fine.

We also know that your old furniture isn’t always junk and you’d love to get it a second home. Professional junk removal services are pros at repurposing and recycling and have developed relationships with donation centers so that you can feel good about disposing of junk and decluttering items that can have a second life. Still,you may be asking if you should DIY furniture removal? Here are some reasons why having experts by your side is a better idea.


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Reasons To Hire Junk King Experts for Furniture Removal


Furniture removal and disposal take a great deal of planning and organization. Don’t struggle; call in the pros. The benefits are too good to pass over.

1. You Can Count On Our Expertise


Hiring Junk King means you get the advantage of unparalleled expertise. Our furniture removal experts are fully trained in disassembly, moving, and hauling all types and sizes of furniture. It doesn’t matter how large or heavy the furniture is. We’ve been doing this for years.

Don’t DIY your furniture removal. We have the gear, dollies, and state-of-the-art trucks, and we know how to navigate narrow hallways, stairwells, and tight doorways. Don’t risk damaging your house; leave it to the experts.


2. Save Time


Do you really want to be bothered with the responsibility of furniture removal and disposal? Probably not. It’s a cumbersome affair, and there are tons of other stuff you could be doing. And let’s face it, you don’t need the added stress.

If you want to be efficient with your time, give Junk King Chicago Downtown a call. When you hire us, you need not worry about the logistics. Simply text us a picture, we’ll show up and do the rest. We’ve made furniture removal our business, so you don’t have to.


3. It’s Safer, and You’re Fully Covered


Large and weighty items are a health and safety hazard. Why should you risk injury? Our team has the skill, experience, and resources to make furniture removal easy, safe, and stress-free.

Our furniture removal pros are fully trained on all safety guidelines and standards, and we’ve gone the extra mile to equip our team with safety gear and the equipment to handle any kind of junk removal. On the rare occasion of an accident, our Junk King team is fully insured, which means you are never liable for the damages or injuries.


4. Ensure Proper Furniture Disposal


We are all socially responsible for the environment. Your old couch should not end up in the local landfill. At least not when it can help out someone in need or be recycled.

As junk removal experts, we’ve partnered with donation centers and recycling facilities all through Chicago Downtown. We make it easy to be sustainable. After we load your furniture, we handle the transportation, disposal, donation, or recycling.  


5. Reliable Help


Professional furniture removers arrive on time and with the right equipment. When you rely on Junk King Chicago Downtown, you don’t have to schedule your furniture removal when your friends or family are available to help.

Our hauling professionals do all the heavy lifting for you. Whether you need in-home removal or outdoor pickups, our Chicago Downtown furniture removal services are quick, safe, and efficient. Book us today and scratch furniture removal off your to-do list.

Furniture Removal with Junk King Chicago Downtown


In need of reliable furniture removal services in Windy City? Junk King provides on-demand furniture removal in Chicago Downtown at an upfront, low price. No job is too complicated for us. From multi-story walk-ups to the basements of the south suburbs, we’ve done it all.

Choose Junk King Chicago Downtown – a company you can trust for fast, friendly, and affordable furniture removal. You don’t have to lift a finger other than to point at the furniture that needs removing. Really, it’s that simple.

Summer is here! Let us help you haul away your old couch and get your home ready for some summer fun. Call us today for a free furniture removal estimate.

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