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Get Back Into The School Routine

It is back-to-school time and that means back to the school routine. Over the summer your kids might have discovered the joys of staying up late and sleeping until noon. Kids should be allowed to do that for the summer but now it is time to get everyone in bed early and up early. It might take some adjusting to get back in the routine but things will smooth out eventually as long as you’re consistent. Here are some other important things to do to get back into the school routine:


Practice the Route

If your child is going to a new school, then it is also going to be new for you, too. Driving in the morning means not only finding the quickest path to school but also those alternate routes when traffic jams up. Picking up your kid involves having discussions with them about waiting and talking to strangers. The school should have clear policies about who is allowed to drive your child home. If on one of these practice runs there is a chance to go in and tour the school, then take the opportunity. This might actually be a big help for your kid so they can get a sense of where everything is located.

Make Homework Time Consistent

Homework should be a major focus of the school year. It is important that you provide your student with a quiet and clean place to do their homework at regular times. They might grumble about sitting down to “work” but that’s normal. It is important they push through it and you’re checking with them along every step of the way. You’ll want to remove any distractions like, phones, TV and music. It might be that your family has to “go off the grid” during homework time, too but that’s okay. It’s a family project!

Get Closets Organized

The older your child becomes, the more input they have in what they want to wear to school. Whether they’re picking out the outfit or you’re picking out the outfit you want to minimize the “search” time. That means getting closets, shelves and dressers organized by removing all the unwanted items. Once you’ve created a pile of that stuff, you’ll want to call up Junk King Cincinnati. They’ll be able to gather up everything you want to get rid of an see to it that is gets dropped off at a charity. You can also turn over any old furniture that you’re replacing as well. A clutter clearing appointment with Junk King Cincinnati can help you get back into the school routine again.

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