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Old Tenants Leave A Mess? Junk King Atlanta Handles Real Estate Cleanouts

Clean Out



Whether you are a residential landlord or a commercial landlord, chances are, that for every perfect tenant you have, there are bound to be two or three that aren’t so perfect. Keeping Junk King Cobb County in your phone is the best way to deal with these sorts of problems—our real estate cleanouts are the most efficient and environmentally compatible in all of North America. Read on to learn more about both your situation and how Junk King can assist you.


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Interstate Migration in the United States and Junk King in Atlanta


Interstate migration refers to two types of movers within the country. The first type is those who are moving from their residential spaces to new areas but are remaining in the same state boundary. The second type is those residential movers who are either moving into a new state or moving out of a state that they lived in prior to moving. It is important to know these distinctions because they do not account for those people who are moving to the country for the first time or those who are moving out of the country. Similar distinctions can be made about those commercial businesses which are moving around too. Companies have the ability to move into new regions, out of old regions, and into new locations in already pioneered regions, and all of that would be considered interstate migrations—whereas companies moving out of the country or into the country do not count as interstate movements. All of these distinctions matter because they inform the landlord (and us) with possible information about tenants—usually, a tenant crossing state lines will have less big furniture, but families moving around in the same area will likely have big furniture and more of it too.


The most common reasons that people choose to move from their current living spaces have to do with one of three types of factors: housing-related reasons, employment-related reasons, or family-related reasons. All three of these differ from household to household, and different extents. In 2018 Atlanta was found to be one of the most desirable cities for residential interstate movers—and that still holds up today. One of the biggest specific reasons that renters give for wanting to move out of their rentals is also bound up in whether or not they need a change of scenery—in 2021, 10,700 renters were polled about their reasons for moving and a quarter of them replied to the poll that they were tired of their surroundings and needed a change.


Since there are over 44.1 million housing units being rented to individuals across the United States, it may seem that the majority of them are going to be the perfect renters. The reality of the situation though, is that it is messy for people to pack up and leave, especially if they don’t want to. In situations like that, a landlord may come away from a renter’s contract with a huge mess on their hands—particularly if the tenants were messy, to begin with. The same sentiments can go to business landlords as well—often companies won’t bother to clean out their desks or cubicles and then it falls on the landlord to sell or remove them, themselves.


The already strained relationships between tenants and landlords only got worse in 2020. When the coronavirus lockdowns occurred, there was a huge wave of questions regarding tenants and their abilities to pay rent to their landlords and housing associations. This resulted in a moratorium that reduced the power of landlords to evict naughty tenants. In some cases, this resulted in tenants abusing the lack of eviction, ruining furniture, and in a few cases completely ruining entire rental units. This then has resulted in an impending wave of pent-up evictions across the country. The result of which has both entrapped tenants in their current living situations, and potentially hurt landlords drastically.


This is where Junk King comes in—the increase of renters across the United States has proved that renting homes is the only answer for many people; and, while it is too late for the tenants that have left a mess behind, that doesn’t mean that you should be responsible for leftover messes that you did not sign up for or cause. Junk King removal services are every landlord’s best friend when it comes to the aftershocks of interstate migrating tenants.


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Junk Hauling, Real Estate Cleanouts, and More with Junk King Cobb County


Junk Removal


Junk King offers a variety of services for both the residential and the company landlord. Depending on the cleanout and the amount of help needed, you’ll likely want to consider our full-service option for any messes leftover by unruly tenants. Our full-service option ensures that you can worry about bigger things while we take care of the leftover junk in your rental units. Each full-service appointment comes with a team of professional junk haulers, specifically trained to give you the best customer service possible while also getting the job done as quickly as possible. This is one of the reasons that Junk King is rated #1 in North America for the services we provide.


In contrast, you could instead choose our self-service option. This service drops off a Junk King MINI dumpster for your use over the next few days. Our MINIs are uniquely designed to fit within the space of a driveway, while giving you the maximum amount of space possible for to fill. This is a wonderful option if, for some reason, you’d like to sift through the leftover property of the previous tenants before throwing it out. What makes this service even better, is our commitment to saving you money—if you rent a MINI from us, you only pay for the space you use, not the entire dumpster.


Some of the most frequently asked questions Junk King receives about real estate cleanouts are what sort of items we’re able to take. This is a great question since not all junk removal services are created equal. The short answer is that we will accept and remove anything that is not a hazardous material, soil, or concrete—the long answer is that we’ll take nearly anything; if your tenant has somehow burned out your stove, air conditioner, dishwasher, refrigerator, the washing machine, and someone’s lawnmower—we’ll take all of that. Appliance removal and even e-waste removal, are some of the most difficult objects to remove from residential spaces because of limited space and because of the potentially harmful environmental effects as the appliances sit in the local landfill. Junk King solves this issue though, by considering if each piece can be fixed or donated before it is thrown away. 60% of all the junk that is hauled away by Junk King is recycled in some fashion, as part of a Green Movement.


We also are happy to provide one of the fastest and best options for bulk trash removal. Much like the full-service team, our valet bulk trash removal service exists to pick up and remove all of the trash that you want gone. Instead of hiring a hazmat service or placing bags and bags outside for the local trashmen—give us a call instead. Further, as part of our commitment to being as green as possible, we even go through our trash removals and attempt to harvest anything that can be recycled, while also removing anything that could potentially harm our local environment.


Or, if you’re looking to empty that office or commercial space, you can give us a call and have a business-to-business service set up. The Junk King commercial services can be thought of like the full-service option, but far larger. Office furniture is some of the most troublesome junk to remove, yet someone has to do it. Junk King specializes in removing those pieces that are difficult to move, hard to lift, or greatly cumbersome. The bigger space, the bigger the trucks are needed for those in-depth clean-out jobs. No matter if you have commercial equipment that needs to be removed, construction debris lying around, or you want just a good old-fashioned propertyforeclosure, or storage clean out—Junk King has you covered. Just point, and it’s gone.


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