Junk Dallas Handles Total Junk Removal

It is rather easy to spot junk around your property. Out in the backyard, there could be things like old tires or auto parts from the last tinkering session. There could also be leftover scraps of lumber, fencing or roofing materials. Stacking those things up by the side of the garage or under the porch is a perfect storage spot. You might have thought you could put those items to use but after several seasons out in the weather they’ve just become rubbish. Time to get rid of them, right?


The same can be said for all the clutter in your garage. You might have boxes left over from your last move. If something has been kept in a box for longer than a year, then it’s clear you don’t need it. What you do need is the space to keep the things that are still valuable. Down in the basement you could have some old furniture or a busted washing machine that is taking up space. All of these items can be hauled off by Junk King in a single junk removal appointment. That’s easy. But did you know that Junk King will go the extra mile to make sure all your debris is removed and that includes things that need to be torn down or taken apart.

If you’re taking on a remodeling project in your home, the first phase is going to be demolition. This is where you’ll be taking down cabinets, pulling up tiles and removing drywall. As it happens, the crews working for Junk King Dallas have some experience with removing drywall and all kinds of other types of demolition. And you thought we just hauled off junk?

The added bonus with hiring Junk King for this type of removal is that you’ll have instant cleanup. Taking down drywall can be a messy project but that mess has to be cleared away before the new drywall can go up. If you have the Junk King crew working on the take down and the cleanup in the morning, the new drywall can go up after lunch and you’re project will stay on schedule.

This type of job is also the perfect example of why you should hire Junk King in the first place. Spare yourself the back-straining work of tearing down, lifting and loading. Instead, put Junk King to work for you. You’ll be glad you did!