Dallas – Garage Cleanout and Renovations

When people come to us to get Dallas – Garage Cleanout, they’re often surprised by what the space looks like afterward. Clients are always telling us about the fantastic ideas that you have once the space has been cleared out. Here’s just a few of the things that they’ve shared with us that they’ve done with their garage.

Made an Apartment
Really enterprising clients are motivated by our Dallas – Garage Cleanout services. Because we are thorough and efficient, their garage looks much better in no time and they start making plans quickly. One of the big changes they’ve made we’ve heard from our customers is about apartments.

They’ve even shared pictures with us about how they’ve made a few renovations and turned their garage space into an amazingly modern loft apartment. Some of our clients have decided to rent it out for extra income and others hand it over to their teenage children so they have their own space.

A Workshop
It’s important to remember that our Dallas – Garage Cleanout services can be booked online. What’s more, you’ll see that we take quite a variety of different items when you browse our website. Once the whole process is over, some of our other clients have turned that empty space into a workshop.

For some, just some simple wooden scaffolding and tables turns an empty garage into the fulfillment of a lifetime dream. They are able to either work on other home projects in this new workshop or even start a side business to bring in some extra income.

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Another Living Space
One of the other things that our clients love to brag about is the way they turn their cleaned out garage into another living space. Perhaps best of all, they tell us how good they feel knowing that the junk that was taken away was recycled wherever possible.

However, you decide to use your space in the end, our Junk King Dallas – Garage Cleanout services are dedicated to helping you de-clutter your garage today.