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Contra Costa Junk Recycling

One way to insure that families keep up with recycling is to involve the kids. That’s why the Mt. Diablo Recycling company recently launched a contest for Contra Costa elementary, middle and high school students.

“We were talking about how we can inspire kids to teach more so we came up with the recycling contest,” said Nicole Impagliazzo, Mt. Diablo Recycling Center’s Community Outreach and Public Relations manager. “We truly believe that if we educate the kids, we can change the community and change the world.”


The contest involves answering a simple question: “What do you do to inspire your family, your friends and your community to recycle?” The response can be in the form of a written or video essay. Although getting the message out about recycling is a positive element of this contest, there are also prizes. A first, second and third prize will be awarded in each age category: Grades K-5, $300, $150 and $50; Grades 6-8, $300, $150 and $50; and Grades 9-12, $500, $350 and $250.

For any recycling program to work, the entire community has to be involved. Not only does that included homeowners but businesses as well. Hotels, restaurants and offices can all do their part by recycling plastics, paper, aluminum, cardboard and food scraps. But it doesn’t have to stop there. Recycling also applies to bigger items that won’t squeeze into the recycling bin. For that kind of junk recycling, you can depend on Junk King.

Junk King Contra Costa is part of a national chain of junk removal professionals who are all dedicated to keeping what they collect out of landfills. So far, the Junk King franchises have racked up some significant numbers with that goal. They’ve kept 60% off everything they have collected out of a dump. Not many businesses can make a claim like that. Junk King accomplishes that goal by partnering up with local facilities like Mt. Diablo Recycling. They are part of their weekly drop off schedules.

If you’re not sure what items you have for junk recycling, don’t worry. The Junk King crew assigned to your removal project will know what to look for. Often they will collect a piece of furniture that can be put back into use by a charity. That certainly counts as recycling! When you hire Junk King, you’re not only reducing your personal carbon footprint, but you’re getting a junk free home in return. What can be better than that?