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Category Archives: Pittsburgh Appliance Disposal

Pittsburgh Grill Disposal and Recycling

grill disposalThe leaves are turning colors which is proof positive that summer is behind us. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your grilling. There are many folks who like to fire up their BBQ when the weather turns cold. Do a search for “grilling in the snow” and you’re sure to find plenty of photos of happy grillers. To get your BBQ ready for winter you should give it a thorough cleaning. You really don’t want to spend a lot of time in the cold scraping off charred steak. You’ll also want to swap out your propane tank to make sure you’ve got plenty of fuel to get your through a winter season of grilling.

If you did a lot of cooking on your BBQ this past summer you might have noticed that your unit isn’t all it can be. Translation: time for a new BBQ. Imagine the great bargains you’ll be able to get this time of year. It’s like buying an air conditioner for Christmas. You’re going to get a big break. You’re also going to get good break on getting rid of that old grill if you hire Junk King. These are the junk removal pros who can load up your old grill onto the back of their truck for a fast and safe disposal.

An old BBQ grill is one of those things you often hold onto because you don’t have a practical way of getting rid of it. One call to Junk King Pittsburgh can change all of that. They’ll send a crew out to your home to make sure you can get rid of the grill and any other item you want tossed out. What kind of junk could you put onto the back of a Junk King truck? This is where all that rubbish taking up space in your garage can go. It’s where all the clutter from your closets could end up. It’s where you can finally put that ratty sofa from down in the basement. Simply put, there is no limit to what Junk King Pittsburgh can haul out of your house. That’s also true for your back yard. If you’re getting rid of your old grill you might also be eager to toss out rusty patio furniture, outgrown swing sets or broken down tool sheds. Why not get your yard ready for winter by removing all the debris? Junk King can show you the way. Call them to set up your junk removal appointment. It will be the best call you make today!

Pittsburgh Old Washing Machine and Dryer Disposal

The hope for every load of laundry we put into a washing machine is for those clothes to come out clean and smelling fresh. For the most part, washing machines get the job done. However, Samsung has designed a different type of washing machine that is taking cleaning clothes to a whole new level. The Silver Nano Washing Machine has a specific goal: eradicate bacteria from linen and clothing used in hospitals. Think of this as a super bacteria killing machine. The inside is lined with silver-coated components that release actual Silver ions while the clothes are tumbling. According to claims made by the company, this process allows for clothing and linens to be 100% “deodorized, sterilized and protected from bacteria for up to 30 days.” That’s great news for hospitals who want to keep it clean. The bad news is that this washing machine is only for commercial use… so far.

What shape is your washer in? If you’re looking to swap out your old machine for a new and improved model you’re going to be very happy with the many advances developments in washing machine design. Today’s machines are using computer technology to help you specify wash cycles and maximize your energy use. Plus it is all touch pad controlled. You’ll find those same enhanced features on new dryers as well. These include moister detectors which will turn off the dryer when it senses that your clothes are actually dry.

Late summer is a good time to buy a new washer/dryer combo because the stores are eager to move out their old merchandise to make room for the new models. As you head off to the store, get yourself armed with consumer reviews that you’ll find all over the internet. You should also download price comparisons which you can use to bargain with. Just like cars salespeople, the folks working in appliances stores don’t want to let you go without making a deal.

Before you accept delivery on your new machines you’re going to need to make room by getting rid of the old ones. This is where a company like Junk King of Pittsburgh is going to be a big help. These professional junk haulers are just the right team to make sure your old machines will be removed in a safe and efficient manner. While they’re at it, the Junk King crew can also take away any other oversize items you want to get rid of. After all, they’ll be providing a big truck and plenty of muscle for heavy lifting. Can you think of more stuff to toss out? Of course you can! Give Junk King Pittsburgh a call today to set up your junk removal appointment.

Pittsburgh Junk Removal Prices

You wouldn’t think that kayaking and old tires would go together. As it turns out, Paddle Without Pollution is an organization dedicated to keeping the Allegheny River clean. To get that monumental task done, they turn to their members to do a little paddling and trash collection. Recently, the gang of kayakers launched out from the dock at Tarentum and did a few circles bringing back tires, trash bags and barrels. The group was started two years ago by Melissa and Dave Rohm of Scott. There are a pair of Pittsburgh locals who love the outdoor life. It was during a trip down the Monongahela River in summer 2011 that they had an eye-opening experience.

“We didn’t get very far when we were just shocked by what we saw,” Ms. Rohm told a local newspaper. “I offhandedly said, ‘Oh, we could do a cleanup.’ ”

It only took a couple of weeks to pull together some friends to pitch in and Paddle Without Pollution was up and rolling. Since then, there have been bimonthly kayaking and canoeing trips focused on cleaning up wetlands, rivers, streams and lakes in and around Pittsburgh. A typical haul can be upwards of 1,000 pounds of junk. Do you think you could gather up that much junk from your own home? You probably won’t be able to benefit from a “paddler” to help you but you can sure count on Junk King Pittsburgh.

Junk King of Pittsburgh are the junk removal specialists who have been doing their cleanup effort all across the area. Thanks to Junk King there are many happy Pittsburgh residents that have cleaned up their front and back yards. They’ve also reclaimed their garages, basements and attics from all the piled up junk they’ve accumulated over the years. Sound familiar? If you’re ready to toss out the junk give Junk King a call.

The first question everyone asks is “How much will it cost?” The short answer is “Not a lot.” That’s because Junk King will only charge you by the amount of space your junk takes up on their truck. If you separated the items on this type of project you’d find yourself paying for labor, truck rental, driving time and dumping fees. None of that comes into play with Junk King. It’s that single charge based on your junk taking up space on their truck. This means that not only with the Junk King crew make removing all of your clutter easy, but their pricing is hassle-free. Whether you’ll be filling up the whole truck or just a little Junk King will treat you right. Call them today to find out how you can get your place cleaned up ASAP!

Home Downsizing Tips in Pittsburgh

Downsizing is a viable option to make your life more manageable. That’s what a lot of Pittsburgh County residents are discovering as they are looking for ways to either save for their future or start to really enjoy their retirement. Many folks who have been in a home for several years can’t imagine living anywhere else. However, when the choice is between maintaining a huge property or living in comfort in a smaller space it’s a no-brainer.

For retirees it might be as simple as wanting to finally take on their bucket list. That might mean doing more traveling. Do you really want to leave a home abandoned for weeks or months at a time? With a little research you can find that there are many wonderful and secure communities to live in where things like lawn care and exterior maintenance is covered by the homeowner’s association. Isn’t it time you retired from mowing the lawn?

The choice of a downsized home can come in many forms. There are apartments with balconies, gate communities and townhomes. All of those can come with a variety of amenities like swimming pools, golf courses, gym and community centers. You might also find that renting is a more affordable option than paying a new mortgage. Downsizing to a new space should also include room for visitors. Having a guestroom isn’t a crazy idea especially if there will be grandkids in the picture!

Once you’re ready to make the downsizing move you’ll also have to think about downsizing your possessions. There is probably a lot that you’re holding onto that you could actually live without. Things like extra furniture, appliances or bedroom sets don’t need to be taken to a new home. Instead you can hire Junk King Pittsburgh to take all of that stuff away and clear the path for your new home.

Downsizing could also mean making room for a family member in your home. Maybe grandmom needs to move in to watch over the kids. You can provide her with her own space down in the basement but you might have to clear out the clutter first. The Junk King crew can make those trips up and down the basement stairs to accomplish that task. That same crew will handle all the disposal of the junk as well. Often this will mean dropping some items off at a local charity where they can resell it. There are recycling options available for things like old stoves, car parts or metal swing sets. If you’ve been holding onto newspapers and magazines then Junk King can get rid of those at a Pittsburgh recycling center. As soon as you’re ready to downsize, give Junk King Pittsburgh a call and put the plan into action!

E-Waste Recycling & Disposal in Pittsburgh

When it comes to recycling there is the easy stuff and the hard stuff. Recently the Pennsylvania Resources Council hosted the “Hard to Recycle” drop-off at the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills. The things they deemed “hard to recycle” included items such as computers, TVs, cell phones, printer/toner cartridges and CFLs. On some level those items could be considered hard to recycle simply because you’re not allowed to toss those kinds of things out in the garbage. However, there is nothing hard about hiring Junk King Pittsburgh for e-waste recycling. In fact, this is the most hassle free option you could have when it comes to removing all kinds of junk.

Junk King is the professional hauling team who has set up shop here in Pittsburgh just like they have at cities all across the country. Any Junk King business follows a strict set of guidelines and pricing procedures when it comes to efficient, eco-friendly and professional junk removal. Anything less wouldn’t be Junk King. It starts with hiring the right type of workers. The Junk King crews are all full-time workers who are proud to wear the JK uniform! This is their job and it’s a job that is built upon positive word of mouth. They’re not going to stay in business very long if they can’t keep their customers happy.

Start with a call to Junk King Pittsburgh and let them know how much you will be tossing out. This is important because you’re only going to be charged by the amount of space your junk takes up on the Junk King truck. Once you’ve been given an estimate that price is locked and loaded. There won’t be any “surprise charges” that pop up. On the day of the scheduled appointment, the Junk King crew will show up exactly within the window of time they tell you they will. That will all be based around your schedule. In no time, the Junk King will load up what you tell them to and be on your way. That’s way better than you renting a truck, doing all the lifting and then driving around Pittsburgh looking for the proper drop-off destination.

As for what you can throw away with Junk King Pittsburgh, pretty much the sky is the limit. How can you fill up a truck? Whether you’ve got furniture, sports equipment, cribs, play sets, TVs or appliances they can all go in the back of the Junk King truck. As for your e-waste items those will all end up at a certified recycling center where they’ll be broken down to their core components and shipped off for proper smelting. There really is only one way to get rid of your junk and that would be the Junk King way!

Pittsburgh Old TV Disposal

If you haven’t made the switch over to a digital video recorder or DVR you’re missing out on a world of wonder. Clearly, nobody is selling VHS tapes anymore. The digital video recorder is pretty much stand now with any new cable or satellite upgrade. The DVR allows you to pause a program when watching it live, go make a sandwich or take the dog for a walk and come back and pick up right where you left off. You can also program to record the entire season of your favorite shows with a press of a button. All of your shows will be stored on a hard drive with easy access. Once you’ve gone DVR there will be no going back!

Even if you’re already a DVR user there are some great tricks of the trade which can help you get the most bang for your buck. Right now, you have the option to record a standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD). Obviously, you’re TV needs to be HD and you need to pay for the extra service but when it comes to recording, HD takes up a lot of space on the hard drive. Certain shows are going to look better in HD but choose wisely so you can make room for everything you want to record.

Because DVRs are so easy to use they are also easy to forget about when it comes to deleting. Make sure as soon as you’re done with a show you zap it off your hard drive. If there is a show you want to keep for later, change the save settings to “wait until I erase” otherwise it might get bumped off by your machine.

If you really feel the need for additional space, you can always plug in an external hard drive to boost up your storage capacity. A single terabyte can provide you with 140 extra hours of HD and a whooping 1,000 hours of SD storage.

Much like getting a good night’s sleep is dependent on the quality of your mattress, enjoying premium HD recordings will depend on the quality of your television. If you’re watching shows on an old overgrown tube set then it’s time for a replacement. Because televisions are considered e-waste, there are laws on the books preventing you from leaving them out on the curb with the rest of the garbage. If you do that you could be fine because it won’t get picked up. To get rid of any of your e-waste or other bulky items you’ll need to make a call to Junk King Pittsburgh. These are the junk removal specialists that provide two capable movers and a huge truck for every job. Start with getting rid of your old TV and end up clearing your entire home of junk. That’s the Junk King way!

Pittsburgh Refrigerator Disposal

According to the city of Pittsburgh Freon appliances are things like refrigerators, dehumidifiers and air conditioners. These are items that can’t merely be tossed out on the curb. They have to be properly disposed of. That’s not an easy task if you are doing this on your own. The moment you have deemed a refrigerator in non-use you’re going to either have to remove the door or secure it with a lock. Not to do so would result in a fine and citation. Doesn’t matter if you’re putting that fridge in a garage and don’t have any kids living with you; those precautions still have to be taken. There are a few certified drop-off centers around the Pittsburgh area where you can take your old refrigerator but again, that is easier said than done. If you want a hassle-free approach to refrigerator disposal than the only call you should be making is to Junk King Pittsburgh.

Consider what it took to bring that refrigerator into your home. It was probably a two-man crew who had to carefully unload the fridge and then maneuver it up steps and around walls into your kitchen. That’s the same effort it goings to take to get rid of the sofa and that’s just what you’ll be getting with Junk King. Sure, if you have a pickup truck you could load the fridge on the back, if you have the help. Here again Junk King rides to the rescue with their own huge truck. You don’t have to worry about any rental fees or filling out extra insurance forms. It’s all part of the complete junk removal service from Junk King Pittsburgh.

When hiring Junk King to take away your old fridge you should also think about taking full advantage of that crew to get rid of anything else that is bulky or oversized. What have you been keeping in storage in your garage or down the basement that is just getting in the way? An old mattress? Broken baby furniture? Parts from a car engine? Remodeling lumber scraps? A piano that nobody plays? All of that stuff can be tossed onto the back of the Junk King truck and taken away with zero effort on your part. All you have to worry about is what you want to get rid of.

Rest assured that when Junk King takes away something like your refrigerator they will make sure it is delivered to a certified recycling center for proper disposal. In fact, that’s what they’ll be doing with just about everything that is collected from your home. Out with the old and in with Junk King Pittsburgh!

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