Hit Zero Waste with Junk Removal

In the coming months and years, you’ll be hearing the words “zero waste” a lot as it relates to sustainability policies. This is a concept whereby a city will strive to recycle or repurpose the majority of all the waste they collect. This goes way beyond the typical recycling programs that includes plastics, papers and aluminum cans. Zero waste also includes turning food scraps into organic compost or even fuel. Although most cities won’t hit 100% zero waste, even getting to 60 or 70 percent have a huge positive impact on the environment.


You can start thinking about how to make your home a zero waste home. Beyond your kitchen recycling, you might want to consider using Junk King for the removal of your bigger objects. Junk King has been a zero waste kind of company from the beginning of their operations. They can greatly reduce your carbon footprint without you lifting a finger.

Junk King is dedicated to eco-friendly disposal policies. That means dropping something off at either a recycling facility or a charitable organization. You don’t have to concern yourself with sorting or selecting which item should go where. The Junk King teams have all been trained to handle that task. They’ve also been trained in all the proper lifting techniques. That means you can finally get rid of the heavy stuff in your home that will take at least two movers to lift. That includes anything that is upstairs, too!

Before the Junk King team arrives, you’ll want to make a final determination as to what you want to get rid of. You’ll show the crew all those pieces and they’ll provide you with an estimate that is based on how much room your junk will fill on the back of the truck. It could be a third, a quarter, half or the whole truck. You’ll know that price before work begins and it’s not going to chance. What happens if your junk takes up more room? You’ll still be paying that original estimate!

Scheduling with Junk King is also very easy. You can make one call or one click on line to set up your appointment. Junk King will strive to be in and out as quickly as possible. They don’t want to take up a lot of your time. Are you ready to hit zero waste in your home? Junk King can get you there!