Make Your Staycation Clutter Free

Summer is the traditional time when families go on vacation. As soon as school lets out in June the  suitcases get packed up and everyone heads out of town. That’s actually a good thing for folks who are planning a staycation. That means the crowds might not be as overwhelming like they would during the holiday season. If you are planning a Chicago staycation then you will certainly have plenty of festivals, museums and parks to spend your days at. There’s so much of the city that you have probably not visited and a staycation is a perfect time to embrace all that Chicago has to offer.

A staycation also means you will be enjoying the comforts of your own home which has a lot of advantages as well. In order to put you in a staycation frame of mind you should do a deep dive of cleaning. That can include getting rid of all the unwanted clutter that won’t fit into your trashcan. That is a job for Junk King Chicago.

All the Big Stuff

How many items in your home that you’d like to get rid of would you classify as “big stuff?” These would be things like recliners, loveseats, chaise lounges and any type of major kitchen appliance that takes two movers to haul out of the house. Even removing just one old sofa can have a positive impact on your living space. It will certainly provide the inspiration for buying a new sofa! Junk King is going to send over a pair of movers to help you with your clutter clearing task. This is the team that can lift and load any object regardless of weight or size. You’ll find that it won’t take the Junk King team very long to clear out your home of all your unwanted items.

Friendly Disposal

One of the things that Junk King likes to avoid all cost is a trip to the landfill. Some so-called professional junk haulers don’t give it a second thought when it comes to disposing of what they collect. They just dump it into the landfill regardless of what potential hazardous items might be included in the load. Junk King doesn’t operate that way. They’ve always had an eco-friendly disposal policy that utilizes charity drop-offs and recycling centers for the bulk of what they collect. That should make you feel good about giving your junk to Junk King!

Start your staycation in a home that is free from clutter. One session with Junk King Chicago gets it done.