Use Junk King For Furniture Removal From Your Bartlett Home

It is finally that time of the year when holiday planning begins for your Bartlett home. You might not be picking out your turkey for Thanksgiving or bringing down the Christmas decorations just yet. However, as you go through the house you might start making a list of all the things that you want to take care of before the holiday season kicks into high year. Some of that list might include replacing old furniture. That would certainly be beneficial if you are getting a guestroom ready for out of town visitors or just want to finally get rid of a worn-out sofa or recliner. If you want furniture removed fast and efficiently from your Bartlett home, then you want to give that job to Junk King Chicago West.

No Problem With Stairs

Some of the furniture that you want to get rid of might be located on a second floor of your home. It might also be down in the basement or up in the attic. That means stairs are involved in the removal process. This could be the very reason why you haven’t gotten rid of those items yet. When you give this job to Junk King, stairs won’t be a problem. The crews working for junk King all have a great deal of experience when it comes to carrying furniture up and down stairs. They do this for homeowners and apartment renters. That experience also matters with regard to protecting your walls and floors. Even though the Junk King crews work fast they are not going to speed things up at the expense of your property.

Packing the furniture onto the back of the truck will determine how much you pay for your fee. If you are just getting rid of a sofa, then it won’t take up much room on the Junk King truck. Even if you get rid of a few more items they could all be stacked onto that sofa. The Junk King crew wants to make this a smooth and affordable job.

The best approach for furniture removal from your Barlett apartment or home is to call in the crew from Junk King Chicago West. They will take care of it the right way.