Get All The Spooky Junk Haul From Your Home Today

Are you afraid of what might be lurking in your closet? We’re not talking about some nightmare character but instead the kind of clutter that tumbles out every time you go looking for something. What about out in the garage? Are there heaps of spook junk items piled up out there preventing you from parking your car inside? This is no way to enjoy your home. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all that unwanted rubbish gone for good? That can happen when you place a call to Junk King Dallas. These are the junk hauling pros who can make any amount of spooky junk vanish in no time at all.


How much space on a moving truck do you think you could fill up with all your junk? Would it be half of a truck or the whole thing? Whatever that amount is will be how your Junk King fee will be determined. The Junk King crews know how to size up any amount of stuff for that estimate. They have a lot of experience with getting a lot of stuff into as little space as possible. You want them to pack things tight so that you can pay the low price. It’s a very fair and honest approach to pricing for this type of service.

Because the price is based on how things will get packed, you don’t have to consider how heavy something is. That is true for the fee and for the ability of the Junk King crew to move it out of your home. These are expert movers who have lifted all kinds of heavy and bulky objects. Whatever you’re getting rid of won’t be a surprise to them. Chances are they’ve move the same thing at least a dozen times over.

You can also put that same moving crew to work clearing rubbish from your backyard. They can’t move a car but they can certainly take away a lot of car parts like fenders, tires, rims and engine parts. Add to that any patio furniture or gardening refuse and you’re going to end up with a clear yard.

There is nothing scary about getting rid of all your spooky junk. Just let Junk King Dallas handle the job from start to finish.

Get Old Appliances Removed Today

How long have the appliances in your kitchen actually been in your kitchen? Is your fridge older than your stove or did you get them at the same time. Even if all your appliances were bought at the same time, they might not all stay in operating condition for the same time. The fridge might go up long before the stove does and a dishwasher always seems to break down right after the warranty ends! Replacing those broken appliances ASAP is crucial. That means getting rid of the old appliances has to happen fast, too. That can be taken care of with one call to Junk King Dallas.


Appliances and furniture are the two most popular items that Junk King removes from homes. And age and usefulness are the two main reasons. An appliance could still be functioning but it might be outdated. There are all kinds of “smart” kitchen appliances on the market today that improve efficiency in the kitchen and are just “cool” to have.

When Junk King removes old appliances, they’ll want to know if it is still working or broken beyond repair. That will help them determine where that item will end up. If it is broken, then Junk King could drop the piece off at recycling center. Those appliances that are still functioning can be donated to a charity. Nothing has to go to waste when you’ve got Junk King collecting the stuff.

After loading a single appliance like a washer or a stove onto the Junk King truck, there will certainly be room for more stuff. What do you want to get rid of from around your home? Before you answer that, consider that you will have those two Junk King movers helping out. Knowing that you will have two movers who will be working on your removal appointment can have a huge impact on your final removal list. If you’re not doing the lifting, then you can finally clear out every heavy piece in your home. That will be awesome! When you put Junk King Dallas on the job, getting rid of old appliances and junk will be easy.

Count On Junk King For Big Garbage Removal

Texas has a reputation for “big things.” As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. That’s not just the steaks at the BBQ or the mileage distance across the state, it can also be with the stuff we need to get rid of. Big garbage would best be described as anything that can’t fit into the trashcan. And the best way to handle big garbage removal is to give that job to Junk King Dallas.


When you hire Junk King, you’re really hiring you own two-man moving crew. Unlike the crew that moved your home, the team from Junk King isn’t going to take all day. In fact, a typical removal session is usually completed in under twenty minutes. The exceptions are those really big garbage removal jobs like a hoarder cleanup or emptying out a foreclosed home. Those jobs are also handled quickly by Junk King but it might take more crewmembers to get it all cleared in one day. You’ll get those extra workers without being charged extra.

Junk King has a pricing policy that is based on volume and not weight. A full truckload for Junk King would actually equally about six standard pickup truck loads. If your stuff would only fill up one pickup, then you’ll pay the lower price. You’ll know what this price is before the job starts. The crews have a lot of packing experience and they know how things fit on the truck. When you agree to the price, then the loading work will begin.

Just what kind of big garbage items can you get removed from Junk King? Anything from a pool table to a box of old boots. Remember, weight isn’t a factor for pricing and it isn’t a factor for lifting and loading. The Junk King crews have carried all kinds of things out of homes, apartments and businesses. It’s a safe bet whatever you’re asking them to haul out they’ve already done it a dozen times or more.

Getting rid of all that big garbage is going to make your living space a bit more comfortable. When you’ve got big garbage removal to take care of you need to put Junk King Dallas on the job.

How To Start Off the New School Year Right

How you start the first few days of school can set the tone for the entire year. This is why you want to remove all possible “slowdown” variables. You should be practicing waking the kids up early the week before school starts. It also helps to get all the school supplies ready for that first week along with a menu plan for lunches. Nothing should be left to second-guessing. Here are some other tips to help start off the new school year right:


Re-assure Your Child

Your excitement for your kid going back to school is meant to get them excited, too. But sometimes kids are holding back their fears because they don’t want to disappoint their parents. This is when you want to make sure they understand that you’ll always be listening to any concerns or fears they might have. And you can remind them that their teachers will do the same.

Point out the Positives

A new school year is a time to reconnect with old friends. It’s a chance to make new friends. Plus, there is going to be all kinds of amazing things to learn. These are the kinds of positive things you want to point out to your kid.

Pick Out Clothes the Night Before

The night before a school day is when outfits for the next day should be picked out. This will help cut back on scrambling in the morning. It will also spare you from any last minute washing. All of that can be done the night before. The more relaxed everyone is in the morning, the better off the day will become.

Encourage Safe Transportation to School

There might come a time when you’re relying on school buses to take your kids to school. Or they might be close enough and old enough to walk on their own. In those instances, you should try to promote safe habits like texting when they get to school or walking with a friend from the neighborhood.

Remove Unwanted Clutter

As you get ready for school, it is time to go through all the closets, dressers and other storage areas. You’re looking for all the clothes, jackets, sweaters, shoes and everything else that your kid has outgrown or doesn’t want to wear any more because it isn’t “cool.” That could create a lot of stuff to get rid of and that’s when you bring in the crews from Junk King Dallas. It will only take one decluttering session with Junk King Dallas to help get your ready for back-to-school. Put them to work today.

The Best Approach For First-Time Homebuyers

Somewhere in Dallas, someone is moving into their first home. They made that happen after going through a rigorous buying process. Yes, the home buying process can be extremely anxiety inducing but the final reward will be worth all the stress. You can reduce some of that stress by taking putting these first-time home-buying tips into action.


Hire an Agent

There are a lot of things we can turn into a “do it yourself” project but buying a home for the first time isn’t one of them. There are too many unknown variables to consider that an experienced real estate agent will know firsthand. That agent will have new listings before they’re put online. They also know the market and what would constitute a realistic price. They also know the potential problems of a home based on disclosures and inspection reports. Your agent also becomes your advocate and that is someone you want on your side when buying a home.

Find a Home to Buy

Before you step into a home, you’ll want to research the neighborhood. No sense buying a great house if it is in an undesirable area. Once you’ve narrowed down your choice of neighborhood, then you can begin looking at houses in earnest. It is probably a good idea to just six or seven initial “targets.” Any more than that and you’ll be overwhelmed. Your real estate agent can set up a tour for the home and you won’t have to wait for an open house.

Get a Loan

It’s a smart move to get pre-approved for a loan before you go house hunting. This will let you know exactly the price range you should be looking for. That can help narrow the search. Being pre-approved is also very attractive to a seller who will then know that you’re “good to go.” They don’t want to take their home off the market only to find out you’re not qualified.

Toss Out Junk

This tip is more about getting ready to move into your new home than buying it but it is still very important. You don’t want to bring old junk into a new house and Junk King Dallas can be a big help with that goal. These are the junk hauling pros that can quickly go through your entire house and remove all kinds of old furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing and other household goods. Start your new life in a new home without any of your old junk. Junk King Dallas can help make that happen.

Take Care Of Your Dallas Junk Trash Removal With One Call

There are a lot of things in our lives that are just “one call away.” It’s easy to get dinner on the table when you don’t want to cook with one call to your favorite restaurant. If ever there is a problem with your pipes, then one call can have a plumbing out to snake the lines. Depending on your friends, you could also be one call away from having company over or going out for a night of fun. There is a lot you can do with one call and that includes getting your junk trash removed. The one call to make for that would be to Junk King Dallas.


The category of junk trash can be a rather large one. Start with the premise of anything that can fit into your weekly trashcan pickup. Sure, you might be able to stuff a lot of things into that can but no amount of stuffing is going help you get rid of a recliner or futon. Those are the kinds of things that have to go on the back of a truck. Junk King will be rolling up in a truck big enough to hold all the junk trash you want to get rid of.

It also will help knowing that you’re going to get a team of movers to help with your junk trash removal task. This is the team that doesn’t want to see you lifting anything except a cool drink on a hot day.

In no time at all, the team from Junk King will have all your junk trash loaded up on the truck. But what if it does take a bit longer? There are all levels of cleanup from simple furniture removal to a hoarder cleanout. For the big jobs, Junk King can send over additional movers to make things go smoothly. The good thing is that you won’t have to pay for that extra work. You’ll only be paying a flat fee based on how much room your stuff is going to fill on the truck. One price covers everything.

Thanks to Junk King Dallas, it has never been easier to handle your junk trash removal. Put them to the challenge today.

Tips For Throwing A Block Party

If you start planning now, then you could throw an amazing block party for your neighbors this Labor Day Weekend. What a great way to say good-bye to summer. Here are some good tips on how to make it all happen:


Pick a Theme

Every party gets better when there is a theme. Your block party theme could be as simple as “red, white and blue.” Or you can take the luau approach and get everyone in Hawaiian shirts. The theme also helps with setting up the menu.

Pick the Right Spot

The obvious best spot for a block party is right in the middle of the block. The real question is whether you’ll actually be shutting down the entire street. That isn’t as farfetched as it sounds. Just check with the city to see what’s allowed. They might issue you a permit that allows you to put up blockades at each end of the street. Obviously, the folks who live on the street can come and go but it would be nice if everyone was on board so that for the duration of the event, there will be no traffic.

Set Limits

It will help on the invitation to set a time limit on the party. That way everyone will know when to come and more important when to go! If you have a pool and want to invite the neighbors in, then let them know to bring their own towels and enjoy. It is important that there will be adults supervising the swims at all time. You can take shifts.

Delegate Duties

Just because you’re organizing the block party doesn’t mean you have to do all the work. Split up the duties. One neighbor can be in charge of tables and chairs. Another can be in charge of the grill. Someone else can be the activities director. Everyone can contribute and no one will feel overwhelmed.

Menu Sign Up

There should be a menu sign up where the neighbors can post what they’re be brining. It will help to split up the sign up into categories like appetizers, meat for the grill, side dishes, condiments, desserts etc. That way you’ll get a balance.

Clean Up

Plan ahead for the cleanup by bringing a trashcan down to the street on the day of the party. That way it can easily be filled up with the trash. Before the party, you might want to get Junk King Dallas over to your home for a little yard debris cleanup. Although they specialize in removing furniture and appliances, Junk King Dallas works great with clearing yards of all kinds of construction waste, auto parts and anything that is an eyesore. Let Junk King Dallas help you get your yard ready for a block party and you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood!

Make Your Backyard Deck Ready For Entertaining

A backyard deck has become a big selling feature for many homes. It can become a kind of second dining room and kitchen. Most decks are big enough to had an outdoor dining set and nice BBQ. This is a great spot for entertaining. However, you won’t feel like inviting company over if your deck is also being used as extra storage. It is tempting to put other furniture and appliances out on the deck just to get them out of the house. The hope is that you’ll be able to get rid of them someday. That day can be today if you give that job to Junk King Dallas.


What has kept you from removing that rubbish from the deck? Manpower and a truck. You might be able to find some help with moving those things off the porch but without that big truck, something like a sofa or old washing machine aren’t going anywhere. Junk King Dallas is going to send over the movers and the truck to get this job done. How fast that can happen is really up to you?

Junk King Dallas asks their customers to set aside a two-hour window for their appointment. This gives the crews time to get from one home to the next. Because the crews work fast, often they’ll be arriving early. But they could also have enough left over time to squeeze in a same-day pickup. It all depends on when you call. Most appointments are completed by the next day. Bottom line: You won’t have to wait long to clear your deck when Junk King is on the job.

The same can be said for the rest of the unwanted rubbish from around your house. The team from Junk King can make short work of loading all of that stuff onto the truck. They won’t have any trouble climbing stairs or carrying something heavy. This is what they’re trained for.

After the truck is loaded with your stuff, the crew will take off and you can enjoy all those clean spaces! The best way to make your backyard deck ready for entertaining is to get it cleared by Junk King Dallas today.

Fast And Affordable Junk Removal In Dallas

The next best thing to “free” is affordable. These days “free” only happens at the grocery store when you get samples of cheese or sausage. As for what constitutes “affordable,” that really depends on the service and what you expect to get for your money. Consider junk removal. This is the type of service that every homeowner will turn to when the clutter starts overrunning the garage, closets and spare rooms. If you could throw this stuff out in the trash, then you would. But when you need movers and a truck, it is time to bring in the pros from Junk King Dallas. Thanks to their easy-to-use pricing estimator you’ll also see what affordable looks like.


Junk King’s pricing estimator allows you to assemble a list of all the things you want to get rid of. They’ve been at this junk removal game for over 12 years and know exactly all the possibilities of potential items for removal. This estimation will reflect how those items are going to fit on the back of the truck. It’s like a big video game where you have to move blocks around to score points. When you complete your list, you can book your appointment on the same page and score a $20 discount.

When the crew shows up for your appointment you can show them all the things that are on your list and they’ll have a better idea of how they can pack up the truck. Usually, that will mean your final price coming in under the original estimate.

Using the pricing estimate might also inspire you to add more items to your pile. When you check off “sofa” you’ll also see boxes for recliners, love seats, tables, dressers and bedframes. That’s just for furniture. There is a long list of potential items that you can check off. Everything will be loaded by the Junk King team without you lifting a single item. That is a huge benefit especially to your back!

Put Junk King Dallas’ pricing estimator to work today and watch how fast and affordable your junk can be removed.

How To Set Up The Perfect Graduation Party

Do you have a kid who is graduating this year? That is probably one of the best excuses to throw a party ever. It will be especially relevant if they’re heading off to college or another city for a job. You can throw an awesome party without draining your savings account. Start by having it in your own home backyard. Here’s how to set things up for the perfect graduation party.


Pick a Clear Date

Just because your kid is getting their diploma on Friday, doesn’t mean you have to throw his party the next day. In fact, there could already by some events going on that they’ll want to go to. There is nothing wrong with hosting your graduation party a few weeks after the big day.

Throw a Combined Party

If your child has a close circle of friends, then you might want to celebrate all of their graduations with a combined party. Essentially, they’ll be inviting the same friends. The guest list will only grow when you invite extended families. However, those families might actually contribute to the party so everyone wins.

Have a Theme

Yes, graduation is the reason but that doesn’t mean you can’t attach a theme to that. What about going Hawaiian or western or last chance to be a kid? Those could all help you pick out decorations and menu items.

Food Assembly

The best food to have for this type of party is food the guests can “assemble” on their own like tacos, burgers, hot dogs or salads. Buffet is definitely the way to go. You can even go a step further and consider catering the party. But it’s not fancy catering with chafing dishes. Instead, order up trays of food from the kid’s favorite restaurant. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a bunch of pizzas. Finally, don’t forget the cake. Like a birthday party, a graduation party is a good excuse for a cake.

Toss Out the Rubbish

Before you can set up for your graduation party, you might have to clear out some rubbish and yard debris. That is where Junk King Dallas is going to be a big help. They can send over a crew who will work fast to load up all the unwanted things in your yard included an old playset or construction waste. Get your graduation party started right with some junk clearing help from Junk King Dallas.