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Set Up Rubbish Removal From Your Basement Today

Is it time to finally tackle all the rubbish down in your basement? By tackle, that means hiring Junk King Chicago to get rid of it all. Junk King is a professional junk hauling service that helps a lot of folks get rid of all kinds of unwanted items from their homes. That includes going down into the basement and making as many trips as needed to get rid of whatever rubbish items might be down there. So whether you need to move out furniture, appliances, or boxes of stuff, the Junk King Chicago team can complete it in a single session.

Easy Job for You

When you hire Junk King, you hire two movers to do all the work for you. That makes this entire process an easy job for you. All you have to do is decide what you have cleared away. Then, when the Junk King crew shows up for your appointment, you point to the stuff you want gone. That is when you can sit back and watch everything go out the door!

Before the crew starts moving objects, they will present you with an estimate. This will be a flat rate price determined by how everything will be packed onto the truck. One cost covers all the loading, drop-offs, and travel time. It is also a fair and competitive price. Junk King will match or beat competitors’ fees for the same amount of rubbish.

You can set up your session with Junk King online or over the phone. If you book online, you can save $20 off the cost immediately. No matter how you schedule your appointment, you can count on it getting done quickly. The best approach to get the rubbish out of your basement is to give that job the Junk King Chicago. Book your session today.

Junk King Makes Useless Rubbish Disappear

How many useless items are in your home? Anything useless that is still in your home is something that cannot be tossed out into the trash. Things like electronics, furniture, appliances, and even clothing would fall into that category. You are justified to hold onto those useless things, but that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto them forever. When you are finally ready to eliminate all your useless rubbish, you are prepared to put Junk King Chicago on the removal task.

The Lifting and Loading Crew

Junk King is going to send over the lifting and loading crew. This two-man team will do all the work of removing your useless rubbish from start to finish. In this operation, you only have to point to everything you want to be cleared away. The Junk King team has plenty of heavy-lifting experience. They will make picking up heavy objects look easy.

They also have a lot of experience packing up the truck. That will determine what the cost of the job will eventually become. When Junk King clears away rubbish, they charge a flat rate based on volume. With Junk King on the job, you would never be charged by the pound. Included in the flat rate is the responsible disposal of all those objects. That could consist of dropping things off at a recycling center or charity. Those are the kinds of drop-offs that the team from Junk King would much instead make than a trip to a landfill.

Getting rid of all your useless rubbish will positively impact your entire house. Call Junk King Chicago today to make that happen.

Old TV Removal in North Chicago: What You Need to Know

Did you know that there are millions of old cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions tucked away in basements and spare bedrooms across America? According to a survey conducted by the Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse (ERCC), in 2015, Americans had around 5 billion pounds worth of CRT TVs in their homes, many of which were either broken, stored away, or otherwise unused. If you are one of the millions of households who still has one of the bulky, box-style TVs in your home, what exactly are you supposed to do with those TVs if you don’t want them taking up space in your attic, basement, garage, or spare bedroom? 

Recycling your old TV is becoming increasingly important due to the fact that every TV contains large amounts of toxic substances such as lead, mercury, beryllium and cadmium. Televisions are a type of electronic waste (e-waste), which is the nation´s fastest growing source of toxic waste polluting out landscapes, soils, and watersheds. Unfortunately, recycling those old TVs can be difficult, even when commodities prices are high.

Fortunately for people who live in the North Chicago area, Junk King of North Chicago makes it easy to recycle your old TVs. We are proud to offer the fastest, most affordable, and greenest junk removal in the region. 

Why You Should Recycle your old TV

As we mentioned in the introduction, TVs and other types of used electronics are one of the most serious and widespread sources of toxic waste in our environment. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that e-waste items are responsible for 70 percent of the toxins found in landfills despite providing only 1 percent of their total volume. Due to the fact that around 66 percent of American households report having unwanted televisions stored in their attics, basements, or guest bedrooms, used television sets are one of the main contributors to this e-waste contamination problem. 

One recent report on the dangers of old television sets found that older TV sets that contain bulky and heavy cathode ray tubes (CRTs) contain on average 6 pounds of lead.  In the past, those lead containing tubes could be easily melted down to make new CRT TVs.  Today, however, the vast majority of people are switching to flat screen TV, LED TVs, and smart TVs. Though these types of TVs are significantly more energy efficient, this transition also means that there is no longer a market for recycling old CRT TVs. The resulting lead waste, plus cadmium, mercury, toxic solvents and other chemicals are then often released into the environment when they are sent to the landfill and crushed. 

Lead contamination poses an especially serious threat to both human and ecosystem health. When lead leaches into water sources, it can contribute to several serious health problems, including, negative cardiovascular effects, increased blood pressure and incidence of hypertension, decreased kidney function, and long-term reproductive problems in both men and women. 

Though flat screen TVs, LED monitors, and smart TVs do not contain lead, they do have other chemicals, including hormone disrupters, polyvinyl chloride, brominated flame retardants, neurotoxic mercury, and others. These products also leach toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment when disposed of improperly. 

The Challenges to TV Recycling Today 

As most consumers have largely abandoned CRT sets for LED and plasma televisions, there is today a very limited demand for the lead-filled glass that characterized those old cathode ray tube TVs. Furthermore, low prices for commodities such as gold, copper, and other heavy metals means that many recycling companies do not find it profitable to strip down those old TV sets or even newer flat screen TVs in order to then recycle the raw materials. 

The combination of low demand and low commodity prices has led to an unfortunate increase in illegal dumping practices. In 2015, one supposed recycling company in the state of Kentucky was caught burying hundreds of old TVs and other electronics devices in a 10-foot-deep hole in a field. Because most municipal waste management services will not haul away old TVs, many people resort to simply dumping those used items in abandoned lots or other illegal dumps. This is not only bad news for the environment, but could land you a serious fine if discovered. 

Junk Removal Chicago

Why Hire Junk King of North Chicago for your TV Removal Needs

For individuals, homeowners, and business owners in the North Chicago region, how exactly can you get rid of your old and unused TV sets in a safe, legal, environmentally friendly, and efficient manner? 

Junk King of North Chicago is proud to be the top-rated junk removal in the area. We have years of experience helping Chicago-area homeowners and businesses get rid of their used TVs, used electronics, and other types of junk items. Not only do we make it easy for you to get rid of those bulky old TVs taking up space in your home or business, but we also have a proven commitment to ensuring that those old TVs are either donated or properly recycled. 

Our junk removal teams have developed strong relationships with thrift stores, donation centers, charities, and recycling companies over the years. This means that we are able to either donate, repurpose, or recycle up to 60 percent of the junk items we pick up. In the specific case of used TVs, we go the extra mile to ensure that every used TV we pick up is kept out of the landfill. We feel privileged to be a part of the North Chicago community, and we do our part to keep Chicago clean and healthy. 

A Commitment the Fairest and Most Affordable TV Removal Services 

Lastly, we also believe that getting rid of a used TV or any other type of bulky junk items shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. To that end, “fair and transparent” pricing is one of the hallmarks of our company and we even offer your four different ways to get a free estimate:

  1. On-Site Pricing Estimate: On-site pricing is the best and most accurate way for us to assess the job and offer you the lowest price. Unlike other companies, our on-site pricing estimates are completely free, and come with no-obligation on your part. Our junk removal professionals will inspect the junk you need hauled away and offer you an upfront price. If a price agreed upon, we will often be able to get rid of your junk on the same day. 
  2. Call to Talk with a Trained Customer Service Representative: If you´d prefer to talk with someone before making a decision, you can call us toll-free at 1-888-888-JUNK. Our customer service representatives can offer you a pricing estimate and help you plan the logistics of removing your old TV or other junk items.  
  3. Text us a Photo: Also, you can simply take a photo of your junk and text us at 737-888-5865. We will promptly text you back a transparent price estimate. Once you accept the estimate, all you have to do is wait for the Junk King truck to arrive.
  4. Online pricing estimator: Lastly, Junk King also offers an easy-to-use online pricing estimator. Simply enter your zip code to ensure that you are in right service area and provide a few more pieces of information regarding the type and size of the junk you need removed. Our pricing estimator allows you to receive a transparent cost estimate based on either the actual items you need hauled away, or the anticipated volume in the Junk King truck you plan on taking up. The online pricing estimator is convenient, reliable, and time saving for those on a tight schedule. 

Our company is also fully insured, bonded, and licensed so that you can rest assured that you will never have to deal with unforeseen liabilities during your junk removal service. 

No matter what type of junk or excessive trash you need to get rid of, we are here to help you efficiently free up space in your home or business. Give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK, text a photo to 1-737-888-5865, or book an appointment online to save $20 on orders totaling more than $99. Junk King continues to offer free, on-site written estimates, which is still the best way for us to give you our lowest pricing possible.

The Easiest Exercise Equipment Removal in North Chicago

The Chicago-land area is famous for being one of the “fittest” areas of the country. Across the City and the suburbs, there are hundreds of exercise gyms, fitness centers, yoga and Pilates studios, and other businesses that promote exercise and overall well-being. Furthermore, almost every weekend some sort of race is organized for people who enjoy this type of exercise. During the COVID-19 pandemic, however, thousands of people in the North Chicago area probably found that their favorite 24/7 gym was suddenly closed due to the lockdown and stay-at-home orders. During that time, many people may have been tempted to purchase home exercise equipment in order to keep up with their exercise regime, or to stay on top of their weight loss goals. 

Fast forward a couple of years, and many of those weight benches, treadmills, Cross Fit machines, and other types of exercise equipment are most likely awkwardly stored in the basement or gathering dust in an obscure corner of your home. If you have used exercise equipment that you no longer use or that has broken down, how exactly can you go about getting those items taken out of your home?

Most exercise equipment is large and bulky, and cannot simply be taken out to the curb with the rest of your trash. In this short article, we explain why Junk King of North Chicago offers the easiest, most practical, and most efficient way to get rid of those pieces of old exercise equipment that you no longer use.

The Advantages of Hiring Junk King of North Chicago for your Exercise Equipment Removal Needs 

According to research on the size of the exercise equipment industry, “sales of consumer fitness equipment increased by 68.3 percent from 2010 to 2020 ($3.32 billion to $5.59 billion). Over the past year, 42.72 percent of female consumers and 37.7 percent of US consumers overall bought workout equipment in the past year.” 

Despite these impressive industry statistics, many people rarely (if ever) use their exercise equipment. In fact, one survey found that at least 40 percent of people said they used their home exercise machines far less than they had planned. As anyone who has unused or broken down exercise equipment will know, these items are generally large, heavy, bulky, and take up a large amount of space in the room where they are located. 

Unfortunately, getting rid of those items is not easy. Due to their bulky nature, you can´t simply take those old items out to the curb with your regular trash. Furthermore, treadmills, cardio machines, and many other types of exercise equipment have electronic components that are classified as e-waste. These types of trash items, due to their toxic nature, cannot be disposed of with the regular trash because they may contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals. 

When you hire Junk King of North Chicago for your exercise equipment removal needs, we make it easy for you to get rid of those items so that you can free up space in your home or business. Some of the advantages that come with hiring Junk King include: 

  • We do all the heavy lifting and hauling: When you hire us for your junk removal needs, our professionally trained junk removal teams will do all of the heavy lifting and hauling for you. There is no need to try to take those heavy pieces of exercise equipment out to your garage or driveway. Simply let us know where the items are located in your home and we will do the rest. We take extra precaution to not damage your home while removing those junk items. If an accident were to occur however, our company is also fully licensed, insured, and bonded, and will respond for any damage. Furthermore, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we also continue to offer “no-contact” junk removal, which means that you and your family will never have to interact with our junk removal teams if you choose not to. 
  • We can haul away every type of exercise equipment: Furthermore, when you hire us, there are no limitations on what type of exercise equipment we can haul away. From barbells and weight benches, to treadmills and rowing machines, there is not item that is too big or heavy for our junk removal teams. Furthermore, we can also help you get rid of other types of junk you may have laying around your home at the same time, including used furniture and appliances, yard waste, construction waste, and more! 
  • We are the greenest junk removal company around: Lastly, when you hire Junk King of North Chicago, you will also benefit from getting the “greenest” and most eco-friendly junk removal company in Chicago-land. We are proud to be one of the few junk removal companies around the country that has an environmental ethic as a foundational element of our business model. As a company, we are committed to recycling, donating, repurposing, or “upcycling” at least 60 percent of the junk that we pick up. In the specific case of used exercise equipment, we make every effort to donate those items that are still in decent condition. If the item is beyond repair, we also work with several recyclers in the area in order to do our part to keep your junk and e-waste out of our area landfills. 

How to Hire Junk King of North Chicago for your Exercise Equipment Removal Needs? 

Here at Junk King, we are proud to be the top-rated junk removal company in the North Chicago region. We provide our junk removal services to the entire North Chicago area, including the communities of Bensenville, Buffalo Grove, Chicago, Deerfield, Des Plaines, Evanston, Fort Sheridan, Glencoe, Glenview, Golf, Great Lakes, Gurnee, Highland Park, Highwood, Kenilworth, Northbrook, Skokie, and Waukegan. 

We also guarantee to offer fair and transparent cost estimates in writing. We also are confident that we can beat any written estimate, and offer the absolute best service in our industry. The combination of excellent customer service and a commitment to recycling, reusing, or donating more than half of the junk we pick up that has made us the top-rated junk removal company in the North Chicago region.  

If you have old exercise equipment that is taking up valuable space in your home, apartment, or business, we are here to help you efficiently get rid of those items and free up space in the space around your home. You can give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK, text a photo to 1-737-888-5865, or book an appointment online to save $20 on orders totaling more than $99. Junk King continues to offer free, on-site written estimates, which is still the best way for us to give you our lowest pricing possible. 

Lastly, we also believe that junk removal shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Because we charge our customers by the amount of space their junk takes up in our trucks, we are also the most affordable junk removal company in the region. We can confidently beat any written estimate so that you can rest assured that you are getting the price for all of your junk removal needs. Call us today and let us help you free up space in your home or business by getting rid of that old exercise equipment!

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