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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Dumpster in Colorado Springs?

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster in Colorado Springs? The answer will depend on where you rent, what kind of junk you are getting rid of, and how much waste you have—among other factors.

Dumpster rentals are typically priced on a case-by-case basis. Even two customers who rent bins of the same size from the same company might pay different rates. For instance, if one customer is located 20 miles from where the dumpster rental company is based, but the other customer is only two miles away, the first customer is inevitably going to pay more. Factors such as these make it difficult to provide a one-size-fits-all estimate for dumpster pricing.

how much does it cost to rent a dumpsterAccording to HomeAdvisor.com, the average cost of a rental dumpster for 2018 is $397. This figure is a ballpark average for all types of residential dumpster rentals throughout the entire country. It takes into account 10-yard dumpsters with almost zero delivery distance and 40 cubic yard dumpsters with 20 miles to travel. Because there is such a wide range between the low end and the high end, the average lands at a dollar amount that is probably higher than many customers will actually pay.

Finding the Least Expensive Dumpster Rental in Colorado Springs

If you are looking for an affordable dumpster rental in Colorado Springs, know that one can be found. Especially if you only have a small amount of junk to dispose of, you can probably find a bin for between $125 and $250. Even if you have more waste, or live further afield from any junk removal services, there are still companies that can cut you a deal without drowning you in hidden fees. The key is to shop around and compare pricing between different dumpster rental companies.

the do you really need it checklist

If your goal is to keep your dumpster rental costs down, here are a few tips to help you do it:

  • Tend toward smaller dumpster sizes: Probably the hardest part of renting a dumpster is deciding which size is right for you. Do you need a 10-cubic yard dumpster? How about a 12 yard? Or maybe you need something bigger, such as 20, 30, or 40 cubic yards. How do you decide? The fact is that most residential cleanouts are not going to demand much more than 10-15 cubic yards of capacity. Even many renovation and roofing projects can make do with these smaller bins. Larger bins cost more, are more difficult to fit in your driveway, and often don’t get used to capacity. Renting a smaller container will save you money and will usually be the right fit.

  • Look for a company with use-based pricing: Dumpster rental companies typically price their rentals in one of two ways. The first method, and probably the more common route, is size-based. You pay a certain price per cubic yard, and a flat rate per dumpster. As such, renting a 10-cubic yard dumpster is one price, renting a 20-yard bin is another (higher) price, and renting a 40 cubic yard dumpster is the most expensive. The second option is use-based. Your dumpster rental is billed on a shifting basis, depending on how much space you use in the dumpster you rent. You pay one rate if you fill the whole thing, less if you only fill it halfway, and minimum if you fill it less than halfway. To get the fairest pricing, look for a company that uses the use-based billing model. That way, you will only pay for the amount of dumpster space you actually use. As such, you won’t get stuck in a situation where you’re paying for 5-10 cubic yards of dumpster space that you can’t use.

  • Keep it short: Another factor that can really influence the answer to the “How much does it cost to rent a dumpster?” question is time. Dumpster rental companies have a finite number of bins available at any given time. They make their money by renting these bins out to one customer or business after another. As such, you can typically only rent a bin for so long and pay extra for longer rentals. It is in your best interest to get down to business and fill the dumpster quickly. The shorter the rental, the less you will pay. Before you rent, you should have a plan in place for how you are going to execute your cleanout, what you are going to put in your bin, and who is going to help you load larger items into the dumpster. The better your plan, the less likely you are to go over your time allotment.

  • Consider location: Renting a self-service dumpster is an ideal option for DIY cleanouts. However, just because your project is do-it-yourself doesn’t mean you aren’t relying on anyone. On the contrary, you are still relying on the dumpster company to deliver your bin at the outset of your rental and pick it up at the conclusion. These drop-off and pickup services require someone to drive out to your home or business on two occasions—a service built into your rental pricing. The further the driver must travel, the more your rental is going to cost. Looking for Colorado Springs dumpster companies based on their proximity to your location is a smart way to keep costs down.

Paying attention to each of these categories will help you keep your dumpster rental within a reasonable budget range. Of course, you should remember as you go that price isn’t everything. Convenience is also a significant factor. A dumpster rental service that costs less but requires you to do a lot more work probably isn’t worth the savings.

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For instance, it’s not entirely uncommon for dumpster rental companies to restrict what you can or cannot put in a bin. You might need a special type of dumpster for construction waste, or you might be forbidden from disposing of appliances, electronic waste, mattresses, or certain other items. These restrictions make it a lot more difficult to execute a cleanout.

Of course, there are reasons for these restrictions. Items such as mattresses can be harmful if they end up in landfills, and many dumpster rental companies just haul everything to the nearest dump. Looking for a green dumpster rental service is your best bet in this kind of circumstance. Dumpster companies that specialize in green junk removal allow you to throw just about anything in your bin. They then take it to a processing center, where they sort through everything and pull out items for recycling, reuse, or donation. These services make sure that all junk goes where it needs to go, thereby keeping your environmental footprint at a minimal level.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Dumpster? Start Researching Today

As you can see, a lot goes into deciding how much a dumpster rental costs. There’s a reason that HomeAdvisor provides a $700 range between the so-called “low end” of dumpster rental pricing ($200) and the high end ($900).

By keeping in mind the tips and advice provided in this article, you should be able to tend toward the lower end of that spectrum and strike an optimal balance between price and convenience. After all, a DIY dumpster rental is supposed to be both cost-effective and user-friendly. By keeping your bin small, staying organized, and looking for companies that offer customer-friendly perks including use-based pricing and green junk removal, you will get the most out of your dumpster rental. Just remember to shop around. Posing the “How much does it cost to rent a dumpster?” question to multiple different businesses in Colorado Springs will help you figure out what the price range is and zero in on the best deals.

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At Junk King, we are proud to have had so many repeat customers over the years. Many people rely on us whenever they need junk removal services. In addition to our self-service dumpster rental offerings, we also offer a service where we handle the junk removal for you. If you are interested in either of these services and want to learn more, you can always give us a call at (719) 694-5250. You can also book a rental via our homepage.

Colorado Springs Bulk Pickup

This past summer saw the most destructive fire in Colorado history sweep through the area. In this inferno’s wake 350 homes were left destroyed in Colorado Springs alone. Recently, Mayor Steve Bach reported on the cleanup efforts and was happy to state that significant progress has been made in the Mountain Shadows neighborhood since the Waldo Canyon Fire. There are still 21 homes of 347 that still require a demolition permit to finally clear out what is left on their lots. However, considering the level of damage that this area incurred, the pace for this clean up has been incredibly fast.

“There was a similar fire in Boulder,” Mayor Bach told a local newspaper. “That happened two years ago and we are considerably ahead in our clean-up stages.” Not everyone has decided whether or not to rebuild their homes. With that void in development, it’s not clear what Mountain Shadows might look like as a community in the years to come. The hope is that all of the residents will be able to return and rebuild.

It is certainly a devastating experience to have a home and possessions reduced to rubble. After picking through the remains all that is left, there is a massive cleanup that can only be handled with a professional crew. This puts our own cleanup needs in perspective but that doesn’t mean we also can’t benefit from a professional crew. Such a crew would be on hand from Junk King Colorado Springs. This is the Colorado Springs based business who has already been lending their support for the wild fire cleanup efforts. You can put their experience to work on your own property to help you remove all sorts of bulk items you’re eager to get rid of.

With Junk King Colorado Springs you’ll have a minimum of a two-man team and huge truck at your disposal. The crew can make a complete circuit through your home and around your property to pick up whatever you want tossed out. If you’ve got a sofa down in the basement or exercise bike in the garage you want gotten rid of then the Junk King crew will snatch it and load it. You won’t have to lift a finger. They’ll also make short work of any debris you have in your yard such as old patio furniture, play sets or even piles of dirt. Nothing will be out of reach for the Junk King Colorado Springs crew.

Once the truck is loaded up, they’ll be driving it to a proper disposal zone. That could be a recycling center or a certified landfill. In either case, you can rest assure that your junk will be taken care of in a responsible manner. This is the best way to keep Colorado Springs environmentally sound and your homes free of clutter.

Colorado Leaf Removal

The mere mention of the month October conjures up different images for different people. For the kids, October is all about Halloween. It’s a time to figure out who to dress up as and plot out the best trick-or-treat routes. Lately, the adults have gotten into the spirit of the holiday by decorating their front yards. Seemingly overnight makeshift graveyards pop up in gardens. Bushes and trees become shrouded in cobwebs and all manner of ghoulish figures begin appearing. At least you know those are the houses with the good candy!

October can mean Oktoberfest. Here in Colorado Springs there are several official Oktoberfest celebrations including the big weekend at Security Service Field and other destinations. These parties hold the promise of plenty of beers featuring some of our very own microbreweries. There will also be lots of singing, dancing and knockwurst!

Fall in Colorado Springs is also about arts festivals. These are tied into the harvest season and provide a wonderful opportunity to local artisans to put their crafts on display. If you want to get a jumpstart on your Christmas gift shopping these fairs are the perfect way to go.

Naturally, you can’t escape the simple beauty of the great outdoors. The trees around Colorado Springs crank up the Technicolor and come alive in bold shades of orange, red and brown. Everywhere you look there is a picture perfect postcard moment. However, when you return home for the sightseeing you could be greeted with a not so friendly sight. That would be all the fallen leaves that have accumulated in your yard. It’s time to bust out the rake and this can be quite the chore. The good news is that this fall leaf season you don’t have to do all the work alone. You can hire Junk King to make the leaf removal a breeze.

Way back when we had full reign to burn all the leaves we could rake up. Those days are long gone. Today, burning leaves could get you slapped with a fine. And you certainly don’t want to be responsible for a fire spreading from your burning leaves! That’s why the only smart choice is to get rid of the leaves the save way by having them hauled off by a Junk King Colorado Springs crew.

Along with the leaves and other yard waste, Junk King can also remove any bulky item you want to get rid of. Why not take full advantage and go through your garage, basement, closet and attic. Think of this as a “clean sweep.” You’ll be getting rid of leaves and junk all within less time than it would take you to actually rake all those leaves! Once the job is done, you’ll have plenty of the weekend left over to enjoy Colorado Springs.

Get Rid of Basement Junk in Colorado Springs

A finished basement is just that: it’s finished. This means that whatever plans the original home builder had in mind for this space it’s now complete. Many homes have unfinished basements represented by sparse flooring or skeletons of wall frames. This is where the washer and dryer has been set up but very little else. That’s a shame because an unfinished basement is just a waste of valuable space. With a little imagination and investment you could turn your unfinished basement into a cozy room for the whole family to enjoy. You’ll also be increasing the value of your home at the same time.

Basements don’t have to become dank storage spots for all our collected junk. Instead, with a little insulation and dry wall, you can turn a basement into the quintessential home theatre. What this does is move the family TV viewing and video game playing downstairs allowing the rest of the home to have the occasional moments of peace and quiet. By building your home theatre from scratch, you’ll be able to add custom touches like sunken speakers with invisible wires, adjustable track lighting and special home theatre seating.

While this might all seem like an extravagance, when you consider the exorbitant amount of money spent on taking the family out to the movies, it’s easy to see where a home theatre could pay for itself in no time. You’ve probably already have a great HDTV and Blu Ray player. All you’re going to do is transfer that down into the basement for a better viewing experience. First, you need to clean out that basement. This is where some folks get tripped up.

It’s hard getting through life without collecting a certain amount of junk. The more family members you have the more junk you accumulate. Most of that junk ends up down in the basement. Want to know the official definition of junk? If you don’t use something at least once every six months then it’s junk. (Holiday decorations excluded!). If you go by that barometer you’ll certainly have a lot to throw out. Don’t take this on by yourself. Instead, schedule an appointment with a team of experienced junk haulers like Junk King Colorado Springs who will have the right amount of man power and truck space needed to clear out your basement. Junk King will be doing all the heavy lifting. You don’t have to be embarrassed by asking them to take out that bulk sofa or old fridge. These guys are happy to do so.

As soon as you get all of that junk out of your basement, you’ll really be able to see the possibilities for a remodel. And if your basement is already “finished” but has still become the family storage bin, then isn’t it time to reclaim that space? After all, did you buy the house to live or to store junk?

Declutter Your Colorado Springs Home and then Relax

Welcome to winter in Colorado Springs and welcome to the chance to soak in one of the many mineral-rich hot water springs. The hot springs are to Colorado Springs as the Statue of Liberty is to New York. It’s the reason visitors come to town but it’s also something the locals don’t always take advantage off. Exactly when was the last time you got to soak in a hot spring? If the answer is “not for a long time” or (heaven forbid) “never” then it’s clear you need to carve out some relaxation time for yourself. We all have excuses for not pampering ourselves: not enough time, too much to do, it’s crazy at work, too many family demands… the list is endless. Consider the fact that if you don’t take time to relax you could end up running yourself into the ground which means you’re not going to be good to anyone in your family or at your work.
As for taking a hot spring bath, how long would you need? An hour? That’s plenty of time. Add to that a 30 minute drive to the hot spring of your choice and you’re talking about a total investment of time of 2 hours. That would be 2 hours which can completely revitalize yourself. All you really have to do is ask for help. If you’re the leader of the kiddie car pool you can ask for a reprieve from another mom or dad. On the weekends, soccer practice could be handed off to another trusted family friend. In fact, make the trade with one of the other soccer parents. They cover for you this weekend and you’ll cover for them next weekend. What about keeping up with the household duties? You’ve got help there as well and it’s called Junk King Colorado Springs.
Junk King Colorado Springs is part of a national franchise of licensed and insured junk haulers. Their mission is to help you declutter your home by taking away all your unwanted junk. Once your home has officially been deemed free of clutter, it will be a lot easier to keep up with in terms of cleaning and organizing. That’s going to make taking a break for a hot spring spa a lot easier.
Hiring the Colorado Hauling team also helps alleviate the guilt factor of not cleaning out your home of junk. How long have you been hanging onto old furniture, appliances and other trash that’s too big to throw out? Don’t you feel bad having to say to yourself, “One of these days I’ve got to get rid of that?” Well, that day has come and Junk King is ready to help. Working with Junk King is also very effortless on your part. You set up an appointment and on the scheduled day, the Junk King Colorado crew shows up and all you do is show them what you want carted away. Once it’s all gone, you can slip into those hot springs relaxing in the knowledge your home is decluttered. It will make that hot bath all the sweeter.

Clearing the Clutter in Colorado Springs for Thanksgiving

While it is true that the cooking of a turkey is the foundation of any memorable Thanksgiving dinner, there are many other components that go in to making the holiday successful. The following is a preparation list that you could utilize to insure that your Thanksgiving will be smooth sailing.
Menu planning. There are definitely some traditional dishes that are part of every family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Beyond the turkey their favorite varieties of stuffing, potatoes, yams and desserts. Although it might seem like you’re making the same dishes every year that doesn’t mean that you can’t be prepared. Planning a menu is really planning out a shopping list. The goal is to get all of your items well in advance of the big day. In fact, if you can shop the week before for your Thanksgiving meal your chances of it stress-free grocery store experience increase.
Guest list. This might seem like a simple part of your preparation because you know exactly who you want to invite but there could be some changes to a guest list that you need to think about. For instance, is there someone on your list who might be bringing a new guest of their own your party? Have the kids grown up and graduated from the kiddie table to the adult table? And has anybody on your guest list change their diet and suddenly become a vegetarian? That could deftly change things!
Assigned tasks. If you take on the responsibility of preparing the entire meal yourself you could find the stress level increasing. This is why you might want to enlist the help of a friend or family member as your “sous chef” which is someone who can help you with the cooking. But it’s not just the cooking that has to be thought of. There are other items like bringing in extra chairs, cleaning the dishes and making sure the house is ready. These are the type or chores you can hand out to other family members.
Clear out the clutter. As you get ready for Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays it’s a perfect time to get the junk out of your home and into the trash once and for all. We’re not just talking about having the kids clean up their rooms (although that’s important!). Instead you should be thinking about getting rid of those proverbial eyesores that are taking up space in your home. This could be those old pieces of furniture or kitchen appliances you shoved out to the back porch. While it might seem extravagant to clean the junk out of your garage or basement think about where your guests may wander off to Walter waiting for the turkey to be cooked. This is a big consideration if you have kids on Thanksgiving as well. Cleaning out basements and garages are good way to make sure no one is going to get into trouble messing around with junk. A professional team of junk haulers like Junk King Colorado Springs can be called upon to help you take away all this clutter and clear the way for wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!!

Colorado Hauling – 5 Reasons for Junk Hauling

Don’t take this personally, but you’ve got some junk don’t you? We all do. Whether you’re living in a studio apartment or a house chances are you’ve got a stash of junk hiding somewhere that you could do without. Just because you have junk doesn’t make you a bad person. It shows you have a busy life. To help relieve you of this unwanted refuse you should consider hiring a local based Colorado Springs junk hauling service like Junk King. Here are the top five reasons you should be reaching for the phone right now to call 1-800-995-JUNK.
Make More Space For Yourself: In science class we’re taught that nature abhors a vacuum. Basically this means if there is an empty space somewhere it’s going to get filled up with something. That holds true for a forest and for your living space. If you’ve got a garage or basement it’s going to become the dumping ground for all kinds of junk. How many closets are packed to the rafters with stuff? Now think about what it would be like to suddenly have all of that space back. You could actually park your car in the garage. You could turn your basement into a screening room or guest bedroom. And reclaiming your closets means you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.
Make Your Home Safer: Getting rid of junk will open up more space in your home, but it can actually make for a safer living environment. If you live alone, you might not be bothered by junk piling up, but there is no telling what might be growing under those piles. It doesn’t take much for mold spores to develop in a damp setting. That can cause serious health problems if left unchecked. Then there is the long list of possible hazards from thinks like rusting appliances, dried out papers or any other item that could cause cuts or kindling for a fire. All of that can be gotten rid of in one session with a professional team of junk haulers.
No Strain: Sometimes we collect junk simply because we don’t have the extra hands to move it in the first place. It’s easy to shove an old stove into the garage but hauling it into a truck? That takes muscle and several pairs of hands. A junk hauling crew will be handling all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.
No Stress: Unless you have an issue with hoarding, getting rid of your junk should be stress free. When you hire an experienced team to take away your junk all you need to do is point to what you want taken away and in a flash it will be gone. Totally stress free.
Know Who You’re Inviting Into Your Home Hiring a professional junk hauling company like Junk King means you’ll be using workers who are licensed and bonded. These aren’t strangers off the street, but hard working individuals who have a reputation to maintain. You can trust that they’ll get the job done right.
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