Piano Removal Isn’t A Challenge For Junk King

Every piano is built on a set of wheels. In concert halls, this allows the piano to be moved when needed. Around the house, a piano on wheels helps you move it for cleaning. However, just because the piano is on wheels doesn’t mean that it is easy to remove from home. You might be able to push it to the doorway but then what happens? That is when an experienced junk hauling company like Junk King Chicago can be of a big assistance.

The Right Team

Taking care of a piano removal task requires a crew that is knowledgeable with this type of challenge. The Junk King team that will be assigned to your appointment will have the experience needed to safely remove a piano from any environment. Sometimes, you may find yourself renting an apartment with a piano already in place. That doesn’t mean that you want to keep that piano there. It just means that the previous occupant couldn’t find a way to get that piano taken out. You should not hesitate putting Junk King on this task even if it means they have to carry that piano down several flights of stairs. They will find the best way to maneuver that instrument down the stairs and out the front door.

What Else?

Even though you might be hiring Junk King to primarily handle your piano removal there is no reason why they can’t take away all the other unwanted items in your home or apartment. What else have you been holding onto that can be tossed out into the trash? It can all be loaded onto the Junk King truck for responsible disposal. That disposal might mean dropping items off at a charity. That absolutely counts for recycling because it is a way of repurposing something as opposed to simply putting it into the dump.

If all you were getting rid of was the piano, then you probably wouldn’t take up a lot of room on the Junk King truck. That means you would be paying the low-end price scale for the service. That price is always a flat rate the covers all the labor and transportation. It’s a very competitive price for this type of service.

Take care of your piano removal and junk hauling needs with one call to Junk King Chicago.