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Toss Out Old Computers The Right Way

You might occasionally see a random chair or table on the curb with a sign that says “free.” Obviously, the intention is for someone to drive by and pick up that item and thereby absolve the person you put it out of any responsibility for getting rid of it the right way. What usually happens is that furniture stays there for days. The longer that happens the less likely it is to be picked up by a random passerby. It then becomes the responsibility of a city crew to come by and pick it up. Nobody on the block wants to be walking by junk every day! You certainly won’t ever see an old computer sitting on the curb. This is something else that can’t be tossed out in the trash and it doesn’t belong as a ”free” item. There is zero chance that anyone would take a computer off the street!

You may be dealing with a situation where you have an old computer in your home that you want to get rid of. It could be a computer that simply stop working or you replaced with an upgraded model. Either way, there’s no need to hold onto the older device. It has now officially become e-waste. That means it has to be disposed of in a responsible manner. That is a task that is best turned over to Junk King Columbus. These professional junk haulers won’t be taking apart the computer to recycle it but instead will do everything within their power to make sure that he gets dropped off at the right facility.

Anything Else?

As you collect all the e-waste in your home that you want to get rid of you should also ask yourself if there is anything else that you don’t want. That is when you can also tap in the services of the Junk King team. Along with your old computer you can also get rid of an old sofa or appliances. There might also be plenty of old clothing and other household goods that you can clear out a closets and cabinets. It can all be removed in the same trip.

Junk King Columbus remains the best option for getting rid of your old computers and the rest of your unwanted rubbish. Book a session today.

Junk King Helps Get The Junk Out Of The House

Spending more time at home in the last couple of months might have you realizing a simple truth: you have a lot of stuff that you can get rid of. The discovery of that fact might have come when you took it upon yourself to organize your closets and cabinets. No doubt, that kind of decluttering resulted in a lot of stuff that you might have boxed bagged up for removal. There could also be random items of furniture scattered throughout the home that are either not being used or are simply worn out. None of those things should be held onto.

Even if you just cleared away an entire shelf worth rubbish it is still worth getting rid of. Junk King Columbus is standing by to help you get your junk out of the house whether that’s a big pile or a small one.

Making It Safe

When Junk King first started collecting unwanted rubbish they adopted environmentally friendly disposal policies. These policies are targeted to support recycling and donations as a way of keeping items out of a landfill. Junk King has been doing this for the last 15 years which made them one of the original “green” businesses. Junk King is happy to take the lead in this area.

They have also stepped up and shown how business can continue in the “new normal” during a pandemic. Junk King follows the guidelines from health authorities that require essential workers to wear masks and gloves as they perform the duties. Junk King also sanitizes the between each pickup and practices social distancing. All of this is in support of allowing homeowners, apartment renters and businesses to continue to have any unwanted clutter and rubbish. That kind of job can make a big difference on any type of living or working environment. The last thing anyone needs these days is clutter!

If you need to get junk out of your house, then Junk King Columbus is the call to make. Schedule a session today.

No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small For Junk King Columbus

Have you ever considered getting rid of a piece of furniture or structure around your home but thought it was impossible? That challenge can be solved with a call to Junk King Columbus. This is a company that prides itself on how effective it can be with removing all kinds of unwanted items even the objects that are extremely heavy and cumbersome. Here is proof of how Junk King operates:

“I called them to haul away some old retainer wall bricks and stone edgers from the front of my house. They responded in about 10 minutes after I requested an estimate on Yelp to set up a time to come out and give me the estimate. They told me they could come out the same day between 3-5pm. They called me about 2:45 to advise they were running a little behind which was fine. Don still showed up before 5pm and gave me a price that I felt was too high. After some negotiating, they brought the price down to $250. Don and Silas showed up the next morning 15 minutes earlier than they said which was awesome, and within 15-20 minutes had everything loaded up and hauled away. They were very nice and professional and if I ever need to have anything else hauled away, I’ll make sure to give them the job. Thanks guys!” – G, Columbus

That is a prime example of the efficient approach Junk King takes for all of its jobs. We want to make the junk removal process affordable and fast for all of our customers.

“Friendly, fast and efficient. I used this service to clean out a garage full of building materials left by the previous home owners. Stephanie and Don came out earlier than expected (they called first to check that was ok) and had everything cleared out and in the truck in about 15 minutes. This was a great experience and I would not hesitate to use them again should the need arise.” – Jennifer, Columbus

“Only needed to use junk removal twice but both times it’s been Junk King but different cities. Always polite, on time, fair and quick. Cannot say enough good about this company.” – Roy, Columbus

Imagine how much better your home will be once all the rubbish is cleared out. Junk King Columbus can make that happen. Call to book a session today.

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