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Category Archives: Pittsburgh Hot Tub Disposal

Pittsburgh Home Cleanouts

pittsburgh clean outsHomes are selling fast here in Pittsburgh. That is according to the facts compiled by West Penn Multi-List. They found that in November, it took seller two weeks less time to close a deal on their homes then in the previous month. The number of homes going on the market also went up by 2% in November. Over all, new listings are up by 3% for the year. This is very good news for the local economy because if the real estate market is coming back, then everything is coming back.

One of the reasons that folks are able to sell their homes so fast could be tied to “curb appeal.” This is how a home looks from the outside and the inside. Sure, an inspector might reveal some minor issues that need fixing. However, when you get right down to it, more homebuyers base their decisions on what the home looks like. This is why sellers are always encouraged to de-clutter their properties before they go onto the market. Hiring a company like Junk King Pittsburgh can make that de-cluttering project stress-free.

Sometimes a seller will already move out of their home. When that happens, Junk King can swoop in and gather up anything left behind. That is a total home cleanout. If the buyer is still occupying the home, then Junk King can still be a big advantage as they can help clear out all those things like stored furniture, boxes of junk and other items that take up space. You definitely want to show a prospective buyer all the available space in your home!

That same Junk King crew can also be sent out to the back and front yard to pick up any debris that is detracting from your curb appeal. If you’ve got old planters, fallen tree branches, shrubs or rusty patio furniture, then give it all to Junk King.

Before anything gets loaded on the Junk King truck, you’ll be presented with an estimate fee. That will be based on the amount of space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. It’s a single fee with no hidden charges. If it ends up that your junk takes up more space, you’re not going to be charged any extra. If it takes up less space, you’ll be given a refund. This puts Junk King as one of the fairest and most affordable private hauls in the Pittsburgh area. Call them today to arrange your cleanout!


Pittsburgh Hot Tub Disposal

How’s your circulation? The older we get the greater the chance that our circulation becomes impeded. Chalk it up to the stress of the day and lack of mobility. It’s especially hard to keep mobile if you’re trapped in a cubicle for eight hours a day. However, you can greatly improve your circulation with a nightly soak in the soothing, warm waters of a hot tub. How’s that hot tub in your backyard? If the answer is “not so good” then perhaps it’s time to get cart off that old model and replace it with a modern hot tub. Easier said than done? Actually it is when you hire Junk King Pittsburgh to the task.

If you “inherited” that hot tub from the previous owner or had it put in years prior you know it wasn’t a one-man job. Taking it apart and hauling it away will require a strong crew as well. That’s what you’ll be getting with Junk King: a capable crew up to the task of helping you dispose of that hot tub. Although it might seem like a single “piece” that are several elements to a hot tub that need to be dismantled. The inner shell has to be removed from the frame. That’s clearly something that can only be done with at least two workers. Then the motor components have to be disassembled as well. All of that has to be loaded onto the back of a truck. Hard to imagine doing that by yourself. With Junk King the job can be accomplished in a snap.

Remember the goal is to clear out the space so you can bring in a new hot tub. However, you don’t necessarily have to replace the old hot tub with a new one. You could consider just getting rid of the unit to make more room in your backyard. It’s also a good idea to take away any item that allows for standing water which could attract mosquitoes.

Hiring Junk King to take away your hot tub doesn’t mean that’s the only thing they can take out. As long as they’ll be pulling up with a huge truck why not fill it up with all the stuff you want to toss out? Is there anything in your spare room to get rid of like furniture or boxes? Are there things in your garage that could be cleared out to make more practical space? All of that can be handled when you put Junk King Pittsburgh to work for you. Start with the old hot tub and finish with a completely clutter free home!

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