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Mattress Disposal: How Junk King Can Help You Get Rid of Your Old Mattress in Marietta


Mattress Disposal in Marietta



Mattress Disposal: How Junk King Can Help You Get Rid of Your Old Mattress in Marietta


There are many benefits that come as a result of proper mattress disposal. Proper mattress disposal means not just the collection and removal of a mattress, but rather it means the collection and recycling of a mattress. Over “90% of a mattress can be transformed into reusable materials” according to RenewableRecycling.com; however, that same percentage is also the percentage of mattresses that are properly disposed of in the U.S. They suggest five reasons to get on board with mattress recycling:

  • Mattresses take a significantly long time to break down in landfills—a full generation at least. This makes it impossible to speed up their decomposition, so they are filling the landfills that allow them. 
  • The space that each mattress takes up is giant compared to other trash. 23 cubic feet of space is a large area by itself, yet these large objects are consistently ‘thrown out’ as if they aren’t very large items. 
  • There were over 20 million mattresses dumped in one year, and every year since then this number has been on the rise thanks to services like Casper which can deliver mattresses after being ordered online. 
  • Mattresses in landfills are left to sit and decompose as they are covered with new wastes. This means that if chemicals are thrown into the landfill, the chemicals could get onto the mattresses, resulting in a potentially toxic mix seeping into the ground and water. 
  • Ground seepage is important, but its contaminated parts are relatively small in comparison to the damage that can be done by water supply contamination. Water filters back into the ecosystems, and because of this the environment, the animals, and our local lands are at risk constantly. 

Luckily, all of what is listed above can be mitigated by simply properly disposing of your old mattresses. Further, when mattresses are recycled and disposed of properly, nearly all of their components are harvested—making them heavy hitters as far as recycling statistics are concerned. 

Hire Junk King Cobb County for your next mattress disposal. When you choose to move with Junk King, mattresses disposal and recycling mattresses is the easiest process available in Atlanta. Ensure that your next removal is eco-friendly and make your mattress go green by recycling it with Junk King Cobb County. 



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How to Prepare Your Mattress for a Proper Disposal


Mattress Disposal


The next time you consider getting rid of your mattress, try Googling ‘mattress recycling near me’. The results you get should be recycling services that will properly break down and recycle all of the elements of your mattress. It’s important to pay attention to which ones you gravitate toward because certain recycling facilities process their recyclables differently. For example, while you can deliver your mattress to the local Center for Hard to Recycle Materials if you wanted a mattress pick up and disposal instead, another option could be for you. 

Once you’ve decided what you want to do with your mattress (sell it, give it away, dispose of it, recycle it, etc.) the next step is to double-check that you have taken all of the steps listed on our official Junk King Mattress Removal Checklist:

  • First, check your mattress warranty and double-check that there is no information on how to dispose of your mattress. Some manufacturers will offer buy-by programs if your mattress is in good or better condition. (This is also good to know in case your mattress has broken and is still in warranty.)
  • Secondly, consider other options that you could use to take your mattress rather than dispose of or recycle it. Consider giving it to a family member or a shelter before recycling. 
  • Lastly, if you find that the mattress is not going to be able to benefit you or someone else, call for a mattress disposal team that will collect the mattress for you and responsibly recycle it too. 

You can prepare your mattress for its removal by ensuring that there is enough room and clear space for our professional haulers to take it out. Additionally, if you haul that mattress to the curb before we get there, there may be a discount added to your final cost. Please make sure to tell our professional haulers of any abnormalities with the mattress as well—no one wants to carry bugs home with them. 



full service junk removal



How to Hire a Mattress Pick-Up Service in Marietta, GA?


 Mattress Pick-Up Service in Marietta



Mattress removal Marietta, GA consists of two ways to hire a mattress pick-up solution: the first option is to contact the city, while the second is to hire a professional removal team. Mattress pick up, when done by the city, can end up being cheaper than calling a removal team, however, there is a list of restrictions that the city considers standard. This naturally ends up costing the owner more in terms of the possible violations that can incur, this comes with additional and often significant fees. 

Wayfair.com which assists in helping people both find furniture and responsibly dispose of it has said that “the City of Marietta charges an additional fee for the pick-up and disposal of large items like furniture and mattresses depending on the item’s size and weight.” Thus, this means that any mattress removal done by them is considered a ‘special pick up’ and will cost you more than you might think. Go further outside their restrictions and you can rack up hundreds of dollars in fines. 

Regardless of their stern restrictions, the option of using the city’s resources is a good one for many residents. The city’s services can be used up to 12 times in one year—but don’t be deceived into thinking that is a lot of space, money, and time saved. They consider a haul to be 8 cubic feet, so anything that reaches over this limit will be immediately considered a ‘second load’, and when you run out of these curtesy loads, a hefty fine will be applied to your account. Meanwhile, repeat offenders could end up facing legal trouble, if not banishment from using the city-wide resource on top of the fines. To contact the city about scheduling a pick-up, call the Sanitation Department at (770) 794-5595, or go to the City of Marietta’s website and navigate your way to their scheduling page. 

In comparison, consider hiring a professional removal team. Hiring a professional service is going to give you the best possible customer experience, with expert experience, and a commitment to eco-friendly behavior—as far as Junk King is concerned. Read on to learn more about the Junk King mattress removal process and the services that Junk King Cobb County provides to Atlanta. 



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What Does the Process Involve for Junk King’s Mattress Removal Services?


The process for any Junk King removal starts with reading Junk King reviews. One such review is the Junk King Review for 2022, written by Moving.com. In it, the reviewer speaks about the Junk King reviews online:

Because of [Junk King’s] commitment to professional service and because it will haul away almost anything, Junk King receives high marks from online reviewers. As an example, Junk King Los Angeles earns 4.5 stars following 217 Yelp reviews, and Junk King San Jose gets 4.5 stars on Yelp from 447 reviews. 

Given the sheer number of positive reviews given to Junk King across North America, reading reviews will give you a better understanding of the services and benefits that Junk King can provide to both residential and commercial owners. 

After you’ve decided to move with Junk King, you’ll then have to consider which services fulfill your needs. There are generally two services to choose from (although businesses may have other ones): the first is our full-service option which provides a professional removal crew and a Junk King big red truck to fill with all your junk. The second option is to use our self-service; this service consists of our professional drivers dropping off a professional-grade MINI dumpster. These unique dumpsters were made with ease in mind. The exterior of a MINI is small enough to fit within a residential driveway, while the interior is able to hold multiple large appliances like refrigerators, washers, and drivers. After a few days (3-7 generally), our drivers will return, charge you only for the space that you used, and take the MINI away with them back to our recycling hub. 

There are three ways to get in touch with a representative from Junk King. Contact us today to get assistance tomorrow! When you choose to move with Junk King, junk removal is as easy as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone.

  • Call us at (706) 247-7513 to speak with a real person highly trained in customer service. From there, ask to either get a ball-park quote over the phone or ask to schedule an in-person assessment of your junk. 
  • Or, text us pictures of your junk to (737) 888-8565, and receive an estimate in the same manner.
  • Or, stay online and get your quote in as little as two minutes by exploring your options with our pricing calculator. 


Junk King in Marietta: How They’re Disrupting the Trash Removal Industry for the Better



What is Junk King


What is Junk King & How Did it Start? 


Known as North America’s greenest junk removal service, Junk King was founded in 2005; the conception of the company was produced from the idea that junk hauling and trash removal could be easier and better for the environment than they were at the time. The company would end up being formed with the premise that there must be ‘great customer service’ given with the goal of ‘recycling more than the other guys’. Subsequently, Junk King is known to be true to its word, providing better customer service to each of their customers, while also beating the greenest competition. As DIY Homeowner Hero phrased it: 

So, is Junk King worth it? If you’re moving, renovating, or in need of removal service in almost any circumstance, then yes. Junk King is one of the quickest and most effective companies when it comes to getting rid of your unneeded belongings. With over 100 locations, there’s almost bound to be one near you. [Review of services from 2021.]

Junk King provides this excess of customer service by professionally training their customer representatives and their professional hauling crews—so no matter who is spoken to from the company, the client is given a consistent and great experience. Additionally, with Junk King’s approach to junk hauling and the options that are provided by them, Junk King is able to assist in every hauling and removal circumstance. Click here to be redirected to our full-service option page; conversely, click here to be redirected to our self-service page. 


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What is the Impact of Junk Removal on the Environment?





It’s no secret that our landfills are overflowing and that our ecosystems are suffering, and our collective population is to blame for it. National Geographic commented on the statistics in a 2018 Zero-Waste article:

The world generates at least 3.5 million tons of plastic and other solid waste a day, 10 times the amount a century ago, according to World Bank researchers. The U.S. is the king of trash, producing a world-leading 250 million tons a year—roughly 4.4 pounds of trash per person per day.

Additionally, because this comment was made two years ago—as well as before the Pandemic—it is safe to assume that the amount of waste a person generates a day has increased. One country-wide response to this influx of excess trash and junk, is to utilize junk removal options. 

Junk removal options are different from landfill-based options and weekly servicing options, by providing big waste solutions to both residents and commercial businesses. Junk removal services also provide one of the leading waste solutions for extensive recycling practices, which directly assists in the limiting of recyclable waste being sent to landfills. This means that the environmental impact of junk removal is an overall positive one. 

Further, for Junk King in particular, green trash removal is a significant amount of emphasis placed on the recyclability of the trash and junk they haul away. As a result of this, Junk King is known for taking extra time and care in every haul that they complete; thus they are able to take the time needed in order to break down and recycle the most complex of household or business equipment. Taking this extra time to properly break down and dispose of materials also has a direct impact on the environment: toxins and pollutants are being kept out of the landfills and therefore out of the environment too. 


full service junk removal



How Do You Know if You Need a Professional Junk Removal Service or Not? 


There are a few telltale signs that you need a professional junk removal service; for instance, if you are faced with an estate cleanout after a loved one has passed, if you are the victim of a storm or weather damage, or if you simply don’t want to do the labor. Additionally, there are more than a few surprising situations that would call for a professional team. Conversely, there are also a few un-obvious situations that would benefit from not calling a professional team.

One of the surprising situations that would call for a professional team, is that of moving or in times of emotional distress or anxiety. In a 2020 poll, 1000 people were asked to rate their most stressful events in life, they said that moving was the most stressful event:

45 percent of respondents said moving [was] by far the most stressful event in life. Next in line for life’s most stressful events was going through a breakup or divorce at 44 percent.

If moving is one of life’s most stressful events, it is reasonable to ask for help during these periods. Further, during other stressful or emotionally distressing events, it is highly recommended to hire a professional service for any hauling needs. As Junk King Cobb County’s franchise owner Harry Van Buren likes to say, “the heaviest thing you should have to lift is the telephone.” So when you ask yourself questions like, ‘what should I do with old furniture’ or ‘how to know when it is time to hire a dumpster’—what you’re really asking is ‘do you need professional junk removal?’ 

On the other hand, there is at least one situation where a resident would not benefit from hiring a professional removal team; this is when the final cost becomes more than what feels comfortable for the client and their budget. Junk King provides the lowest possible prices to every client, while also providing the best customer service and experience in the removal industry, and providing record-breaking aftercare via their green initiatives. 



What Makes Junk King Different from Other Trash Services in Town?



What Makes Junk King Different

The average Atlanta resident has at least four different trash services at their disposal: the city, the disposal centers, the weekly collection services, or a professional removal team. These are what come up when a person looks on the internet for ‘trash hauling services near me.’ What Junk King does differently from them is extensive—not only is Junk King touted for its commitment to eco-friendly solutions and recycling—they (also) provide a holistically better service than the other trash services. In a business review written by Teresa Bitler for Moving.com, which appears as a search result after Googling ‘local garbage service near me’, this difference is laid out in black and white: 

Where some companies have long lists of items they don’t accept, Junk King boasts that it takes “just about everything.” This includes e-waste such as computers, yard waste, concrete and heavy items that require more than two people to move…If necessary, Junk King will bring in additional team members to move heavy or difficult-to-navigate items [including] yard waste, e-waste, hot tubs, concrete and similar items.

Junk King’s ability to accept—and recycle—nearly everything that a person can own, is what separates it from the other trash services. Nowhere else will a company accept the sheer number of various stuff and junk that Junk King will accept. Additionally, Junk King’s belief in a client-oriented company has resulted in two services that the public can choose from; the ability to choose which service fits your needs is part of what separates Junk King from the other guys.  



What Makes Junk King Unique and Why You Should Use Them for Your Next Project?


Junk King is unique in a variety of ways, and each one of these ways speaks directly to why you should use them for your next project: 

  • They provide top-rated customer experiences; meaning that you are guaranteed the best customer service, support, and assistance in the industry. 
  • They offer two distinct ways for people to remove their junk; this means that you are able to pick whichever service best fits your needs and budget. 
  • They offer a unique manner for pricing, based on space rather than weight; this is important, as residents are sometimes overcharged due to weight—Junk King doesn’t have this problem.
  • They offer the ability to beat any written offer; not only this, but Junk King also offers concrete estimates when the job is assessed during an in-person appointment.
  • They are recognized as the greenest removal company in North America; which by extension means that the other guys, try as they might, just fall short of the eco-friendly practices used by Junk King. 
  • The Atlanta Junk Kings (North Atlanta, Cobb County, and Gwinnett) are all family and locally owned; meaning that when you choose to move your junk with Junk King, you’re choosing to support your local economy, protect your local environment, and support local businesses.

There are three ways to get in contact with a Junk King representative, and four ways to get a quote; all Junk King quotes are always no obligation. Contact Junk King today to get a big red truck or a MINI roll-away dumpster tomorrow:

  • Call Junk King Cobb County at (706) 247-7513; from there you can ask to get a ball-park quote over the phone, or you can ask to schedule an in-person assessment.
  • Text us at (737) 888-5865; texting us pictures of your junk and trash will result in you receiving a ball-park quote back over text.
  • Or, stay online and explore your service options by looking through our pricing calculator. At the end of the wizard, you’ll also receive the ability to schedule a drop-off as early as the next day. Additionally, orders placed online that are over $99 could be eligible to receive a $20 discount.



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