Contra Costa Moving and Junk Hauling

When it comes to moving into your new home, you’ll have a priority list of items to bring. Your furniture and televisions would be top of that list. Those are also easy to wrap up. It’s the stuff you put into boxes that need to be sorted properly. If you don’t label those boxes, you could be spending your first night in your new home searching for the pillows and sheets. That is why it is always best to set aside things like a change of clothes and your bathroom supplies into a box that you’ll bring with you. Then you can take your time with the unpacking. What you want to avoid bringing with you is your junk.


The longer you’ve lived at your current address, the greater the chance you had of collecting junk. These items might not have started out as junk but over the years they have either been worn out or stopped being used. That holds true for shoes and sofas! Every item that you’re bringing with you is not only going to need space but it’s also going to go through the hands of your movers. That means it going to take up time. Do you really want to pay your movers to cart over junk you would just as soon get rid of? Instead, consider the move before the move. That would be with hiring Junk King for a complete junk hauling session.

As you sort through your belongings to pack them up, you’re going to see plenty of things you can live without. After you’ve sorted through everything, get Junk King out to your home. Show the crew what you want gone and it will vanish. The other option would be to simply leave behind those objects then schedule Junk King to show up the day after your move. They can go through the entire house and make sure nothing will remain.

If some of your discarded stuff still has a little life left in them, you can rest assured that Junk King will make sure it gets to the right place. Usually, this will mean a charity that specializes in refurbishing furniture and appliances. There is no extra charge for a charity drop off. It’s all part of Junk King’s eco-friendly disposal policies. Start living in your new home without any clutter. Let Junk King handle the junk hauling before the move.