Improve Your Cincinnati Neighborhood Curb Appeal

There are many ways you can improve your curb appeal without costing a fortune. Start with something simple like painting your front door, trim and shutters. You can probably get by with just a few gallons of paint and a couple of hours on a Saturday. If you have a mailbox by the curb, you can swap out the old model for something shiny and new. Even something as simple as adding new house numbers will go a long way towards elevating the exterior look of your home. Of course, if you have any clutter creating an eyesore out there, then you’ll definitely want to take care of that. While you’re painting the front door, Junk King can remove the clutter.


Junk King Cincinnati is part of a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers. This is a company who takes all the guesswork out of junk removal. They provide the manpower and the truck space to insure the job can get done in a single appointment. When it comes to yard waste removal, the team from Junk King won’t be afraid of getting their hands dirty. That makes them the perfect team to call on to remove things like old planters, railroad ties, pavers, stones and bricks. Taking away those items could really open up the space around your front yard.

Obviously, if you have bigger “eyesores” the crew can remove those as well. This can include things like car fenders, ties, lawnmowers, birdbaths, patio furniture or grills. They might have all served a purpose at one point but now they’re just rusting away. Turn it all over to Junk King.

In addition to all that fantastic yard clearing, Junk King can also do some amazing clearing from your garage, cellar, closet and attic. As long as you’re in the spring cleaning mode, why not get rid of all that unwanted clutter once and for all. Everything can be loaded on the same Junk King truck.

As part of their complete junk removal service, Junk King will also dispose of your stuff in an eco-friendly manner. This could mean dropping items off at a local charity or recycling center. Any method to avoid dumping in a landfill is what Junk King is going to take. Improving your curb appeal begins with a call to Junk King and ends with a junk free home.