Call Junk King Dallas For Swift Fence Removal

Replacing a backyard fence the right way is all about timing. First, you need to contract the fence installation crew to determine what your replacement fence is going to look like. You might be using the exact same materials as the old fence or upgrading to an improved fence in style and look. Once you have lockdown your installation you need to then deal with the old fence removal. That is the perfect job to bring in Junk King Dallas for. This is the work crew that can help with that fence removal very swiftly and on your schedule.

The Dirty Work

When you hire Junk King for this type of task you will no longer have to think of it as a DIY project. Even though you might  enjoy working in your backyard as you don’t have to do any the dirty work of taking down offense and loading up all those debris items. That is something that the team from Junk King is going to start to finish. Every junk removal session is staffed with two capable crewmembers. However, depending on the size of your fence and the work involved Junk King might advise to have additional crewmembers send over for the task. That is something you can feel great about accepting because you won’t be paying any extra for that extra labor.

The Same Fee

The price for offense removal is the same as for a couch removal. Junk King charges a flat fee that reflects how much space the stuff you getting rid of is going fill on the back of the truck. That fee covers all the labor whether it’s to crew members for six. It also covers all the time they spent on the project whether it’s 20 minutes or an hour.  That fee also covers all the transportation and disposal of you getting rid of. It’s a price that is very affordable and significantly less if you were to hire your own crew and rent your own truck.

For swift and affordable fence removal you can always count on Junk King Dallas to make it happen.