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Columbus Junk Removal Reviews

There are a lot of services provided by a city like Columbus. Among them are pickup items for oversized pieces. To get an appointment is to go through the standard level of red tape and telephone prompts. After all of that, there is no guarantee that the city workers will be able to do what you want. There is a limit to what they can take away and how much. That’s what one Junk King customer found out as he started his remodeling job:

“I want compliment your company and especially the crew, Martin and Eric, who worked for me. I am downsizing and doing some home improvements. I had accumulated a number of household items and had scheduled a bulk pickup from Columbus City Refuse Deptartment. That was scheduled for Oct. 20. Today, Oct. 18, contractors began work and I realized they would generate construction debris that would not be accepted for bulk pickup. I found Junk King Columbus, called and was scheduled for an estimate in about 2 hours. A few minutes before they arrived, I got a call saying they were on their way. Eric introduced himself, took an look at the quantity of stuff and gave me a quote, he said they could begin right then. His crew worked quickly and efficiently to load the truck. I could not be more satisfied. Both contractors working for me were impressed as well and asked for business cards. In the end, I was able to cancel the refuse pickup from the city.”

That’s just a typical day for Junk King Columbus. Customers who have never used our services discover how easy it is to finally get rid of tons of junk. Take concrete, for instance. As that reviewer discovered, there is a weight limit with regard to municipal pickups. You might think you can break up concrete and put it in your trashcan but if it’s too heavy it’s going to stay on the curb. Then what?

Junk King doesn’t charge by weight. Instead they charge by the amount of space your junk will take up on their truck and they have truck packing down to a science.  The reason why customers love Junk King Columbus is due to that efficient service.  You don’t even need to drag items down to the curb –  simply point and the experienced crew will haul the items from where they stand.

Keep in mind that Junk King also won’t turn away your items for pickup. Unless it is deemed a true hazardous waste, anything can go on the back of the JK truck. The crew is capable of dismantling, unhooking and breaking down just about anything. Even if you have a tool shed that has collapses in the last local storm, the Junk King crew can pile up all those scraps and insure they will be taken away and disposed of the right way. When cleaning your home fast is at stake, you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

Columbus Ohio Air Conditioner Disposal

Summer is nearly upon us and if last year is any indication it’s going to be another scorcher. Will your old air conditioner be up to the challenge of keeping you cool? If it’s time for a new model then you know just the type of AC unit to swap out. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t rethink you’re cooling scheme.

One of the most popular types of air conditioners is a portable unit that can easily be rolled from room to room. This is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to cool down an entire home where only one or two rooms are being used. A portable AC is great to park by the kitchen when your oven is going full tilt.

As you go shopping for that new air conditioner you want to pay attention to the label when it comes to the refrigerants. What you want to look for is the eco-friendly R410A refrigerant. The other types aren’t illegal but they are being phased out. Don’t get stuck with a polluter!

When it comes to capacity the following is a good guideline to follow:

  • Small room: 5,000 – 6,000 BTU for 100-300 sq. ft.
  • Medium room: 7,000 – 8,200 BTU for 250-550 sq. ft.
  • Large room: 9,800 to 12,500 BTU’s for 350-950 sq. ft. area.

Now that you have all that info, what will you do with that old AC? This is not something you can put out on the curb and hope someone will take it away. In fact, you might not even be able to lift it without help. Junk King Columbus is standing by to provide that help. These are the junk removal specialists who will have no trouble removing your old AC whether that is built into your wall, sitting on your window or is an external unit.

The Junk King Columbus crew will load up your old unit on the back of their truck and make sure it is taken to a certified recycling center. Air conditioners are like fridges and e-waste. They have to be taken apart and drained of harmful chemicals. Don’t worry about that getting done right. With Junk King on the job, they’ll get it done right every time.

As long as Junk King is taking away your AC, why not put them to work removing the rest of your unwanted junk. If it’s easy for the Junk King Columbus crew to take out that AC then removing old furniture, large appliances, boxes of trash and any other bulky item won’t be a problem. Call Junk King today and cool down in a home free of junk.

Columbus Old Washing Machine and Dryer Disposal

Learning how to do laundry is one of those important life lessons that most moms are happy to share with their children, especially when it means that they can add that to their list of chores.  Here’s something a child might not like to hear: just because their mom had a certain way of doing things doesn’t mean there isn’t a better, more efficient way or doing the laundry.

The most important laundry lesson is to embrace sorting. Usually this meant taking the heaping pile of clothes from the hamper and spending time picking through them before loading up the machine. Now you can find a hamper with separate buckets: One for whites and the other for colors. You can even get a hamper with three buckets to use for keeping your dry cleaning in a different pile. This sorting will make laundry day a lot less of a hassle.

If you’re doing all of your laundry one cycle after another then you want to do the whites last especially if you’re using bleach. It should all be gone in one cycle but it’s best to play it safe. When using bleach, even on whites, try to pour it into the water and not onto the clothes and always use hot water. Colors should be washed in cold water. It’s better to get your water running, pour in the detergent, let it mix up and then add the clothes. That way your soap gets to dissolve and do its thing.

To avoid the never-ending battle of the loss sock you can buy sock clips. Yes, that’s a thing. Clip the socks together and wash/dry them that way. A small mesh bag is good for underwear and other delicates that don’t need to mix it up with the bigger articles of clothing.

Above everything else, the most efficient way to do a good laundry cycle is to make sure your washing machine and dryer are working properly.  You cannot underestimate the value of having a high-tech washer / dryer – especially if the one you have has already had years of use.  Your old machine is bound to accumulate quite a bit of wear and tear, which makes its effectiveness for cleaning your laundry that much less efficient.  Newer models have a variety of features and functions that will make your life easier and your clothes cleaner!

If it is about time to swap out the old machine for a new model then you’ll want to give Junk King of Columbus a call.  Getting rid of your own washing machine or dryer can be quite a task – not to mention figuring the right place to responsibly dispose of large appliances like these.  Junk King is the Columbus, Ohio based pro when it comes to removing over-sized items from your home. All you need to do is set up a removal appointment and Junk King will handle the rest. They’ll set you up with an experienced, insured and professional hauling crew and truck to take care of the job. Chances are you didn’t bring your washer and dryer into your home and you shouldn’t worry about taking them out. Let Junk King Columbus do the heavy lifting!

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