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What, Where and How to Recycle in Columbus, Ohio

If you love food (and who doesn’t?) you’ve got a great opportunity in Columbus to indulge in a walking culinary tour of the trendy Short North neighborhood. This is the hot spot in Columbus that is chock full of bistros, cafes, shops and restaurants. It’s also where you’ll find the North Market. This is Columbus’ only public farmers’ market. Here you’ll find local food vendors sharing their taste tempting treats. Speaking of treats, no walking tour of Short North could be complete without stopping off at Jeni’s for a scoop of fresh made ice cream. And since you’ll be walking through the neighborhood, you’ll be burning calories too! It’s a win/win all around.

One of the benefits of taking a walking tour around Columbus is to see how clean the city is. A large part of that beautification effort can be attributed to the recycling program that many Columbus residents have taken advantage of. There are two methods for recycling. First you can subscribe to curbside recycling for just $8.25 a month. With that service, a company will make regularly scheduled pickups to collect your sorted recyclables. The other option would be for you to drop off those same recyclables at one of the many Drop Boxes located throughout Columbus neighborhoods. There’s no charge for these drop offs. The only thing you need to be aware of is exactly what is considered a recyclable material.
Here’s the short list: In the category of paper you can recycle newspaper, including all inserts, magazines, catalogs and telephone books, mail, scrap paper and envelopes (windows ok), brown paper bags, paperboard such as cereal or snack boxes or cardboard boxes. The only stipulation with the cardboard boxes is that you’re asked to break them down. You can also recycle any plastic bottles, glass bottles or jars. With metals you can recycle aluminum cans, aluminum gutters and siding, steel soup, food and aerosol cans. That certainly covers a lot of garbage. Once you get into the habit of separating your recyclables it’s easy to maintain the habit.
In terms of yard waste, that’s a separate category of waste that needs to be handled differently. As far as the Columbus municipal pickup services are concerned, yards waste is defined as “any organic waste generated during regular household gardening and landscaping activities, such as grass clippings, leaves, twigs, branches, shrubbery and other garden residues.” Anything that falls into that category needs to be bagged up in biodegradable bags and clearly marked as “yard waste.”  If you’ve got branches they should be cut into four feet lengths and bundled together.
Now if all of this seems like a lot of work you might want to contact Junk King Columbus to handle your recyclable materials, especially the yard waste. With Junk King, you wont have to worry about properly bagging up the waste or tying it into bundles. Junk King will do all the work. Once that’s taken care of then you can head out for your Columbus food tour. You’ve earned it!

Columbus Hot Tub Disposal

Every summer, thousands of local Columbus Ohio residents and visitors flock to the shorelines of Grand Lake St. Marys for a relaxing time of sun and fun. However, last summer there was a nasty problem brewing on the pristine lake: Algae. In fact, a toxic blue-green algae that ended up making some swimmers sick. As distressing as this algae attack might have been, it was also a perfect example of the delicate balance of maintaining our environment. Scientists traced the outburst of algae to manure and chemical runoff. That runoff ran right into the lake increasing the levels of phosphorus. High phosphorus is the perfect treat that algae organisms like to munch on. And since a lake is essentially a sedentary body of water, that algae had a chance to feast away.
Fortunately, there is a simple solution to combat this microorganism plague and it’s something you probably have in your bathroom medicine cabinet. That would be hydrogen peroxide. Recently, hundreds of gallons of that household cleaner were spread on the part of the lake with the most algae content. The hydrogen peroxide is delivering a combination punch with alum, another compound being used to take on the algae. The hope is that by the time the Ohio weather turns warmer, the algae will be gone and the lake will be ready.
So, what’s this have to do with your old hot tub? Well, if you haven’t used that tub in a while, you might want to check under the cover. You could have your own algae infestation growing and not even know it! A swarm of algae doesn’t always need a manure runoff to grow. Leave water standing alone long enough and the inherent chemical compounds will take over and begin feeding on themselves. Supposed you’ve drained that old hot tub. Okay, but what about the last rain storm? Did any water seep in? And let’s not even talk about how mosquitoes breed in standing water!
The bigger question is why are you holding onto that hot tub? Could it be you simply have no way of getting rid of it? Luckily, you know have an option. There is a locally based Columbus hot tub disposal company, Junk King, who can dismantle and cart off that hot tub in just a couple of hours. You may be thinking, “A hot tub disposal company? Really?” Actually, they don’t just take away hot tubs. That would be a very narrow approach to running a business. Junk King Columbus can haul away all kinds of bulky junk items. These would be all those things that are too big to fit into your garbage can or the back of your SUV; like an old hot tub.
Taking apart a hot tub might seem simple enough, but there are a lot of components that need to be properly broken down. That huge fiberglass shell will need to be carted off in a truck. Hiring a junk removal crew that specializes in hot tub disposal will make sure you can clear out your backyard and avoid the attack of the algae!  To schedule an appointment today, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

Columbus Construction Waste Removal

Going green isn’t just a slogan for feeling good about the environment. It’s also a practical matter of converting old, drafty buildings into energy efficient buildings. Columbus Ohio business owners are getting into the act of going green by tapping into government grants for window replacements, installation of solar panels and an overhaul of all those antiquated water heaters. The result means huge savings in energy across the board.

However, going green requires planning and hard work. The first phase is the demolition phase which means tearing down and getting rid of all those old windows, roofs, pipes and flooring. This kind of work has the potential to generate mounds of garbage. Where is all that waste going to go? Leave it to your local Columbus construction waste company to handle the removal.

A major construction project actually begins with the end of the project. You get to see what the finished project is going to look like when you are presented with the artist renderings of a new building or home. Architects are well versed in making detailed paintings and drawings of your new building. You might even get to see a 3D model. But have you ever seen drawings of construction waste? Or what about a 3D model of the leftover junk? No need to draw that but can you really grasp the size and scope of the construction waste for any given project? That’s why you need to bring in a professional Columbus construction waste removal team.

With a simple tour of your property, a Columbus construction waste removal crew will be able to determine what your hauling needs are. This is not something you want to guess, especially when you have a crew being paid by the hour. After the demolition, the actual construction of your project will begin. With this second phase, there is going to be an entirely new level of generated waste that needs to be hauled away. All of the packaging materials, left over scraps of wood, chunks of dry wall and cement will all begin to pile up if they aren’t hauled away in a timely manner.

There’s another issue to think about with construction site waste removal. Having a site crammed with junk is just an invitation for trouble. Vandals could see this garbage and think you don’t care enough about your project so why not slip in and have some fun? A Columbus construction waste removal company can schedule ongoing pick-ups and removals throughout the entire life of your project. This way, your site can stay reasonably clean and secure.

In the construction waste removal arena, size does matter.  The size of the trucks or dumpsters used to cart away all that garbage can make a big difference. When you hire a qualified crew you can depend on their experience to know how big or small your job will be. You’ll have plenty to think about in terms of your project – let the pros handle the waste.

Junk King Columbus can handle any construction waste removal project in an efficient, affordable and eco-friendly manner.  Simply give us a call at 1-800-995-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.

Columbus Ohio Junk Removal

There are two types of people in the world – tossers or hoarders. The tossers are the folks who have no problem tossing out their unwanted garbage that can accumulate over the years. “Garbage in, garbage out,” is their motto. On the other hand, you have the hoarders who can’t seem to throw anything away. If you’re like most people, you are probably somewhere between those two types.

If you live in the Columbus Ohio area and have way too much unwanted clutter around your home or business, you should consider enlisting the help of Junk King Columbus.  With our professional help you’ll be able to finally get rid of all that useless junk you know you shouldn’t be hanging on to.

It’s easy in our hectic lives to put things aside both literally and figuratively. This could mean an unwanted collection of old furniture, kitchen appliances or the remnants of left-over remodeling projects. Unless you have a large, sturdy truck, chances are that you’ve kept all that old junk because you just didn’t have any options to get rid of it all. Now you have the option of calling on a Columbus junk removal company to efficiently move your “collection” out of your home.

Whether this is a long overdue New Years resolution or part of your summer clean up project, bringing in a professional junk removal crew will make all the difference in getting the job done. And it doesn’t just have to be those large items you’ve got stuffed in the corner of your basement or garage. Junk removal means any junk. This is your chance to clear out the clutter without the hassle of dragging it off to landfill. This clutter could mean all those boxes of useless papers and magazines or anything else that is just plain broke beyond repair.

And don’t think junk removal is limited to mere garbage. You can bring in Junk King Columbus to haul away yard waste such as fallen tree limbs or dead shrubs. And if you’re going to take a sledge hammer to your cracked driveway, you’re going to need to get rid of all the broken cement. Let a junk removal company do all the heavy lifting.

If you are concerned about where you junk might end up don’t hesitate to go green with Junk King Columbus. Any good Junk Removal company has built up a relationship with the numerous recycling centers located around the Columbus Ohio area. This means your junk can actually be turned around and sent back into the world as recycled goods.

Junk King Columbus is just a short phone call away at 1-800-995-JUNK, or you’ll be able to get a free estimate by scheduling an online appointment.   Think of it this way: there was a time when you didn’t have that junk. Remember the extra space you had? It’s time to reclaim your kingdom.