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Columbus Cleaning Help for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

Lots of Columbus residents suffer from allergies and asthma. In Ohio and the rest of the U.S. rates of people affected have been rising for the last few decades. If this sounds like you, be aware of the exacerbating effects caused by dust mites.

Dust mites are everywhere and are one of the most common triggers of asthma. In addition, they can cause skin irritation and inflame allergic responses.

Dust mites live in all of our homes, consuming the calls our body sheds (especially skin cells). The feces of the dust mite can be an allergen, causing breathing and skin problems. There can be tens of thousands of dust mites on a visible particle of ‘dust,’ and they produce every hour or so. That’s a lot of dust mite poop!

Here are a few things you can do—or we can do for you—to help you win the battle against allergies, asthma and other breathing-related problems like COPD:

1. Get rid of the junk and debris. Extra clutter attracts dust, traps moisture, and is a veritable playground for dust mites. Junk King Columbus will gladly help you remove and dispose of unwanted junk.

2. Deeply clean furniture and other fabrics such as drapes.

3. Vacuum rugs and carpets regularly.

4. Keep the air dry with air-conditioning or a dehumidifier. Dust mites like humidity.

5. Use a HEPA filter to 3 microns. If your house doesn’t have an air filter, then your lungs are the air filter.

6. Other methods of cleaning the air such as ionizers and ozone generators work great but should be used places where the air is treated well before it reaches the air you are breathing. These technologies work by binding to matter in the air but breathing ozone (it is neutralized once bound to the other particles) can actually make things worse.

These recommendations may also help pollen allergy relief. It may not be much of an issue now but ‘April showers bring May flowers,’ and with them comes hay fever in the Buckeye state. Stay healthy and feel free to call us for help with this and all your spring cleaning in the Columbus area.

Fall yard and garden clean up checklist Columbus Ohio

Hurricane Sandy Brings Torrential Rain and Snow to Ohio…in October?!?

Map of NOAA long-term forecast for the U.S. for fall and winter 2012

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It suddenly feels like winter in Columbus, and a harsh one at that. Snow before Halloween? I can’t remember the last time that happened—if ever!

The NOAA forecast for a wet winter for Ohio and the Great Lakes region is looking like a safe bet right about now.

Freak storms aside, I prepared a fall yard and garden clean up checklist but it suddenly seems like I should be out shopping for rock salt and snow tires. This list is adapted from one I found on the Iowa Gardener.

And while I am thinking about it, we offer storm debris clean up, too. Whether a it’s flooding from a late year, slow-moving hurricane,  hail or lightning damage from a summer thunderstorm or an ice storm’s deep freeze, we will help you clean up and dispose of everything in a safe, environmentally sound way. And we don’t even charge for labor!

Without further ado, here is the ‘official’ Junk King Columbus autumn checklist for Central Ohio:

❏ Pull up all annuals (plants that you have to buy every year).
❏ Cut back perennials (plants that return every year).
❏ Start a compost pile for organic matter, including small amounts of leaves and branches.
❏ Call Junk King Columbus for assistance gathering and hauling away anything you won’t be composting ;-)
❏ After the first frost, dig up and store indoors all tender bulbs.
❏ Empty all pots and store in the garage so they don’t crack in the cold.
❏ Have Junk King rake the leaves from your lawn but it is OK to leave them if they are few and in flower and garden beds—Free Mulch!
❏ Mow the lawn one final time before winter arrives. We suggest you use a mulching mower but we can dispose of grass clippings too.
❏ Run the mower until the gas tank is empty. Check the owner’s manual to see if any filters need to be changed and what, if anything,
to do with the oil.
❏ Sharpen the blade, this is something that should be done every fall.

As a reminder, we do not charge for labor so if you don’t feel like raking leaves or picking up the yard you can call us and we will do it for you at the same price as if we were just picking it up and hauling it away to be composted.

To book an appointment or schedule a free on-site estimate call us at 1-800-995-JUNK (1-800-995-5865).

Remember to buy candy and drive carefully in residential neighborhoods on Beggar’s Night.