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Columbus Bulk Item Pickup

Sometimes things around the house can get a little bulky. We’re not talking about our waistlines after Thanksgiving dinner but about the stuff we collect over the years that can’t be thrown out in the weekly trash pickup. Have you ever tried to toss out a sofa? It’s not easy. Here in Columbus the Department of Sanitation can help with a bulky pickup but that’s not going to be easy either.

The first step for scheduling a bulk-collection pickup with the city will require you to call their City Service Center. This will take you through a maze of telephone prompts that may or may not land you with an actual human. You could try scheduling an appointment through the city’s website but there is no guarantee anyone is going to be answering that email anytime soon especially with all the budget cuts.

There are also very specific rules when it comes to leaving stuff by your curb. Here are just a few: “If your regular trash is picked up at the curb, place bulk items in front of your home away from obstructions on your specially scheduled collection day. If your regular trash is picked up in an alley, place bulk items on the edge of your property at the alley line on your specially scheduled collection day. Roll carpet into a bundle 4 feet long by 2 feet in diameter and tie it with rope. Leave furniture assembled. Glass must be removed from bulk items, placed in a box, taped and marked glass. Residents are responsible for cleaning up any glass residue that may remain on the ground in front of their home as a result of collection. Smaller bulk items must be placed in boxes. Plastic or metal trash cans placed out with a bulk collection will be collected for disposal.” All of this makes it feel like you’ll be packing up your junk like you were moving.

Then there is the issue of getting it out to the curb in the first place. In many cases, that simply isn’t feasible. The city will pick up things like furniture or mattresses. However, if you are hoping to toss out stuff like auto parts, tires, construction waste, refrigerators, hot tubs, pool tables, pianos, spars, water coolers or air conditioners you can forget it! The city won’t be picking those things up. So, who can you turn to for a complete junk removal? That would be Junk King of Columbus.

When you hire Junk King Columbus you’ll be hiring a professional crew to do the work. You won’t have to roll up a carpet and tie it down. The Junk King crew will handle that. They’ll also take the items you’re getting rid of from your home, basement or attic and load them up in the truck. Best of all, Junk King will be working on your schedule.   It’s a no hassle solution to get rid of those bulk items.  Get rid of junk the right way with Junk King.

Columbus Ohio Grill Disposal and Recycling

Welcome to the blustery, chilly and downright freezing Ohio winter. The good news is that spring is right around the corner. The bad news is that it’s going to be a lot colder before it gets warm. That doesn’t mean you have to forgo all your warm weather activities. This is especially true with grilling outdoors. Although it might be more of a challenge, nothing could better than a fresh grilled steak or piece of fish. If you want to brave the cold and snow to make an amazing dinner than you’ll want to consider a few helpful winter grilling facts.

Your grilling prep work should be the same as when it’s warm. You’ll want to make your rubs or sauces in large enough batches so you won’t have to run in and out of the house. For great tasting meat and poultry try marinating overnight. You might also want to think about grilling for the week in on single outing. For instance on Sunday you could grill up steaks for fajitas on Monday, chicken for salad on Tuesday etc. That way with a little reheating you can enjoy the scrumptious taste of grilled meat all week long.

Winter grilling should be about keeping it simple. You want to cook recipes that won’t require a lot of fuss or attention when it comes to basting or turning meat. The goal is to get in and get out. You should always have a clear path to your grill. This is especially important if you’ll be grilling after (or during!) a snowstorm. Try not to run back and forth from the grill to your house. Embrace the cold and get the job done without falling! In winter temperatures, that heat is going to be sucked up by the cold so avoid opening and closing the lid every 30 seconds. Let the heat of the grill do its thing. Most importantly, avoid wearing any winter items like scarves which could dangle close to the fire.

If after all this prep work you discover that your grill has seen better days then swap it out. You’ll probably find amazing deals on a new grill at this time of the year. Instead of holding onto the old grill, give Junk King Columbus a call and have them take it away for you. You can’t toss that old grill out on the curb and you don’t want it taking up precious space in your backyard.  In addition, many older grills can be exteremely heavy, rusty, and sharp – you don’t want to risk hurting yourself or damaging your property by trying to haul it off on your own.

One call to Junk King Columbus will have that old grill and all of your other bulky junk items taken away for good.  Replacing your patio furniture?  Remodeling the whole deck?   Junk King will work in any weather to haul off all of your debris and clutter!

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