Junk King Cleans Properties Fast

The number one priority for property managers is to make sure that the there are always paying tenants in the properties they are overseeing. That means there needs to be a fast turnaround when one occupant vacates the premises and that space goes back on the market. The hope is that the tenet has left everything exactly the way it was when they first moved in. The reality is that there could be a lot of rubbish that has been left behind. That’s true whether the space is a house, apartment or office. When that occurs, property managers can always depend on Junk King Cincinnati to provide a fast cleanup. That will ensure that the property is ready for the next tenant ASAP.

No Obstacles

When you hire junk King you are hiring a professional junk hauling service who has been in this line of work for 14 years. That kind of experience sets them apart from a lot of other so-called professional junk haulers. The crews working with Junk King know exactly what it takes to remove any type of furniture, equipment or other trash in the most efficient manner. Some of these properties could require climbing several flights of stairs. Others utilize a freight elevator. Whatever the environment, you can depend on the team from Junk King overcoming those obstacles and getting all that rubbish loaded onto the truck. That also goes for any item regardless of size or weight.

The Load In

Before Junk King puts one piece of rubbish into the truck, they have to determine just how much space all the things you’re getting rid of will take up on the truck. This is how they will come up with the estimate for your fee. You never charge by the pound when Junk King is doing the hauling. The flat fee that you’ll be presented with covers all the labor and transportation. With some really big cleanup jobs you might need to have additional crew members. That is something that Junk King will be happy to provide at no additional cost.

If you need properties cleaned regardless of size and volume, then you need to put Junk King Cincinnati on the job.