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Junk Hauling For Cobb County: What You Need To Know

Cobb County is known for its natural beauty, the fact that it was one of the nine counties created out of the Cherokee Nation, and the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield. And it doesn’t end there.

Among other claims to fame, Cobb County is also home to the Atlanta Braves MLB team. Since 2017, their home stadium has been Truist Park in Cumberland.

As of 2020, the population was estimated at over 790,500, which makes it the state of Georgia’s third most populous county. What this means, among other things, is that there are a great many households in the county. In fact, it’s estimated that there are almost 290,000 households all told. 

That represents a lot of potential junk that needs to be hauled at some point. In fact, it means that there is probably junk being hauled off and disposed of every day of the year. And not all of it is being done by the folks living in those households. In fact, many of them don’t have the right type of vehicle or the desire to do that kind of work.

This is why Junk King Cobb County specializes in junk hauling.


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Got Junk? How Do You Take Care of Your Junk Hauling for Cobb County?

There are all types of junk that has to be picked up and hauled away in Cobb County.

The locals here in places like Kennesaw, Austell, Powder Springs, Mableton, Acworth, Decatur, and Smyrna share one thing in common aside from living in Cobb County. They all have junk hauling needs from time to time. 

What kind of junk hauling?

Everything from old furniture, television disposal, appliances, refrigerator, and hot tub disposal, to excess garbage, bulk trash, and even construction waste. Folks also have to get rid of used mattresses and all types of old, unwanted electronics, as well as yard waste and landscape debris.

And junk hauling as a DIY chore is no piece of cake! 

For one, there are very few landfills available. While that’s never the best option for junk disposal, it’s usually the first one most people default to. In fact, there’s really only one facility to use and there are better ways to dispose of most junk items anyway.

Another option that is not only unsightly, and illegal, is taking your junk out into the woods and dumping it there. Besides, with the region’s reputation, it’s probably not a very safe thing to be doing either!

According to one source, Georgia is among the top ten most active states for Bigfoot activity, and most of that occurs in north Georgia. Not that there’s anything to the stories and sightings, but one might want to think twice before venturing out into those woods with a load of household junk or old furniture to leave there.


Junk King Cobb County: Affordable Junk Hauling for Cobb County

There are several choices available to the folks living in and around Cobb County when it comes to junk hauling services. And not all junk hauling firms are created equal, as the saying goes.

When you look to a professional firm for your junk hauling needs you don’t want to be gouged for something you may have been to do yourself anyway. On the other hand, going with the lowest-priced junk hauler you can find might end up costing you in other ways.

There’s something to be said for having someone else do all the heavy lifting and hauling. But if you hire some guy with a truck who offers to take your junk off your hands for a low price, you can’t know where your junk is going to end up. Nor do you have much recourse should something go wrong in the process. 

The simple fact is that going with a professional and reliable junk removal company to haul away your old junk is the smarter choice.

This is another reason why having Junk King Cobb County haul away your old junk makes good sense because we are licensed, insured, and professional – and we guarantee fair and transparent pricing. 

While you may have several junk hauling services to choose from, with Junk King Cobb County you can rest assured that you’ll get a safe and efficient junk hauling experience, that you’ll only pay for the amount of junk you get rid of, and that you’ll be partnering with an eco-friendly junk removal service.

Eco-friendly because we constantly work to recycle up to 60 percent of everything we pick up from every job. It’s a real part of how we do business and we’ve been doing it since our beginnings.

In fact, a significant part of what we do at Junk King is to make sure that your old junk items end up in the right place. That can mean, for example, junk items that are still usable may end up with a non-profit organization. Or they may end up at a local recycling facility. We guarantee that we will do all that we can to make sure your junk is recycled or reused instead of ending up in a landfill.


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How About Free Estimates of Junk Hauling for Cobb County?

Yep, we do that, too.

It’s all part of how Junk King Cobb County works to add value while making the whole junk hauling process for our Cobb County friends and neighbors. 

We not only offer free estimates but we give you several ways to get one. Once you have an estimate and you like what you see, you can simply book an appointment with us online or over the phone.

Not only will our professional and courteous junk hauling team show up on time, but we’ll call ahead to let you know we’re almost there. And, in keeping with our commitment to fair and transparent pricing, once we’ve assessed your junk removal job, we can also provide you with a no-obligation quote.

And did we mention that we’re insured and bonded?

The teams at Junk King Cobb County are trained to remove junk items from homes and property both safely and efficiently so that we never damage the walls, ceilings, corners, and doorways. And regardless of the type of junk items you need hauled away, you can be assured that we have both the tools and the resources to haul away almost any type and size of junk.

In other words, we provide junk hauling for Cobb County that is beneficial to you, your community, your neighborhood, and your planet.


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Your Choice for Junk Hauling for Cobb County

You will always experience world-class customer service, fair and transparent pricing, and eco-friendly junk removal service when you call Junk King Cobb County. And, best of all, you can relax knowing that we’ll do all the heavy lifting and even clean up after ourselves!

Even if your old junk items aren’t working or usable, we will do all that we can to keep them from simply ending up in a landfill or waste incinerator. We accomplish this by always making sure that as much of everything we pick up as possible is recycled. 

That’s because not only are we a proud part of one of the nation’s largest and most respected junk removal firms but the Junk King family is committed to always running a green and eco-friendly operation. In addition, we are also committed to always providing outstanding service to our neighbors who live in and around Cobb County.

This is why, when you call Junk King Cobb County, you can be assured that our professional, friendly, and experienced junk removal team will carefully remove and haul off any type of junk you have, except for hazardous waste.

Our uniformed and insured junk removal team will show up at your home or place of work and we’ll call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive. Once there, we’ll give you a free estimate based on how much room your junk takes up in our truck.

Just show us where they are, and we’ll load your old junk into our truck and haul it all away for one fair price– and with no hidden fees!

So, ready to get rid of your old junk? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Just make an appointment with us by booking online above, or by calling us at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).

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