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Ways To Take the Stress Out Of Becoming A Landlord

Being a landlord doesn’t have to be all that stressful. The key is finding a good tenant. It also helps to maintain the property so you’re not looking at constant repairs or complaints. There are some steps you can take to ensure your time is a landlord isn’t stressful. Here’s what you can do:


Establish a Late Policy

You should have a late fee policy written into your lease agreement. This can be a charge for overdue rent but you need to specify what you defined as overdue. Does the tenant have 24 hours from the first to pay the rent? Is it due on the first or the fifth? And how will that late fee be charged? The thing about a late fee is that it needs to be enforced. The minute you “let it go” is when you lose respect from your renter. They know your pushover. Don’t let that happen.

Don’t Rent To Family Or Friends

Much like lending money to family or friends can spell trouble the same can be said for renting an apartment to them. You don’t ever want to fall into the trap of letting things slide because “they are family.” That’s true for upkeep and for rent. You may have the most loyal and trustworthy family and friends around but don’t put that to the test.

Have an Enforceable Lease

Everything about your rental property should be spelled out in the lease that will be signed by your future tenant. This needs to be an enforceable lease. In other words, you can put things in there that go against city ordinances. That’s why you want to make sure your lease is checked by an experienced attorney before you put it to use.

Get the Right Insurance Policy

Setting up an insurance policy for your rental property is no time to cut corners. You want to get the maximum amount of rental insurance, property liability insurance and any other type of insurance that’s required by Dallas or the state of Texas. You could build in the fees for your insurance as part of your rent payments. That works best when you have multiple tenants.

Hire Professionals For Extra Help

A great stress reducer as a landlord is to bring in professional help. You can hire all your maintenance workers. That includes bring in Junk King Dallas Mid Cities for all your junk removal needs. When a tenant moves out there might be a lot of rubbish left behind. The two-man crew from Junk King will quickly load up all that stuff regardless of size or weight. One call to Junk King Dallas Mid Cities can make sure your rental property is clear and ready to get back on the market.

Put These Smart Tips To Work For Your Next Move

The most effective way to save money on your next move is to do your own packing. This isn’t as complicated as it sounds. If you start to do a little bit each day, then you’ll probably be finished long before moving day arrives. There are plenty moving tips used by the pros that you can use for your own packing. Here are some smart ones:


Find Free Boxes

Everyone knows to look for free boxes at the grocery and liquor store. However, you could also look on Craigslist. Many people are happy to get rid of the boxes from their move as long as you pick them up. You could also put out the call out on Facebook to ask your friends if they have boxes. Any free box is much better than one you have to pay for.

Use the Right Size Box

The biggest complaint from professional movers is large boxes packed with heavy items. They are very cumbersome and can often break in the bottom. The big boxes are best for light things such as pillows and linens. Use smaller boxes for books and other heavy objects. You might have to utilize a lot of small boxes but it’s much better that way.

If you’re loading up your own truck, then want to make sure you pack the heavy boxes first. They should all go towards the front of the truck for balance.

Use Every Space

There shouldn’t be any empty space in a box. Even if something isn’t breakable, you don’t want it banging around. Fill in the empty spaces with packing paper or some of your own clothing and towels. This also helps with balance when you’re stacking boxes.

Don’t Mix-And-Match

While it is true that everything is going to the same destination not everything is going to the same room. You’ll do yourself a big favor if you don’t mix and match items from different rooms into the same box. That has less to do with moving than it does with unpacking.

Tape and Label Strongly

Obviously, you want tape your boxes very strongly at the bottom and the top. Invest in a good box cutter for unpacking. You will want to label each box with the room that it’s going into. You should also give a brief inventory list as well. Again, this is more to do with unpacking than the moving but it can save you time at the other end.

Don’t Move With Clutter

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving into a bigger space or one the same size; you don’t want to bring clutter with you. This usually happens when you rush towards the end of packing. Take your time sorting through all the things and pull out the items that you without. All of that should be turned over the Junk King Dallas Mid Cities. One call to these professional junk haulers and you get all of that clutter removed in a fast appointment. Working with Junk King Dallas Mid Cities insures that you aren’t going to be bringing any clutter with you to your new home.

Stay Organized Around The House With These Helpful Hints

When you get into the habit of organizing your house, things just fall into place. There is a lot less running around in the morning and it is much more relaxing in the evening. Although many of these helpful hints work best with a family, even if you are living on your own you’ll find them to be a game changer. This is what you need to do to stay organized around the house:


The Night Before

The night before a school or work day you should put out outfits that you going to wear in a designated area. Have the kids pack up their backpacks with their homework and books. If lunches have to be made, then doing in the night before will help.

Any purses, briefcases, cell phones or keys should be dropped in a designated area by the front door. That way you’ll know where they are when it’s time to leave. You should decide on your breakfast the night before and set that up as best you can. For instance, if it’s going to be cereal, then have the boxes and bowls on the counter ready to go.

If your kids have a hard time getting a move on in the morning, then you might want to set their clocks ahead 10 minutes. Even if they figure it out it will still be a help.

In The Bathroom

The bathroom is a prime clutter zone. If you deal with a lot of hairspray, lotions and other accessories, then you should place them all in a small plastic tub with a handle. That can then be placed under the sink and taken out whenever you need it with everything in one spot.

Shower caddies can make can make a world of difference for holding soap and shampoo. Having a water squeegee in the shower is a good way to keep that shower door clean. Just a few quick wiped down every time you take a shower will help.

Inside the medicine cabinet, a magnetic strip is terrific to hold tweezers, nail clippers and scissors. Anything in the medicine cabinet that has expired should be tossed out. That’s especially true for prescription medicine.

Clear Out the Closet

The best way to organize your closet is to pull everything out. You’re going to discover a lot of things that you can get rid of. It’s amazing how long you hold onto items like old computers and outfits you’ll no longer wear.

And everything that you determined to be rubbish can be efficiently taken away with one call to Junk King Dallas Mid Cities. They will provide you with a moving crew and truck big enough to hold whatever you’re tossing out. Organizing is all about tossing out clutter and Junk King Dallas Mid Cities is the perfect partner for that job.

Tips For Saving Money On A Kitchen Remodel

Is this the summer you’re finally going to put in your dream kitchen? Taking on a kitchen remodel project can add a lot of value to your home. Even if you’re not selling your home there are still good reasons to make this kind of investment. Just because you’re creating your dream kitchen doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Here are some terrific money-saving tips for your kitchen remodel:


Use Ready To Assemble Cabinets

You’ll find as you start budgeting out your kitchen remodel that the cabinets are going to be the most expensive part of that remodel. Those costs increase if you go with custom cabinetry. These are cabinets that are built and installed to fit specifically into your space. In other words, they are created from scratch. The other option is to buy ready to assemble cabinets. These are usually at half the cost per linear foot. The good news is that they are every bit as good quality and available in many styles and colors.

Keep the Old Cabinets

If your old cabinets are made of good quality would and you still like the style, then you might want to consider holding onto them. You could resurface and repaint them. Changing the color scheme of your cabinets can elevate the entire kitchen. It might only cost a few hundred dollars.

Use Open Shelving

An alternative to cabinets is open shelving. These can either be from reclaimed wood or with prefabricated shelving kits. These types of shelving are great for displaying everyday dishes and other common items. Because you use these items every day, they don’t have a chance to collect dust.

Consider Alternative Countertops

You might think that the only countertop to have in a remodel kitchen is granite. However, there’s a wide range of countertop alternatives such as concrete, tile or stone that look every bit as good as granite but at half the cost. You can also mix and match counters. For instance, your perimeter counters and your butcher-block island could be made of different material.

Don’t Move Appliances

There’s nothing wrong with replacing your appliances for your kitchen remodel. It only gets more expensive if you decide to move those appliances around. Anytime you have to reroute piping is going to become a big spending issue. That is especially true with your kitchen sink. You may find it is more cost-effective to put in a window over the sink as opposed to moving a sink to a window.

Do Your Own Demolition

The first phase of any kitchen remodel is going to be demolition. This doesn’t mean taking a stick of dynamite to your kitchen but instead carefully removing the cabinets pulling out the appliances and yanking up any tile. All of that work can be done by yourself and a few helpers. You will obviously be making a lot of mess and that is where Junk King Dallas Mid Cities can be a big help. One call to these professional junk haulers will have all that demolition cleared in a single appointment. That’s the best way to have your crew start work the next day.

Take the time to plan out your kitchen remodel to save money and be sure to hire Junk King Dallas Mid Cities for all the debris removal.

How To Get Your Home Ready For New Puppy

If you’re planning on bringing a new puppy into the house, then get ready for some upheaval. But it’s a good upheaval that comes with lots of wet kisses. Although you might be inspired to get your puppy from a shelter on a spur of the moment, you should still prepare your home so that you’re ready to make that new member of the family feel welcome. Here are some of the things you can do to make your home ready for a new puppy:


Set Up Their Food Zone

Your puppy won’t have any trouble finding food and water once you put it down for them. As you train your puppy to do their business outside, you might want to restrict their water. As soon as they’re done drinking, taken right outside and praise them when they take care of things.

With regard to their food, you should probably just feed them at the recommended times from your veterinarian. Don’t leave food in the bowl throughout the day. You might think that buying dog kibble in bulk is a good way to save money. However, for a small puppy having that much food around might go to waste because it does get stale. It’s also a good idea to keep the food in a plastic container with a secured lid that will keep out any bugs.

Set Up Their Sleeping Zone

The first few nights with a puppy are going to be rough. Just look at from their point of view: They’re coming from a place where they were surrounded with other puppies and their mom into a place where they’re going to be all alone. You can ease their stress by bringing their crate into your bedroom. You can elevate the crate so they can see you sleeping.

Crate training is a great way to establish boundaries for your puppy. But that crate should never be thought of as a punishment. Throughout the day, keep the crate open. That allows them to go in and out as they please. Also, put some toys and treats in their so they know that this is a happy place.

Get Rid Of The Clutter

Setting up a crate for your puppy means making room in a corner. That means clearing away the clutter. Getting rid of that excess clutter is also removing temptation for your puppy. One call to junk King Dallas mid cities can help you de-clutter your entire home. The crew from junk King can also sweep through your backyard to remove any potential hazard for your puppy.

Once your puppy gets used to their new home they’ll be a lot more fun.

Junk King Dallas Mid Cities Helps You Take Back Your Weekend

How long is your list of things you’d like to do this weekend? We’re not talking about the things you “have to do” but the things you want to do if you have the time. You like to go to a barbecue festival? How about spending time at the botanical Gardens? Nothing beats spending an afternoon at an art museum. There are all the kinds of things that are well earned after a hard week of work. However, if you have a list of chores to do, then getting to the fun stuff is going to take a bit longer. This is where Junk King Dallas Mid Cities can be a help.


Junk King Dallas Mid Cities is a professional junk hauling service that has been helping homeowners and businesses clear out all kinds of debris from their property. Usually, someone hires Junk King Dallas Mid Cities when something is getting replaced in the home. For instance, if you’re swapping out a sofa, then you need to get rid of that old sofa in order to make room. The same thing can be said about a refrigerator, washer machine, stove or dishwasher. Junk King Dallas Mid Cities can quickly remove those big items in time for delivery of the new ones.

The other reason for hiring Junk King Dallas Mid Cities is to take care of clutter that has been accumulating over the months and years. Where in your home do you have most of that clutter? Would it be down the basement or out of the garage? How much stuff is in your closets that you could get rid of? Take a moment to consider just how much space you would reclaim once all that clutter is removed by Junk King Dallas Mid Cities. It can really transform your home!

Junk King Dallas Mid Cities is going to provide you with everything you need for this kind of junk removal. That breaks down to a two-man moving crew and a big truck. This is a crew that can be doing all the lifting and loading for you regardless of how heavy something might be or cumbersome it is to bring it out the house. Hiring Junk King Dallas Mid Cities to get rid of your rubbish frees up a lot of weekend time!