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Junk King Can Help With Old  Recliner Removal

Is it time to upgrade the living room recliner? You might have been using a recliner that simply leans back and puts up a foot rest. What if that recliner had a massaging element? What if it had cupholders? What if it was big enough for two? Those are the kinds of design features that you might find as you go shopping for a new recliner. That was certainly make someone very happy in your household! To make this a seamless transition, you should set up a session with Junk King Chicago West. These are the professional junk haulers who are best suited to clear out your old recliner with very little effort on your part. That is how it should always be with any kind of furniture removal!

The Helpful Movers

Junk King is going to provide you with a pair of helpful movers to facilitate getting rid of your old recliner. Every Junk King session comes with a pair of helpful movers. This is a friendly team who will always go out of their way to protect your property. Getting rid of an old recliner won’t take up a lot of time. Once a safe route has been determined, the Junk King crew will swiftly carry the recliner out and loaded onto the truck. You can stop the session right at that moment and just pay the bare minimum price. However, as long as you have those helpful movers and their big truck at your property you might want to think beyond the old recliner.

One Junk King session can go a long way towards getting rid of all your unwanted furniture no matter what room in the house it might be. This is also a great chance to clear out clutter from your closets, cabinets and garage. It can all find its way onto the back of the Junk King truck for one flat rate.

When Junk King Chicago West helps you remove an old recliner you can also remove all the rest of your rubbish.

Clean Up Your Yard With Playground and Backyard Equipment Removal

Houses with clean and spacious yards are 15% more valuable than similar houses that don’t have a yard. 

A clean and well-manicured yard is attractive and increases your home’s curb appeal. It is where your family and friends can gather and enjoy the evenings and weekends together. In order to maintain the premier outdoor hangout in the neighborhood, your yard requires regular and constant clean-up.

Imagine the things you could do with a clutter free yard. An organic vegetable garden, or perhaps a new deck or shed are in your plans. No matter the project, you’ll want to get started by remove any clutter from your yard. Here is everything that you need to know.


Yard Clean-Up

Why do you think your yard doesn’t become more appealing even after you trim the grass? It may be because there are too many misplaced items lying around. Therefore, the first step towards cleaning your backyard is to remove any item that doesn’t belong.

However, the removal must follow an efficient strategy. You must identify the items that you must remove from the backyard. You will then determine the process of removing them and where they should go.

For example, your outdoor furniture reminds you of wonderful memories. However, if you no longer spend time on it due to damage or style, then it doesn’t belong in your yard. As a result, you must remove and discard it to make way for a new more enjoyable space.


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Playground and Yard Equipment Removal


The old equipment in your playground has created some of your most memorable days. Unfortunately, extended exposure to weather and usage has rendered it useless. Consequently, the equipment must leave your playground or yard so that you can bring new ones.

But how exactly are you going to dismantle playground equipment and take them away? The answer is to contact a nearby equipment removal company. This is a hassle-free, efficient, and fast method of getting rid of equipment in your yard. If you use the right service, such as Junk King Experts, you won’t have to worry about additional costs.


Ways for Making Yard Cleanup Easy by Hiring Junk King Experts


Effective yard clean-up requires the removal of unused equipment from your yard. Typically, the best approach is to contact Junk King Experts to handle the removal process.

Here are the ways that we will use to remove equipment from your backyard.


1. Remove Large Items


We will do a quick scan of your yard to identify large and unused items. These are the things that you can easily see and remove to create conspicuous change. For example, the old outdoor storage bin doesn’t do justice to your backyard. If we remove it, there will be instant and conspicuous change.

So, how will we know the large items that should not be in your yard? Here are some of the questions that we will ask you.


  • When did you last use a specific item?
  • Is there something else that does a similar job? 
  • Do you have any sentimental attachment to this item? 
  • How often do you think about this item? 


Once we agree that something must be removed, we will start the process of removing it. You can donate, discard, recycle or throw away the item. This process will go on smoothly because we have the equipment and the ability to carry away large items from your backyard. We will also ensure that it happens quickly and without any incident.


2. Remove Small Items


The next step is to remove trash and small items from your backyard. These items are typically small and lightweight, but there will probably be too many for an easy day’s work for you. That is why we will develop a plan to remove the items quickly and efficiently.

We will start with one area of the yard. Once we’ve removed all the items in a specific area, we will take it away and discard it in our dumpsters or waste removal trucks. Then we’ll come back and repeat the same procedure in the next designated area of your yard. You point, we clear out all the waste on your property.

For instance, we can start in one area of the yard where there are cushions and furniture that may need replacing. You can tell us which items go, and which ones stay, while we do the heavy lifting. After we have put all the old furniture into our waste removal truck, we can move on to the next cluttered space. From here, we can move on to places with children’s toys or gardening supplies. Each of the removed items will be identified as recyclable, donation, or waste.

We can also help you to decide which items you should discard and which ones you should keep. You can trust our experienced advice, as we have been helping many other homeowners to declutter their yard everyday. Our trained team can handle anything from hoarding cleanout, to regular annual clean up. 


Contact Junk King Experts


If you want to clean your yard, you must first start by removing old, damaged, or unused equipment. We are here to help you with the first major challenge of your project; how to remove broken yard equipment in Chicago. In such a large city, it can be a challenge to acquire the tools and vehicles necessary to remove large waste, as well as where to dispose of bulk items being the main challenge. Junk King Chicago West is also a professional equipment and construction debris removal company that can help you remove broken lawn mowers, dispose of old motorcycles or recycle play equipment your kids no longer use. We can also help you clean up after a home remodel. We have experienced and professional technicians who will come to your house and dismantle the debris, waste or equipment and haul it away.


Clients prefer working with us because of our competitive prices. Before we start the removal process, we will provide an estimate so that you can know how much you will spend. The entire process usually takes a very short time and you will end up with the best price on junk removal in Chicago. Let us help you to start using your yard again as soon as possible.

You can send us an email, call us on the phone, or send a text message. One of our experts will reach out to you and provide a quote. For a quick and easy quote online, check out our pricing estimator! Just one way Junk King makes it easy to dispose of your bulk waste in Chicago West.

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Junk King Can Help With Rubbish Removal For Back-To-School

By now, the kids have already settled into the back-to-school routine. The first month of a new school year is kind of like a “shakedown cruise.” This is when everyone has to readjust their schedules to accommodate for all the early morning drop-offs and late afternoon pickups. Adjustments also have to be made to ensure that the kids are getting their homework done free of distraction. That might require setting up a dedicated study space somewhere in your home that is far away from the televisions! In order to make that happen, some things might need to be cleared out. That is where Junk King Chicago West can be a big help with. One session with these junk hauling pros will have all the unwanted rubbish cleared from your home in no time at all.

Don’t Forget the Closets

In addition to removing boxes of rubbish and unwanted furniture for the study space, you don’t want to forget about the closets in your kid’s bedroom. They will no doubt be plenty of outfits that they have outgrown over the summer. You have probably replaced a lot of that at the beginning of the school year. But you don’t want to hold onto all the clothing that they would never wear again. That creates the kind of clutter that slows down getting ready in the morning. And that is the last thing you need! All of that unwanted clothing can be turned over to Junk King as well. The benefit with hiring Junk King for this type of task is that those clothing items won’t go to waste. Anything that can be reused that is taken away by Junk King can be dropped off at a charity. That is how Junk King has been operating since they began collecting junk over 16 years ago.

A back-to-school rubbish removal session with Junk King Chicago West is a great way to start off the academic year. Call to set up your removal appointment today.

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