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Colorado Springs Christmas Tree and Holiday Junk Removal

There is a pretty small window of opportunity when it comes to enjoying a freshly cut Christmas tree. Typically, most trees are first sold during Thanksgiving weekend and right up to Christmas Eve. The longer you wait to buy the tree, the longer you’ll get to enjoy it but where’s the fun in that if it has to come down right after New Years? The key is not to let your Christmas tree over stay its “welcome.” You can stretch out your time with the tree by making sure you water it every day. It should be in a stand that can hold at least a gallon of water. If you missed out on that, think ahead to next year.

The moment a tree has dried out is when it should come down. This doesn’t always mean it turns brown but when the needles start falling off in record numbers then it’s time to get rid of that tree. While there might be an opportunity to toss out the tree on your curb and have it picked up by the municipal workers, you have to make sure you get it out on the scheduled day. It’s different for each neighborhood. If you opt to get rid of your tree that way, you’ll be forced to do it on their schedule and not yours. Miss the pick-up and you’re stuck with the tree. Even if it is out of your home, it’s still a fire hazard. One missed tossed cigarette and that tree will go up in a flash. You best bet is to hire Junk King Colorado Springs to help you dispose of that tree properly.

Working with Junk King, the junk removal specialist of Colorado Springs, means you’ll be working on your schedule. In other words, when you’re ready, Junk King will be standing by. Knowing that Junk King will be coming by to pick up your Christmas tree after the holiday can also mean you’ll be able to get rid of any other bulky items that have piled up. If you’ve gotten a new big screen TV then you’re going to have a big box to toss out. If you’re replacing the kids’ bikes with new models then the old ones should be taken away. There could also be a whole bunch of electronic gadgets that have becoming obsolete along with several appliances. All of those things can be picked up at the same time as your tree and all taken away on the back of the Junk King truck.

Make your appointment with Junk King for your post holiday clean up today. That will be one less thing you’ll have to worry about!

Colorado Springs Debris Removal

Back at the beginning of November, the residents of Stratmoor South and Stratmoor Hills got together for their annual fall clean-up. Volunteers strolled through the neighborhoods, block by block picking up all kinds of unwanted items and trash. Everything that was collected was dropped off at the Stratmoor Hills Fire Department. That’s where a couple of rental dumpsters were set up for the drop off. There was also a lunch provided for all the volunteers as a show of gratitude. The FD was also on hand to talk to any resident about fire issues like smoke alarms, evacuation planning and keeping the home safe. This is a wonderful example of how a neighborhood comes together and helps make it a great place to live.

Could a project like this inspire your own cleanup around the old homestead? If so then know that you don’t have to do it alone. The most popular junk removal service in Colorado Springs is standing by to lend a hand. Junk King Colorado Springs is the company and they’ve been a big part of helping local residents with junk removal since they came into town just over a year ago. This is a business that is certified, bonded and insured. In other words, they are the only type of company who should be doing this kind of work for you.

With Junk King you’ll be getting your own work crew to direct in all aspects of your cleanup project. This means guiding them towards where the junk is “living” on your property. You don’t have to pull it out into a pile. The Junk King crew will go down the basements, up in the attic or out in the garage to find what you want to get rid of. They’ll also navigate that object out of your home and onto their truck. Their won’t be any worry about whether or not your junk will fit onto their truck. It’s a promise that what you want to get rid of will be taken away.

What often happens is that a homeowner will finally want to get rid of one specific bulky item like an old couch or mattress. Then when they think about making the most of that Junk King Colorado Spring’s pickup they start uncovering all kinds of other items to be tossed onto the truck. Things like unused computers, copiers or kitchen appliances are all good to go. The Junk King debris cleanup isn’t just for the inside of your home. That same crew can work around your entire property picking up piles of dirt or leaves, rusty patio furniture or even tree branches. Whatever you want taken away Junk King will make it gone!

Colorado Springs Grill Disposal and Recycling

When you mention the word “barbeque” to a foodie you could be sparking an intense debate between Memphis style versus Kansas City style of BBQ. Is dry rub better than marinade? What’s the best wood for smoking? What about dipping sauces? Yes, a barbeque conversation can go on for hours. The best way to talk about barbeque is actually while enjoying barbeque. Just because we live in Colorado Springs doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a good ol’ fashioned BBQ cook-out. In fact, the recent Boats, Bands and BBQ held its 12 Annual event over at the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo. This HARP event featured a chicken wing and ice cream eating contest. However, the main attraction had to be the Kansas City Barbeque Society sanctioned cook-off of professional grillers. These are folks who took their BBQ very seriously.

It was expected that the event would draw around 48 teams from around the country. The goal was simple: cook any kind of ribs any kind of way and grill something using Pueblo chilies. This was definitely a competition everyone can sink their teeth into! What’s amazing about these contests is that the chefs don’t just cook for the judges. They’re also cooking for all the event goers. Translation: For one small fee you could sample the most amazing BBQ ever to hit the Colorado area. All it takes is for one new dry rub ingredient or sauce tasting to inspire you to rush back to your own backyard grill to try your hand at some BBQ ribs or tri-tip.

Getting the right ingredients and cut of meat is only half the battle. You also have to make sure your grill is up to the challenge. What kind of shape is your current grill in? If it spent the winter in the backyard it took a beating. Even keeping the grill covered would still expose it to snow, rain and wind and that’s just the outside. On the inside of the grill you might find that your starter button is no longer working or your flames aren’t firing up as they should. All of that points to the simple conclusion that it’s time for a new grill and this is the perfect time to go grill shopping. Stores are eager to move their grills out at the beginning of the summer and you might find a decent bargain.

After buying your grill and waiting for it to get delivered, you’ll have to take care of the old model. Yes, it served you well over the years but now it’s time to say good-bye. A team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Colorado Springs will help make the “good-bye”  as hassle free as possible. This is because they’ll be able to load up that old grill on the back of their truck and have it properly disposed of. You’ll also be able to load up the trunk with even more junk that has seen better days like old patio furniture or clutter from the garage. When everything is clear, you can focus on what is truly important: perfecting your BBQ recipes!

Recycling News in Colorado

As far as awards go, there are the Oscars for movies, the Emmys for television and the Tonys for Broadway. Now the Colorado Association for Recycling is getting into the award business as they seek out nominations for their annual Recycling Awards. As their mission statement proclaims: “These prestigious awards recognize governmental entities, individuals, companies, media and organizations for their excellence in recycling or promotion of recycling.”

Just with those entertainment awards, the Recycling Awards have their own list of categories. These include:

  • Outstanding Media Coverage
  • Outstanding Elected Official
  • Outstanding Outreach – Educational Institution
  • Outstanding Outreach –Municipality (City, County, or State) or Nonprofit
  • Outstanding Business Recycling/Diversion Program
  • Outstanding Government or Nonprofit Recycling/Diversion Program
  • Outstanding Volunteer Of the Year
  • Recycler of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement

To be nominated is surely an honor and the Colorado Association for Recycling is asking residents to put forth their votes for “outstanding”  in each category. Anyone who has used Junk King Colorado Springs should surely consider them as Recycler of the Year! What most satisfied Junk King customers might not realize is that Junk King is often able to divert a large portion of everything they collect to a proper recycling facility. Translation: You’re recycling junk and don’t even know it when you hire Junk King!

As indicated by the list of possible nomination categories, there is a lot that goes into the many Colorado recycling programs. Most importantly is educating the public about all the benefits of recycling. Any trash that can be diverted away from a landfill is a good thing. When the Junk King Colorado Springs sizes up your trash piles they’re already thinking ahead as to which recycling facility in the area would be the most appropriate for a drop off. Not all junk is the same. For instance, your electronic waste needs to be properly processed to make sure none of the components being separated will cause any release of hazardous materials. This includes all your television, computer monitors, hard drivers, laptops and cell phones. You can’t just toss that stuff out. It requires special disassembly.

On the other hand, big metal items like a stove, dishwasher or dryer need to be dropped off at the scrap metal yard. That’s where those items will be melted down and turned into new raw materials. It’s the same thing that happens to all your newspapers and bottles when they are recycled.

If you were to tackle the assignment of recycling your bulky junk items yourself then you could end up driving around to several stops before clearing out your truck. That is if you have a truck! Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that because Junk King will have your back!

Colorado Springs Computer Recycling and Disposal

Computer recycling and e-waste disposal is not only a big for residents of Colorado Springs but it’s also a big issue for the rest of the planet. Recently the members of the European Parliament hashed out a deal to combat the issue of growing electronic waste in Europe. What they came up with was the Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive otherwise known as WEEE. According to this new set of regulations “EU countries are obliged to collect up to 85% of junked refrigerators, mobile phones, computers and other electronic products by 2019 for recycling, replacing a current system based on weight.” It goes on to state, “While the 85% target is an ultimate goal, the legislation imposes a recovery target of 45% of new electronic sales in 2016 and 65% in 2019 and gives newer EU members extra time to comply.” And that’s just in Europe!
Here in Colorado Springs residents are facing the same kind of issues with regard to their own computer recycling and electronic waste disposal. Namely, what should be done with all that junk? The beginning of the year is the perfect time when out of date computers and e-waste start to pile up around the home. That’s because a lot of those gadgets and gizmos were replaced over the holiday season with new versions. We should all know that getting rid of anything powered by electricity is considered e-waste and shouldn’t be thrown out in the weekly garbage pickup. The reason for this is that when those items are crushed or broken open they could release harmful toxins into the environment. That’s why when it comes to getting rid of e-waste you should hire a company like Junk King Colorado Springs who is well versed with handling this type of disposal.
Junk King Colorado Springs is a local company that specializes in the removal of any kind of junk. They are also proud to proclaim that they are an eco-friendly company. This means that they strive to divert the majority of what they collect to recycling centers. This holds especially true for computers and e-waste. Throughout the year you might see the various organizations sponsoring an e-waste drop off collection. While that’s a very noble idea isn’t always convenient. In other words, if you’re busy on the drop off day then you’re still stuck with all your old computers and e-waste. Hiring the Colorado Springs Hauling team means you can depend on their experienced crews to show up at the scheduled appointment to cart off all your e-waste.
Keep in mind that just because they are  coming by to take away old laptops or desktops doesn’t mean they can’t take away all kinds of other junk. Think about the unused printers, fax machines, televisions, DVD players and other devices you have stuffed in the closets because they’ve been replaced. Beyond the e-waste the Junk King crew can also remove any unwanted furniture, yard waste or other piles of junk you have cluttering up your home. All it takes is one phone call at 1-888-888-JUNK and you can be rid of that junk once and for all.

Colorado Springs Trash Pickup – Where’s Your Trash Ending Up?

Every city handles their garbage in different ways. Often this will mean that residents are charged a type of municipal tax on their power bill that covers the cost of a weekly trash pickup. A city that has adopted a recycling program actually uses the proceeds from that program to pay for the pickup services. It’s the perfect example of recycle, repurpose and reuse. In Colorado Springs there is no such thing as municipal garbage removal. The responsibility of this falls to the homeowners or landlords to arrange for a private company to pick up the trash and make sure it is properly disposed of. This might be one of the reasons what Colorado has one of the lowest recycling rate in the country. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.
If you already have a trash pickup company who is taking away your garbage the question then becomes are you happy with their services? Is the company dependable? Do you feel like you’re getting a decent service in return for the fees you’re paying? As with any other kind of service that you’re paying for there is nothing wrong with shopping around to get the best deal. One of the things you should ask your trash pickup company is just where are they taking your trash?
The “dirty little secret”  of any community is that it’s going to generate tons of garbage everyday and that garbage needs to go somewhere. Most often this will mean a landfill somewhere on the outskirts of town. For anyone who is unfortunate enough to live downwind of a landfill, you know what a potentially vile experience that can be. The purpose of a landfill is to merely dump garbage in a hole and wait for it to decompose and melt. Actually that process takes hundreds of years. Until then all kinds of chemical compounds from that melting garbage is released into the air and leeched into the ground. Not a pretty picture is it? This is why recycling and safe dumping is so important, especially in Colorado.
Safe dumping means using a landfill that has been constructed using modern technology. The pit for the garbage should be lined with a protective covering that can prevent seepage. When the landfill has met maximum capacity, it can be covered over and effectively sealed off. This approach has the least impact on our environment. Are you sure your trash is being handle this way?
As for recycling, there are also many facilities around Colorado who can break down recyclable materials and reuse them. Junk King Colorado Springs is one trash pickup company who specializes in making sure your waste ends up in the right place. Sure, it might take a little effort on your part to do the research, but once you’ve set this up you can feel proud that you’re doing your part to keep Colorado Springs clean and environmentally safe. And that’s a great lesson to teach the kids!

Colorado Recycling – An Award Winning Endeavor

Did you know that if you live in Colorado you could actually win an award for recycling? The Colorado Association of Recycling offers up an annual award that “recognizes governmental entities, individuals, companies, media and organizations for their excellence in recycling or promotion of recycling.” They have encouraged citizens to make nominations on behalf of exceptional recyclers in several categories including Outstanding Media Coverage, Outstanding Elected Official, Outstanding Outreach – Educational Institution, Outstanding Outreach –Municipality (City, County, or State), Outstanding Business Recycling/Diversion Program, Outstanding Government Recycling/Diversion Program, Outstanding Volunteer Of the Year and Recycler of the Year. There is even a Lifetime Achievement award presented by the organization to that individual or business which has dedicated themselves to the recycling way of life.
One recycling program that has already received praise is the University of Colorado’s program which was started back in 1976. Thanks to this program the entire CU campus has become eco-friendly. The National Recycling Coalition awarded their prestigious Outstanding School Program award to the university for their continuing efforts to recycle and educate students about environmental friendly policies.
So, how would you rate your own recycling abilities? Are you “award worthy?” Thanks to increased awareness and easier access, Colorado has moved up the ranks of states who have improved their recycling. There are three basic options when it comes to individual recycling. You can either sort for curbside pickup, drop off on your own or donate to a charity center. The easiest of those options would be the curbside pickup. Once you’ve committed to the recycling program it becomes a matter of routine to separate out your plastics, papers, glass and metals.
What some folks don’t realize is that whenever possible, it’s always best to rinse items like milk jugs, juice cartons or bottles. Remember that these materials will still be passed through machines and grinders both of which are manned by workers. Having clean materials to work with makes the recycling facility environment that much nicer.
For drop off recycling, you can take the same types of refuse that you recycle at home. However, these centers are really meant for those kinds of items which couldn’t be picked up. Basically this means e-waste or hazardous materials. Both of those kinds of junk need to be disposed of properly. The e-waste can be broken down for components such as glass monitor tubes, metal casings for hard drives and plastics from computer keyboards. As for hazardous waste, these would be all those solvents, cleaners and cans of unused paint you might have sitting around your home or garage. The reason you probably are hanging onto these items is because you know you can’t merely pour them down the drain or toss them out with the trash.
As for charity recycling, there are many organizations in Colorado that will offer pickup services for items to be recycled that could benefit their own programs. Of course, you also have the option of going independent by hiring a professional and ec0-friendly hauling company like Junk King who can come by and in one easy trip gather up all your recyclable junk from old furniture and mattresses to yard waste. Just remember, the more you can recycle the better chance you have of winning!  For Junk King’s eco-friendly hauling services simply call 1-888-888-JUNK.