Valentine’s Day Junk Removal In Cincinnati

Next to roses, chocolates are the most popular item to give out on Valentine’s Day. Here in Cincinnati there is no shortage of amazing chocolatiers to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. For instance, Aglamesis Brothers has been creating confections since 1913. Inside their Madison Road shop is 30 feet of display cases full of treats. Don’t worry; they have prepackaged boxes ready to fly out the door. Haute Chocolate is just a few blocks down from Aglamesis. Not only do they have a fine line up of chocolates but also their brownies are what keep the customers coming in. There is even an M&M pizza. Of course, nothing beats the Cincinnati favorite Graeter’s. You name it and Graeter’s will dip it in chocolate.


Beyond the sweet treats, you might also surprise your special someone with a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift: a junk removal appointment from Junk King. These are the junk removal pros that have set up their own shop here in Cincinnati. The result has been that hundreds of homeowners and businesses have been able to toss out the bulky items. What better way to say, “I love you” then with a clean home. If junk removal has been on your “to-do” list, then Junk King can help you achieve that goal.

First, decide what you want to throw out. This could be anything from an old sofa to an out of date computer. Next, call Junk King to set up your junk removal appointment. You’ll tell the helpful dispatch representative what  you are planning on tossing out and they’ll give you an estimate cost. The real cost will be provided when the crew shows up for the removal. They need to size up your junk to see how much space it is going to use on the back of the trunk. That is how much they’ll charge. This is a single, flat fee that will have no extra charges or hidden costs.

When you agree to the rate, the Junk King crew will spring into action and clean up your clutter once and for all. Here is where the fun comes into play. You can either tell your loved one that you’re finally going to get of the rubbish and tell them the date of the Junk King appointment or just have Junk King come over and do the job. Either way, your clutter is going to be gone and you’re going to score some major points with your significant other. Call Junk King today for your special Valentine’s Day treat.