Colorado Leaf Removal

The mere mention of the month October conjures up different images for different people. For the kids, October is all about Halloween. It’s a time to figure out who to dress up as and plot out the best trick-or-treat routes. Lately, the adults have gotten into the spirit of the holiday by decorating their front yards. Seemingly overnight makeshift graveyards pop up in gardens. Bushes and trees become shrouded in cobwebs and all manner of ghoulish figures begin appearing. At least you know those are the houses with the good candy!

October can mean Oktoberfest. Here in Colorado Springs there are several official Oktoberfest celebrations including the big weekend at Security Service Field and other destinations. These parties hold the promise of plenty of beers featuring some of our very own microbreweries. There will also be lots of singing, dancing and knockwurst!

Fall in Colorado Springs is also about arts festivals. These are tied into the harvest season and provide a wonderful opportunity to local artisans to put their crafts on display. If you want to get a jumpstart on your Christmas gift shopping these fairs are the perfect way to go.

Naturally, you can’t escape the simple beauty of the great outdoors. The trees around Colorado Springs crank up the Technicolor and come alive in bold shades of orange, red and brown. Everywhere you look there is a picture perfect postcard moment. However, when you return home for the sightseeing you could be greeted with a not so friendly sight. That would be all the fallen leaves that have accumulated in your yard. It’s time to bust out the rake and this can be quite the chore. The good news is that this fall leaf season you don’t have to do all the work alone. You can hire Junk King to make the leaf removal a breeze.

Way back when we had full reign to burn all the leaves we could rake up. Those days are long gone. Today, burning leaves could get you slapped with a fine. And you certainly don’t want to be responsible for a fire spreading from your burning leaves! That’s why the only smart choice is to get rid of the leaves the save way by having them hauled off by a Junk King Colorado Springs crew.

Along with the leaves and other yard waste, Junk King can also remove any bulky item you want to get rid of. Why not take full advantage and go through your garage, basement, closet and attic. Think of this as a “clean sweep.” You’ll be getting rid of leaves and junk all within less time than it would take you to actually rake all those leaves! Once the job is done, you’ll have plenty of the weekend left over to enjoy Colorado Springs.