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Colorado BBQ Cleanup

Summer has arrived and that sizzling sound you hear will be your neighbors firing up their backyard BBQ grills. If there is one thing that should inspire you to get your grill on it’s that amazing smell of BBQ. Seasoned backyard grillers all have their own time tested methods for grilling up the best BBQ but one thing they will all agree on is creating the right environment for a backyard BBQ.

If you’ve got a new grill you’re happy with then you want to make sure to keep that grill in top shape. Believe it or not, food won’t stick to a clean grill. That’s why it’s essential they you give you grill a good scrubbing after every use. In fact, the best time to clean a grill is when it is still hot. The moment you take any kind of meat off a grill, you should let it rest before digging in. During that time take a good grill brush and give your BBQ the once over. By the time you’re down scrapping off the grill, you’re dinner will be ready.

Clearly, you need fire to grill. The old school method is a bag of charcoal, a dash of lighter fluid and a match. New and improved grills have propane lighters with automatic starters. One takes time to prep while the other is just a push of the button. However, with either choice you also have the option to kick up your grilling by adding flavor to your fuel. Mesquite wood is a perfect choice but there are many other flavor varieties of wood that can be added to pretty much any fire that will enhance your grilling experience.

Speaking of fuel, you also need to master the difference between direct and indirect heat. Thin cuts of meat are best prepared over direct heat while bigger items like chicken or some veggies are best grilled over indirect heat. This when you should separate your grill into two zones: Direct, with the fire flames going and indirect, with the heat but not the flames. Also, the top chefs suggest that you grill food at room temperature not cold right out of the ice box. Take your stuff out for at least 30 minutes before tossing it onto the grill.

Naturally, you’re going to need a decent BBQ grill to get all this accomplished. If you’ve got an old grill that spent the winter outdoors maybe it’s time to get that model replaced. You won’t be able to toss it out in the garbage. Instead you should contract the junk hauling team at Junk King Colorado Springs to cart your grill away. This same crew will also help out with getting the rest of your backyard into primo BBQ shape by hauling away old patio furniture, dead shrubs or anything else that doesn’t belong back there. The goal is to create a relaxing outdoor environment and make your neighbors jealous from all those amazing BBQ aromas!