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Put Junk King To Work For Your Fall Cleanup

Fall is definitely a season that you can see everything changing. It starts with the leaves on the trees changing colors and ends with all of those leaves hitting the ground. In between, there are pumpkins and apples to pick and fall festivals to attend. Not to mention Halloween and Thanksgiving! It is the start of decorating and entertaining.

All of that means that this is a perfect time for a fall cleanup session around your house. If there are some items that you would like to get rid of that can be tossed out into the trash as part of your fall cleanup, then you want to bring in the crew from Junk King Dallas. This is the perfect professional junk hauler to put to work for your fall cleanup.

Major Clearance

One Junk King session will provide you with some major clearance when it comes to unwanted items in your home. Those unwanted items can fall into several different categories. With Junk King on the job, you can get rid of old furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing, sporting equipment and other household goods. Even if you were to pick just one item from each of those categories you would still be getting rid of a lot of stuff.

All of that clearance work is going to be facilitated by the team of Junk King movers who will be assigned to your task. This is a friendly crew that likes to work fast. You will set up your session by picking a two-hour window on a day that works best for those two hours. Junk King team will keep you informed throughout the day as they get closer to arrival time. It’s a safe bet that they will show up early.

Once the Junk King crew arrives your home, they will spring into action and before you know it all your unwanted stuff will be gone. One rubbish removal session with Junk King Dallas is a terrific way to take care of your fall cleanup agenda. Book your session today.

Remodeling and Construction Debris Clean Up Tips

Home renovation inspires new ideas while discarding old materials.

Did you know that about a quarter of all homeowners in 2018 spent between $10,000 and $25,000 on home improvement? Construction experts project the amount of spending on home renovation to grow to $465 billion by 2022. Here’s what you need to know about debris removal if you decide to do construction work on your home. 

What Is Debris Removal?

When a construction team works on a project there’s a need for debris removal services, which is a separate business. A home DIY project also calls for debris removal, which Junk King provides all over Dallas. The reason you don’t want to handle this task without professional help is that home renovation can involve exposure to harmful waste materials.

Many of the homes built prior to the 1980s used toxic materials that are no longer widely used in construction. Asbestos, for example, was used in home-building materials for decades until it was found to have links with cancer. The material was resistant to heat and corrosion, but by the end of last century was replaced by safer alternatives.

Sustainability has become a core goal of construction, which means minimizing hazardous materials. Likewise, sustainability has become a key reason for home renovation. Homeowners want to replace inefficient or dangerous materials with safer and more durable choices.

Inevitably, old home materials will pile up from the project and need to be removed from your property. You certainly don’t want to figure out how to make room for hazardous materials. It’s best to work with professionals such as Junk King experts who are experienced at removing unsafe or bulky materials.


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Ways for Making Debris Removal Easy by Hiring Junk King Experts

One of the common problems with a DIY project is that lack of experience leads to inefficiencies. You may not have considered all the hard work and heavy lifting involved with junk removal. People who don’t have proper training in lifting heavy objects can injure their backs.

Construction debris can be dangerous for many reasons. A board might have nails sticking out that can cause damage if handlers aren’t careful. That’s why debris removal should be the work of experts who prioritize safety.

If you decide to go the DIY route, consider the self-service dumpster rental option. Junk King will deliver a large dumpster to your home and let you fill it up yourself over the rental period.

Be aware that DIY home renovation is fairly complex and involves legal issues you might not have thought about. Certain types of construction debris must be removed in a specific legal manner. Each state has its own requirements related to debris removal.

The easier option is to just let Junk King do all the debris removal for you. That way you won’t have to worry about exposure to lead-containing materials or PCB-containing light ballasts. Our movers come prepared with protective safety gear and understand how to dispose of items properly.

Another reason why Junk King makes debris removal easier is that we work directly with recyclers. Our goal is to recycle as much construction material as possible and limit what ends up in a landfill. We will save you time by researching your state and local laws involving proper waste disposal.

Instead of making several trips to the dump, Junk King uses big trucks and dumpsters that get the job done quickly. We also plan these trips to be as fuel-efficient as possible. When you work with Junk King, you are moving toward more sustainable solutions.

You’ll get the most satisfaction from your home renovation project by working with seasoned professionals. You won’t have to spend hours trying to figure out the proper forms of disposal for each material. Nor will you have to risk your health and safety.

Junk removal is a tedious job that doesn’t have room for errors. The easiest and most painless way to remove junk from your property is to schedule time with Junk King.


Hiring the debris removal services of Junk King will give you peace of mind that a complex job is done seamlessly. Contact us at Junk King to discuss your junk removal project, as we are ready to provide you with prompt service.

Heavy Lifting, Without Moving A Muscle

A Fast Approach For Flooring Debris Removal

Once a remodeling project begins, the clock starts ticking. The goal is to get that project completed with a minimum amount of disruption to your household. That can be a challenge especially when you are putting in new flooring. That means removing all the furniture from the room in order to get the work done. Thankfully, most flooring projects can be completed within two days. The first day is for the demolition and removal of the old floor and the second day is for the installation. In between, there needs to be a thorough cleaning of the old flooring debris. That will provide a safe environment for your floor installers to get the work done. That type of clean up is a job that the team from Junk King Dallas can be a big help with.

The Right Scheduling

This type of clean up assignment requires the right scheduling. Junk King works hard to accommodate a customers schedule. That is why they only require setting aside a two-hour window on a day that works best for that customer. Most of that to our times taking up getting from one appointment to the next. The Junk King crew will always let you know when you can expect their arrival within that two-hour frame. For flooring debris removal it might be a good idea to schedule your session with Junk King towards the end of the day. That way you can make sure the work is complete and all that is left is the cleanup.

As for the cost, Junk King offers a flat rate based on how the truck will be packed up with all of the things that you are getting rid of. You never be charge by the pound with Junk King and that can make a big difference when you are getting rid of flooring debris.

The fast and affordable way to clean out old flooring debris would be to call in the crew from Junk King Dallas. Make that call today.

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