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Appliance Recycling in Cobb County

appliance removal


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When your appliances get older and start breaking down or not working to their fullest capacity, it’s time to think about getting a new one; and when that time comes around do you have a plan for how to  remove your appliance? Most people don’t. Luckily though, there are teams of professionals at your disposal for every aspect of your removal. Just call Junk King Cobb County to get started; with Junk King, junk removal is as easy as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone.


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What is Appliance Recycling? 


Appliances are created using a combination of plastics, metals, and elements (usually liquids). So when the time comes for the appliances to ‘die’ there are a series of important steps that need to be taken to ensure that (1) the appliances are responsibly recycled without their potential toxins, and (2) that the appliances are recycled to their maximum potential. 


For example, consider a smaller yet essential item for the modern person—the cellphone. When your cellphone dies, you order a new one, and then what? Your old one most likely just goes into the trash if there is not a ‘trade-in’ option available or a younger niece or nephew to give it to.


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However, properly disposing of a cellphone requires more than just a trip to the garbage can. There are many elements inside of a cellphone that can be taken out and recycled into future products. Not to mention the toxins from the cellphone’s battery are…well, toxic to the local environment. This means that if a cellphone is left in say, a landfill, there could be potentially harmful consequences. 


Appliance recycling works with the same basic premises. The goal is to (1) break down the appliance into their base components to possibly use them later, and to (2) stop potential toxins from making their way into the local environment.


Most people assume that appliances cannot be recycled because they are large, heavy, and generally used until they cannot be salvaged. However, these are the best types of appliances to recycled because they would otherwise rot in an undesirable place, be it a basement or a backyard. Instead, recycling appliances makes the most out of every piece of material—and appliance recycling Cobb County means using Junk King Cobb County to aims to reuse, repurpose, donate, or recycled every piece of an appliance that they can. Call on Junk King Cobb County for your appliance disposal today. 



How Does Appliance Recycling Work?


Fridge Removal


How to recycle appliances works differently for every removal company and for most recycling facilities. In fact, just thinking about where to recycle appliances can be a daunting task in itself. At Junk King, the recycling process begins once the appliance is brought to our ‘recycling hub’. It’s at this hub where items are sorted into their various destinations, be it reuse, donation, or even the landfill for particularly gross and soiled objects.


Appliances get their very own group too. Appliance recycling begins with removing the toxic elements from the appliance, for example, the draining of a refrigerator’s freon or the removal of batteries from within the appliance.


After this, the item is manually disassembled and the parts that come off of it are sorted into their own piles, including recycling, trash, and reuse. After the entire machine is processed down into its most basic components, the various items are shipped away to the correct recycling facilities. Sometimes these items become useful pellets for plastics, or they are metals that can be melted into new forms. Even the toxic parts can be reused as long as the recycling facility has the tools to clean it first. 


Due to there being so many aspects to just a single appliance (let alone all of the possible ones in a home), a person might find themselves asking ‘what kind of appliances can be recycled?’


The answer to this question changes depending on the removers that you use, especially because some professional removers do not actually accept appliances because they are very difficult to process down. Junk King, however, can not only haul away more appliances than anyone else, our removers make a point to be able to process any appliance that comes into our facilities, including:




What are the Benefits of Appliance Recycling?


The best benefits of recycling appliances can be viewed from the same benefits that you get during normal recycling. In fact, the EPA has made a page on their website dedicated to the benefits of recycling. It reads:


[The benefits of recycling include a] reduced amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators. [It] conserves natural resources such as timber, water, and minerals. [It] increases economic security by tapping a domestic source of materials. [It] prevents pollution by reducing the need to collect raw materials. [It] saves energy. [It] supports American manufacturing and conserves valuable resources. [It also] helps create jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industries.


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If the EPA is to be trusted, recycling then should lead to nothing but positive outcomes every time it is chosen over just throwing out a product. Recycling highly benefits the community and the environment, so choosing to recycle things like large appliances or potentially toxic items, makes a huge difference.


Further, the most eco-friendly ways to dispose of appliances are being made by professional movers like Junk King. Contact Junk King Cobb County to learn more about how we recycle appliances or to schedule a service.



What are the Costs of Appliance Recycling?


appliance removal services


Despite all of the benefits that recycling has for the environment and the local community, you might wonder why more companies don’t put more emphasis and energy into recycling. The answer is that recycling is time-consuming and difficult—which is another reason why Junk King stands apart from the competition


The cost of recycling appliances is a small one for residential and business owners since it can be as low as $60 in some areas and with some removers.


However, because most removal teams do not have recycling facilities, some removers may ask that the appliance be ‘drained’ before they pick it up, which incurs additional fees from a traveling service. In contrast, Junk King is able to provide both more services for a comparable cost and they are able to provide more options than the average removal service.


For example, many removal services offer only a dumpster or a crew for removal assistance. Junk King, however, is able to provide both of those services, and for business owners, they can provide special auxiliary assistance. 


You may wonder if choosing Junk King is worth the cost if their biggest concern is recycling—since your biggest concern would be the removal of your dead appliance. The cost of not recycling appliances comes steeply. Without the ability to recycle products and elements of items, communities could very quickly begin to lose their resources, since there is nothing to bolster the new products.


For example, consider the person who throws away their cellphone—if there were not older cellphones being recycled consistently, then everyone would suddenly need new cellphones and there would not be enough for the people who need to replace an old phone. The rule of thumb for supply and demand suggests that if there is a demand, there should be a supply—but when that demand goes over expectations, there are no supplies left. 


Junk King chooses to operate with a commitment of 60% or more of every haul they make being recycled or donated in some fashion. However, Junk King Cobb County operates with a broader picture in mind. Harry Van Buren, the franchise owner of the Metro Atlanta Junk Kings, has said that his motivation for opening three Junk Kings has been to assist in making the future better for his family: 


[The global population is at a point where] if we don’t start thinking more about recycling, donating, repurposing, [we’re] to the point where, if we don’t reuse the resources, they’re going to be done. That’s how important our business is to the survival of the species. It really, truly is a survival of the species business. 



Next Steps


When your appliance starts to work poorly or dies, look to the professionals at Junk King for your removal. Contact us today to get assistance tomorrow.


There are three ways to contact us: (1) call us at (888) 888 – JUNK (5865) to speak with a customer representative, from there ask to receive an over the phone estimate or schedule an in-person assessment of your junk. (2) Or text us pictures of your junk to (737) 888 – JUNK to receive an estimate back over text. (3) Or stay online and explore your options using our pricing calculator, you can even see examples of what it will cost to remove specific types of furniture and appliances from your property. 


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