Large Trash Pickup in Colorado Springs

As long as there have been piles of trash there have also been some creative types who saw these piles as works of art. We’re not talking about the Mona Lisa, but instead a Mona Lisa made out of bottle caps. This is “trash art” as opposed to “art trash” and it’s where artists use the refuse of our society to inspire them to make great works of art. Do you have art in your trash?
Some artists like to take the collage approach. You could empty out a weekly garbage can and paste those items on a canvas to reveal a fairly accurate portrait of how you live your life. In fact, there have been several notable art exhibits which incorporated this very technique. Then there are the large scale trash art projects where talented sculptures take huge chunks of discarded metal, wood and other scraps of trash and turn them into amazing pieces. There is even a Cadillac graveyard exhibit out west where and artist has taken full Cadillacs and planted them into the ground for an exhibit. Yes, one man’s trash is another man’s trash.
This doesn’t mean you should be thinking twice about what you throw out, unless of course you live near an art institute in Colorado! But you should be aware that unless you plan on turning your trash into art there is really no reason to be holding onto it. Of course, if the trash in question is too big to toss into a garbage can you might have an issue. That’s when you need to bring in the pros and by pros we’re talking the professional large trash pickup crews based in Colorado Springs – Junk King.
Large trash items can come in many forms. If you have just gone through a remodeling job there could be all kinds of demolition or leftover construction materials piled up in your backyard. You could break down these materials yourself into small chunks, but that could prove hazardous and time consuming. A trash pickup crew like Junk King doesn’t need to break down trash as much as they toss trash into  the back of their big junk trucks.
Other things that could be considered as large trash could be that sofa you’ve wanted to toss out for some time now. You’re not going to hear, “Honey pass me the sofa.” A bulky item like a piece of furniture needs to be hauled off by a team of haulers who truly know how to lift with the legs and not the back!
Often we hold onto these large items simply because we have no other means of getting rid of it. That has changed thanks to the arrival of private trash pickup crews like Junk King. These are professional workers who are licensed and bonded. In other words, you’ll be able to trust them to your job. And as long as you’ve targeted large trash items there is no reason why you can’t toss out some smaller junk in the same load. Take this opportunity to a complete cleanup!