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Book Online And Save With Junk King

As a nationwide franchise, Junk King has been in the junk hauling business since 2005. Their business model that promotes exceptional customer service has allowed their brand to become synonymous with professional junk hauling. Every time a new franchise opens up it quickly becomes that areas number one junk hauling service. Junk King Cincinnati is no exception. And just as every franchise follows the business model set by the parent company, we also follow the guidelines with regards to health and safety. Every business has made adjustments in this “new normal.” For junk removal, that means touchless pickup and virtual pricing. It also means being able to get rid of your unwanted rubbish at a fair price with Junk King Cincinnati. Here’s how it can work:

Book Online

When you book online with Junk King you will be setting up your appointment based on your calendar. Junk King prides itself on being able to make it easy for junk removal and that starts with you picking the day that works best for your time. Even though you may be home a lot more that doesn’t mean you want to wait all day for an appointment. Junk King only asked you set aside two hours on your chosen day. That will give the crews plenty of time to get from one appointment to the next.

When you book online you will also start saving money. You can take $30 off the price of your session right from the start. That final price will be determined when you send in a photo of all the things that you want to get rid of. That snapshot will allow the Junk King team to assess just how everything will fit onto the truck. Junk King has a pricing policy that remains in effect based on volume and not weight. You couldn’t tell how heavy something is just by looking at it! But you can tell how it will all sit on to the truck.

Once you have lockdown the time and the price all you need to do is bring those items down to your driveway or porch and the Junk King crew will pick them up on the spot. That will allow us to take care of the job and maintain social distance.

Junk King Cincinnati wants to make junk removal safe and affordable. Book a session today to make it happen.

How To Make Working From Home Work

A lot of folks are suddenly finding themselves working from home. There might have been occasion in the past to do some work at home but now your entire 9 to 5 gig could be happening at home. This might mean making some adjustments in order to have a productive work day. Here’s what you should consider doing:

Eat Lunch in a Different Room

You will set up a workspace in your home to crunch through the assignments. Just as with your “outside” job, you should also take a lunch break but that shouldn’t be at your computer. You’re home so go have lunch in another room. If you’re with family or roommates, then make this a schedule lunchbreak with others.

Get Outside for a Break

Those feelings of being “closed in” will only intensify the longer you actually stay in. That is why you should go outside for a break throughout the work day. Your coffee or tea break can be on the backyard or front porch. Getting that daily dose of sunlight is good for your well-being.

Start Your Day With Self-Care

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you have to roll out of bed and dive straight to your work desk. Ease yourself into the day with self-care. Just as you would with your regular job, have a decent breakfast. You can also take your regular showers and “get dressed” for work. That doesn’t mean putting on a suit but get out of your pajamas.

Schedule Time for Household Tasks

Working at home could find you distracted by all the household tasks you need to keep up with. However, you would never leave work to go home to do laundry or clean out a closet. That is why you want to schedule a timeslot for your work and your work around the house. It might help to devote the opening of your day to your housework so you can get it out of the way and focus on your work.

As a reminder, Junk King Cincinnati will be standing by to help with the removal of any items you’ve deemed as unwanted. Getting rid of that clutter can make a big difference. We’re also mindful of how important safety is during these stay at home times. That is why Junk King has put protocols into place to help you remove your unwanted rubbish can keep everyone safe. Junk King will be standing by to help when you need us.

Put Junk King To Work For Your Spring Cleaning

When organizing your spring cleaning task, you have two things to consider: what cleaning supplies do you need and who is going to help. In a household with kids, they can be put to work handling some of the spring cleaning tasks. You might not want them cleaning out the oven or your windows but they can certainly do a lot around their own rooms when it comes to taking up clutter and putting things away. You might also want to consider bringing in some outside help your spring cleaning. Yes, having a team of professional cleaners would be great but that is not always practical. It’s what is practical is hiring Junk King Cincinnati. These are the junk hauling pros who can bring your spring cleaning to completion by hauling away all of the unwanted rubbish throughout the house.

Pick as You Go

As you go through each room in your home cleaning, dusting, mopping and vacuuming you will certainly find plenty of things that could be targeted for disposal. A lot of those items might be small enough to toss out into the trash. The bigger objects are what you want to get to Junk King. Spring cleaning can mean getting rid of an old sofa and replacing. It can also mean pulling out all of those items in the closet that you are no longer using. That could be anything from an old pair of shoes to a computer monitor. How many pieces of electronic year are you keeping in storage that you would never plug-in again? All of that e-waste can be turned over to Junk King for responsible disposal.

Actually, Junk King takes its disposal duties very seriously. They will always sort through everything that they collect to decide if there’s anything that can be recycled or dropped off at a charity. You don’t have to make those decisions because the Junk King teams have working partnerships with several charitable organizations throughout the Cincinnati area. They know exactly what these groups are looking for at any given time. If they spot something in the stuff that you are getting rid of, then they will make every effort to drop it off at that place.

Your spring cleaning won’t be complete until Junk King Cincinnati has hauled away all the rubbish. Set up that session today.

Make Room For A She Shed In Your Backyard

There was a time when a backyard shed was just for gardening tools and lawnmower. Today, a she shed is a very popular option. As the title implies, this is a place where the woman of the house can “escape” to. It can be set up as a solitary reading nook, arts and craft center or even an extension of the garden. She sheds have become so popular that they are now being sold as kits on Amazon. If you’re handy with a hammer and screwdriver, you could put your own she shed together in just a few hours. First, you need to clear some space. That is where Junk King Cincinnati will be a big help.

Dismantling When Needed

The place where you want to put your she shed might currently be occupied by some other structure like a swing set or older tool shed. Those are the kinds of things that the crew from Junk King will be able to dismantle. The Junk King team has a lot of experience with these types of projects. Their goal is to get everything broken down so it can fit onto the back of the Junk King truck. How those pieces fit onto the truck will be the determining factor in assessing your final fee. That estimate will be provided before the Junk King crew starts dismantling things. They’ll know how all those pieces will fit just by sizing up the structure. Whether it might be one-third, one-half or the entire truck bed, you’ll appreciate the fair and competitive pricing.

That flat fee also includes the labor costs. It might take longer to dismantle those structures. On one Junk King job, the crews literally had to saw a hot tub in half in order to get it loaded onto the struck. It was all in a day’s work!

When you set up your session with Junk King, just tell them what might be involved with the clearing. They’ll make sure they have plenty of time and truck space to get the project complete in a single session.

Make room for your backyard she shed with help from Junk King Cincinnati. Set up your session today.

Get Rid Of An Old Mattress The Right Way

If you ever drive through a neighborhood and see a mattress out on the curb, then the first word that probably pops in your mind is “disgusting.” There are certainly a lot of things that you can buy used a mattress isn’t one of them. Those people who put a mattress out on the curb hope that, sooner or later, the city will come by to pick it up. That is not a guarantee and that mattress could end up on that curb for a long time. No one wants to see that. It is also considered illegal dumping and having that in your neighborhood can bring down property values. The right way to get rid of an old mattress is to hire Junk King Cincinnati to take care of the job.

Right onto the Truck

If you were to start a stopwatch when the Junk King movers pick up the mattress, then it would only be a few minutes for them to get it right onto the truck. Your session can end at that moment, but why not consider what else you can get rid of? When you have two movers and a big truck there are a lot of bulky items that could finally be cleared out of your home. When the Junk King movers bring the mattress down from upstairs, that will show you how experienced they are with navigating staircases. That means they can do the same work bringing things up from your basement. Do you have anything down there like an old futon or a washer and dryer that need to be hauled out? This is the opportunity!

How those items get tacked onto the truck will also determine what your final fee will be. The Junk King crew will take a few moments when they show up to look over all the things that you want to get rid of. This is how they will determine the amount of space that those things want to buy on the truck. It’s a very simple and fair process that can provide a big help around your house.

Hiring Junk King Cincinnati remains the best way to get rid of an old mattress and the rest of your unwanted items. Book your session today.

Make It A Special Valentine’s Day With Help From Junk King

When you think of Valentine’s Day, you think of roses and chocolates. There might even be the occasional engagement ring in the equation. What you don’t think of is junk removal. However, it might be that junk removal can be the most thoughtful gift of all. That would be especially true if the person that you’re giving this gift to has been asking to get the junk cleared out of the home for a long while. Now it can happen with the help of Junk King Cincinnati. These are the junk hauling pros who can clear out junk from any property in no time at all.

They Do the Work

The great thing about hiring Junk King is they do all the work clearing out your rubbish and you get all the credit. Of course, you’ll thank the team for their hard work but you can get the credit for making the call and setting up the appointment. You can also take care of the supervision of that Junk King crew. That will involve you just pointing to all the things that you want taken away. Those can be items of any size or weight. They can also be in any room in the house. Yes, the Junk King squad will be happy to climb any amount of stairs to bring down all the things that you want to get rid of.

After the Pick Up

What makes a rubbish removal session with Junk King Cincinnati even more special is what happens after they’ve picked up all your unwanted items. Most of those objects could end up being dropped off at a charity or recycling center. That keeps rubbish out of landfills. This has always been the preferred disposal method advocated by Junk King. It ensures that your junk will always be handled in the greenest way possible.

Scheduling a Junk King session can happen online or over the phone. If you want to make this removal a surprise Valentine’s Day gift, then the Junk King crew will work with you for the best time to make that happen. Imagine the look of surprise when your loved one comes home to a house clear of rubbish.

Consider a junk removal session with Junk King Cincinnati as a special Valentine’s Day gift. It will be appreciated for a long time!

Make Your New Year Rubbish Free

There are a lot of traditions that are carrying out in the New Year. Many folks have special dinners or breakfasts that they have on New Year’s Day. There are also traditional hikes that are part of celebrating the start of the year. For 2020, you might consider taking on a new tradition: Clearing out the rubbish. Having a clean home is a wonderful goal for every day of the year. You can make that happen with a little proactive cleaning but it can’t truly be called clean until all the rubbish is gone. That is where Junk King Cincinnati comes into play. These are the professional junk haulers who can help you finally clear out those bulky items that won’t fit in the trash. One session with Junk King clears it all out.

Start in The Basement

You can start your rubbish clearing in the basement. Like the garage, a basement becomes a very popular storage area for a family. But unlike the garage, when something goes down into the basement for storage, it is harder to get out again. That won’t be the case with Junk King on the job. The experienced moving crew from Junk King won’t have any problems bringing up furniture, appliances or boxes from the basement. Your cleanup session might be entirely focused on the basement and that could result in several trips up and down those stairs for the Junk King crew. You won’t hear any complaints! This will be a friendly team who stays friendly no matter what they’re lifting and loading!

After the basement is clear, you could send the crew from Junk King throughout the rest of the house in search of those items you want removed. In a matter of minutes, all of that rubbish will be gone. What will be left are a lot of wide-open spaces and a much cozier living environment.

If you want to start your New Year without any rubbish in the home, then you want to start with a call to Junk King Cincinnati.

Junk King Is Your Full-Service Junk Hauler For Cincinnati

There was a time when if you mentioned “full service” to any one they would think of their neighborhood gas station. Back in the day, a full-service gas station had you pulling up and being taken care of by an attendant. That mean filling up your gas, washing your windows and checking your oil all without you getting out of the car. Today, you would be hard pressed to find that kind of service at any gas station. That is not to say full service is completely out of style. Junk King Cincinnati offers full-service  junk hauling and it can make a world of difference around any home.

Start to Finish

Junk King’s full-service junk hauling begins when you call to set up your appointment. This is a company who is dedicated to making your rubbish removal a smooth operation from start to finish. Junk King appreciates how valuable your time is and doesn’t want to keep you waiting around your house all day. All you need to provide is a two-hour window for your appointment. That is much better than the “all day” waiting the cable company has you doing.

Typically, most of those two hours will be taken up by the crew driving from one location to the other. As the make their way across Cincinnati, that team will be keeping you informed of their progress. Once they arrive, you’ll show the two-man moving crew all the things that you want to get rid of. Those things don’t have to be in a neat pile. They can be located down in the basement, up in the attic or out in the garage. Those two movers and lift and load anything you want to get rid of. Full service means size and weight won’t matter.

After they’ve looked everything over, they will present you with a price. That price will be based on how they intend to pack up the truck with all your rubbish and discarded items. One price covers the labor, transportation and the disposal. A few minutes of moving and all your rubbish will be gone for good.

Full-service junk hauling is easy to find with one call to Junk King Cincinnati. Make that call today.

Junk King Offers Responsible TV Disposal

How many televisions do you have in your home? It is not uncommon for most houses to have a TV in a family or living room and a TV in every bedroom. Depending on the design layout of the home, that family room TV could be viewed from the kitchen. There are some folks who also have televisions in their bathrooms. Typically, not all of those televisions were bought at the same time. They usually are replaced when there is either a great sale on an upgraded model or that old TV has simply gone kaput.

What happens then in most houses is that the old TV is tucked away down the basement or up in the attic. That works on one level because it means the old TV is being kept out of the landfills. That is always preferred. But just because you have an old TV doesn’t mean you have to keep it forever. Junk King Cincinnati offers a way to provide responsible TV disposal.

Certified Recycling

An old television that needs to be disposed of falls into the same category as an old computer, printer, fax machine or monitor. Those are all e-waste items and they need to be disposed of at a certified recycling center. Sometimes those facilities are located within a cities limit. Other times, there are hub stations that collect the e-waste and ship it out to other certified facilities. You don’t have to sort through which is the best place to drop off your old TV. Junk King has already figured that out and set up relationships with those certified facilities. This type of drop off is all part of their junk removal package. They been dedicated to this type of clean up and disposal since they began collecting junk back in 2005.

What Else?

Hiring Junk King to remove your old TV might be at the top of your “to do” list but it doesn’t have to be the only item get rid of. You can use your same Junk King appointment to have the crew clear out any unwanted furniture or other household goods. Think this is a major opportunity to do some serious rubbish clearing from your home.

Junk King Cincinnati always offers responsible TV disposal and efficient rubbish removal. Put them to the task today.

Get Your House Holiday Ready With Help From Junk King

This is the week that the holiday season officially gets started. It is not just the turkey going into the oven on Thanksgiving or the shopping that happens on Black Friday and cyber Monday that have to happen in order to be ready for the holidays. There is a lot more that every house needs to accomplish and that should always start with a top to bottom cleaning.

As you go through every room dusting, mopping and vacuuming you may also discover there are plenty of things that need to be hauled away once and for all. This is when you should schedule a session with Junk King Cincinnati. These are the professional junk haulers who will be a big help when it comes to getting your house holiday ready.

Don’t Hold Back

Your session with Junk King is going to be staffed by a two-man moving crew. Depending on the day, you might also benefit from three quality movers! This is the team that you will direct to haul away any unwanted items from your home. It doesn’t just have to be some old clothing you’ve plucked from your closet. It can also be a sofa you want to bring up from the basement or an entire bedroom set you want to bring down from the second floor. The weight and size of any particular object that you have targeted for removal won’t be an issue for the team from Junk King. They have a lot of experience moving all kinds of objects from all types of homes. That means you don’t have to hold back when it comes to making the request to get rid of something from your house. The team from Junk King will take it all!

Fast and Fair

When you hire Junk King for your removal session, you are going to be working with a company that provides a fast and fair service. Most appointments are completed by the next day. There are also same day pickup appointments that might be available when you call in. As for fair, you will only be charged a flat rate based upon how much space your stuff will take up on the back of the truck. This is a very competitive price for this type of service and one that you will be happy to pay for considering the benefits to your home.

A home without clutter will certainly be a happy place for the holiday. Let Junk King Cincinnati help make that happen.

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