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Garage Cleanouts Made Simpler With The Junk King North Chicago Experts!

Garages are perfect for protecting your vehicle from harmful elements and storing your valuable items. However, accumulating junk in your garage can make it lose its functionality. If you experience this in your garage, you can seek expert garage cleanout services. In this guide, you’ll also learn how to prepare for a garage cleanouts exercise. 


What Is a Garage Cleanout? 


A garage cleanout is more than just sweeping — it involves organizing, recycling, and disposal of your items! Imagine how beautiful your garage looks when it’s thoroughly decluttered, cleaned out, and organized. Getting rid of the clutter will enable you to find useful items you need and even park your car. 

Cleaning a garage indeed sounds nice, but performing a thorough garage cleanout can be a very tough task. Thankfully, there’s help available as you can employ the services of a professional garage cleanout provider. Whether you’re looking to clear out a junk-filled storage unit or some larger items, a professional junk remover can help clean out your space in no time!


How to Cleanout Your Garage 


Your garage can quickly get filled with junk, and when it does, finding a needed item can be a daunting task. If you find yourself in this situation, you can clean out your garage by following these steps:


Give Yourself Enough Time 

If you rush through a cleaning task, you might be creating more work to be done later. Be ready to spend a couple of days cleaning the garage. 

Separate the Items Into Categories 

The garage should look like a retail store, with each section having categorized items. You can move the garden tools together, the sporting equipment together, and the outdoor gear together to create additional sections that make sense. After categorizing the items, evaluate those you need to keep and others that need to go. Your thoroughness in this step will ease the rest of your garage cleanout process. 

Sell, Donate, or Discard Items You No Longer Need 

Your junk can become someone else’s treasure when you donate or sell them if they’re usable. The unusable items can be placed in a discard pile. 

Figure Out the Perfect Garage Layout 

After categorizing all the items and placing them in distinct piles, you can determine where each section will be. You can also install shelves to remove some items from the ground and provide enough space for parking your car. 

Put Every Item in its Rightful Place 

After figuring out where your items will be placed, it’s time to complete the puzzle. You need to be patient as things might not be perfect the first time. What matters most is that you’ll benefit so much from this in the long run. 


How to Organize Your Garage

After cleaning out your garage and knowing how much energy and time you spent doing it, you’d want to stay organized by implementing space-saving strategies. Proper storage solutions can help you control clutter and enable you to find your items easily.
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Here are some tips you can use to keep your garage clean and organized:

  • – Install shelves to keep your frequently used stuff within reach
  • – Use storage bins for keeping similar items together
  • – Think ahead by determining the space required for seasonal items 
  • – Designate places or cubbies where each individual can put their items
  • – Use hooks to hold large tools like shovels or rakes, or stand them in a wide, sturdy bin
  • – Use closets or cabinets for items you don’t use frequently 


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How Junk King North Chicago Experts Perform Garage Cleanout 


If you don’t have the time and energy to clean out your garage, you can employ the services of a local garage cleanout provider like Junk King North Chicago. We make garage cleanouts fast and stress-free. You can use our services in four ways so you can select what best suits your needs or schedule.


1: On-site Pricing

At Junk King, we offer on-site pricing as a free service and a great way to get an accurate estimate. After selecting a date and a two-hour service window, our experienced crew comes to your workplace or home to ascertain the actual cost of the junk removal. After agreeing to our written estimate (usually better than valid competitors’ offers), we swing into action! 


2: Send a Photo to Junk King

If you can identify the items you want to be removed or the area you need to be cleaned out, you can get a correct estimate of your junk removal. Send a photo of the items or area to 1-737-888-5865. At Junk King North Chicago, we now offer no contact, touchless junk removal to help you efficiently and safely haul unwanted items away. We even accept payments over the phone or online! 


3: Get an Online Pricing Estimate 

With this approach, you simply enter your zip code to confirm that you’re within Junk King’s service area and provide a few more details to get an estimate. Enter the approximate volume that your junk haul will require or the items that you’d like removed. An online price estimator will deliver transparent and fair pricing. 


4: Call a Junk King Customer Service Representative

You can choose to speak with Junk King’s customer service representative if you’re using our service for the first time. You can also use this method if you’d like to know more about the junk haul process. We are available from Mondays to Fridays between 8 am and 5 pm, and on Saturdays between 8 am and 2 pm. Feel free to contact Junk King on 1-857-807-3449.


After selecting one of the four methods above, you can choose a date and a two-hour service window that best suits your business needs or work schedule. After that, you can expect a courtesy call of about 15 minutes to your selected time. 


Get in Touch With Junk King North Chicago Today!


Following the above tips will help keep your garage clean and organized. While you might have the energy and time to spend cleaning out your garage, our professionals at Junk King North Chicago are trained to handle garage cleanouts with ease and more affordably. Hire us today so you can enjoy a clean and tidy garage without the extra hassle.
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