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Alternatives to Cincinnati Dumpster Rentals

A dumpster could really be thought of as a magnet that attracts all sorts of undesirable elements. The most obvious is all kinds of vermin. While it might not seem as though rodents can get into a dumpster for some reason they always find a way to especially when there is a good meal at stake. This is the same for folks who like to go dumpster diving. Whether they are looking for a potential discarded treasure or hoping to fill up a shopping cart with recycled bottles dumpster diving is all too common anywhere around these gigantic metal containers. There’s just something about a dumpster compels some people want to open up the lid see what’s inside.

Another unwelcomed element that a dumpster attracts are people looking to get rid of their own garbage. While it is true that everyone has access to a weekly garbage pickup sometimes there is a need to get rid of bigger items like cardboard boxes or bags of trash that overflow from those weekly garbage cans. If there is a dumpster within eyesight that person in need might just sneak across the street and dump their trash inside. This means you are paying for somebody else’s trash removal. Naturally, if you’re in charge of a dumpster you could have it secured with a lock to prevent this kind of access. However, that becomes a huge hassle when you want take out your own trash.

All of this points to the issue of whether or not renting a dumpster for your own needs is really a smart choice. Suppose you have a remodeling job or are planning to clean out your garage or basement. It might seem practical to have a dumpster dropped off in your driveway for you to fill up with all your garbage. The problem is that once that dumpster lands you’re now attracting all of those unwelcome elements. Is that really what you want snooping around your backyard? There is a viable alternative to a dumpster at and that is hiring a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Cincinnati.

Most homeowners would only rent a dumpster for a special occasion. There’s no reason why that occasion can’t utilize professional junk haulers in the same manner. If you are doing a remodel job and will have piles of construction waste why not let junk haulers take it away at the end of the workday as opposed to leaving it in a dumpster overnight? If you’re cleaning out your garage all you need to do is designate which items you want thrown out and Junk King Cincinnati will load that garbage up on the truck and take it away. The goal is for you to remove the tempting target that is a dumpster. Keep in mind that hiring junk haulers also means you’ll get the job done a lot quicker. A dumpster might have to stick around for several days. That’s not really something you want in your driveway!

Hoarding in Cincinnati – Help with Junk Removal

The popular cable channel TLC introduced the phenomenon of hoarding too many Americans through their show “Hoarding: Buried Alive.” On this reality program cameras were taken inside the home of hoarders whose lives have gotten out of control through their obsessive-compulsive behavior. In most instances these hoarders were in complete denial as to their surroundings. Some of these stories were especially tragic when there were innocent animals involved like the house that was overrun with rats while another one was swarming with rabbits. It takes a lot of coordination between professional junk haulers and trained psychotherapist to help these hoarders regain a sense of normalcy. Sadly sometimes after a thorough cleanup these folks go right back to their old habits.

Now TLC has a new series called “My Crazy Obsession” that makes a distinction between a hoarder and a collector. To the casual observer these are indistinguishable. The folks featured on “My Crazy Obsession” have taken collecting to new heights such as the couple that have $1 million invested in their Cabbage Patch doll collection or the woman who moved from Puerto Rico to Orlando so she could be closer to the Magic Kingdom and the object of her collecting obsession Mickey Mouse.

There’s a little bit of a collector in all of us although we certainly don’t take it to such crazy heights. Thanks to the iPod we’ve all become well versed at collecting music and playlists. If you were to transfer these music collections into actual CDs or singles it might look just like one of those crazy obsessions! Collectors of any stripe would never think of throwing out their collections. Their goal is to continue to add those missing pieces and find a way to display them. But there is a collection that many people have which carries zero value and that would be the collection of junk in our lives.

It’s not hard to find this junk. Look in closets, basements, attics or garages in your Cincinnati home. You’re sure to find piles and boxes of stuff that could be thrown out if only you had the means to do so. Does keeping this junk make you a hoarder? A simple test would be whether or not you throw this stuff out once and for all. The hoarder can’t do that. If you have no trouble tossing out the trash then what’s holding you back? It might come down to a matter of not having a truck to haul away is junk or the right amount of manpower. You can find both of those in abundance when you hire Junk King Cincinnati.

Junk King is a local Cincinnati owned business that’s part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers. As with other types of services Junk King Cincinnati is licensed and insured. This means there won’t be any nonsense when it comes to removing your junk. It will be done on time and as efficiently as possible. After Junk King removes all your junk you can breathe a heavy sigh of relief knowing that you’re officially not a hoarder!

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