Getting Rid Of Renovation Debris Is A Job For Junk King

When you hire a contractor for a renovation project that will be the person who is in charge of assigning different tasks to a work crew. An experienced contractor knows exactly who on his team has the best skills for specific tasks. There might be one person who specializes in tile work and another person who is great with assembling cabinetry. The goal is to make sure that work crew is functioning as a team in order to have your renovation project completed on time and on budget. There’s one aspect of a remodeling project that you could be in charge of and that would be debris removal. This doesn’t mean you have to actually break out the work gloves and start loading up the debris. Instead, give that job to Junk King Chicago.

Ongoing Removal

As you watch your renovation project develop it will be clear that a large amount of trash is created each day. Most of that debris is generated on demolition day which usually happens on the first day of the project. If you were only to hire Junk King for one session, then it should probably be on demolition day. The kind of debris from torn down cabinets and countertops is not something you want out up in your driveway for a long time. You certainly don’t want it on the lawn out back. The Junk King team can come in at the end of demolition day and swiftly load up all of that debris on the back of the truck. That takes care of the task without taking the work crew off of the remodel project.

You might decide that ongoing debris removal is another option to take advantage of with Junk King. Perhaps it works best to have weekly pickups on Saturdays so that the crew can come back to a clean space on Monday. Again, the goal is to make the work area safe and keep the crew on the job site.

Getting rid of your renovation debris is the perfect job for Junk King Chicago to handle from start to finish. Book a session today.