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Cincinnati Is Your Office Too Cluttered? Clear It Out For The Holidays

Most businesses spend a lot of time “wrapping things up” before the holidays. This can include everything from keeping the books to getting out the last orders. The goal is to start with a clean slate for the New Year. Of course, that wrap up doesn’t have to be limited to the actual business but can also extend to the actual workspace. As your business prepares to close the books on 2015, you might want to clear out the clutter before 2016. To get that done in a fast and efficient manner, just call Junk King.


When it comes to clearing out office clutter, Junk King has a lot of practical experience. It helps that they understand the nature of business. That means they don’t want to disrupt yours just because you want to clear out some unwanted office furniture or equipment. You can set up your junk removal session at a time that works best for your business and that includes off hours or weekends.

Junk King will provide two capable movers for your appointment. This is standard team that can be used to clear most clutter from any type of space. However, if you’re cleanup involves more than the average junk removal, then Junk King will be happy to provide additional crewmembers and trucks. That might be helpful if you’re moving into a new space that has to be cleared right away.

That team from Junk King is going to do all the work. That means you don’t have to move anything down to the loading dock. You also don’t have to take anything apart before they show up. They’ll have the tools to take down cubicle walls or other pieces of office furniture.

Before they start removing things, the Junk King crew is going to present you with an estimate based on how much space you junk will fill on the truck. This fee covers all the labor, transportation and disposal charges. Junk King will also see to it that any of your e-waste like printers, monitors and copiers end up at a certified recycling center. When you need your office clear of clutter, it makes smart business sense to bring in Junk King.