Put Junk King To Work To Remove The Office Cubicles

If you were to do a survey of your office staff about the cubicles, then you would probably discover that many of those workers would appreciate if those cubicles could come down. In theory, the office cubicles were meant to provide a modicum of privacy. In truth, you can still very much overhear phone calls and know exactly what’s going on in the cubicle next to your cubicle. However, for those separating walls can have a negative impact on worker productivity. This is why many offices have adopted the open office space. By creating the same kind of open flow floor plan as your home, the office can be more productive. To get to that goal, you will want to remove those cubicle walls. That’s where Junk King Columbus can make a big difference.

A Dedicated Squad

when you set up your appointment with Junk King you will be assigned a dedicated work squad to take care of all aspects of that task from start to finish. When it comes to removing cubicle walls, the team from Junk King can do all the disassembling. That will be very beneficial and a less of a disruption for your business. You might even schedule Junk King to take care of this task over the weekend so that when your workers come back on Monday, they will walk into that new open floor plan.

In addition to the dismantling, the Junk King squad will also load up all those pieces and make sure they are disposed of properly. The same can be said for any other unwanted item that you want to get rid of from your office. This is a terrific opportunity to clear out the stock room of any old computers, printers and fax machines. All of that e-waste has to be dismantled at a certified facility. Junk King will strive to get those items to the right place for disposal.

Don’t let the cubicles in your office hinder work performance. One call to Junk King Columbus can bring those walls down for good.