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Dallas Landscaping Cleanup

Have you heard of the Adopt-a-Road program? This is where a business, a group or just a regular person can donate funds to help keep the road clear of debris. Over in Kaufman County, they’ve taken this one step further and have allowed folks to adopt a county road to do cleanup. All they have to do is let the County Commissioner know which road they want to clean up and when they’re going to do it. The city will even provide extra help in the form of municipal workers who will show up to haul away any collected garbage. How great would it be if you could get someone to adopt your backyard?

Think about having your own personal crew come out to your place to clear up whatever kind of debris might have been left behind during the last storm. Maybe you’ve got some left over car parts from your family “mechanic” that aren’t going anywhere. Do you have old patio furniture that has seen better days? Are you looking to replant a garden and have dug up piles of dirt? Yes, that adopt-a-yard crew would certainly come in handy with any of that removal. Sadly, that’s not going to happen. But you can hire the next best thing and that would be a Junk King crew.

Junk King of Dallas is part of a national franchise of junk removal professionals. The crew working here in Dallas has been trained and certified to handle all types of junk removal assignments with landscaping cleanup at the top of the list. You might have some waste leftover from a remodel job that has been piled up in your backyard. It’s easy to pile that up but a few rainstorms and that pile is going to get moldy. You don’t want to hang onto that.

What about the 4th of July? Are you going to be throwing a backyard BBQ, Texas style? It’s never too late to get your backyard into shape for a summer party. When you call Junk King you could get a crew out there on the same day to take away whatever you’re tossing out. That will give you plenty of time to set up for your party in a clean backyard.

You can also put the Junk King crew to work removing any other oversized item you want to get rid of. They’ll be able to make room in your garage by taking out all that unused sports equipment, boxes of papers or anything else you have stacked up. Junk King is your one stop fall all your junk hauling needs. Why waste time with other services when the best is just a phone call away?

Dallas Debris Removal

Even though we’re still a few weeks away from Earth Day, volunteers are getting a head start in the Dallas/Fort Worth area by participating in the 28th annual Cowtown Great American Clean-Up. So far, over 5,200 folks have registered to be part of the neighborhood cleanup. As with the previous clean ups, supplies and gear were distributed the Friday before the big day. Then it was all about scouring through the public areas picking up whatever doesn’t belong. That includes bottles, fast food wrappers, cigarette butts and soda cans. The volunteers will also find the occasional abandoned shopping carts, tires and sofa. All of those oversized items will also be collected by specially designated trucks. If the previous years are any indication, there will probably be close to a ton or so of garbage collected and disposed of. Not bad for a single day’s work.

If you were to put your junk on the scale, how much do you think it would weigh? Yes, we all have junk. This would be all that stuff we’re hanging onto for no good reason. It’s the stuff that we’ll never use again but is probably too big to throw out. We’ve all got at least a closet full of this kind of junk. In some cases, folks have entire garages or spare rooms dedicated to becoming a storage locker for junk. Isn’t there a better way to use that space? If the Cowtown Clean-Up inspires you to finally get rid of your junk then you should rope in Junk King Dallas to help with the job.

Ever since Junk King rode into town, they’ve been helping folks reclaim their homes, attics, basements, closets and garages from piles of junk. How can they help you? Right out of the gate, you’ll be getting a truck to fill up. No, you don’t have to drive the truck or even rent it. That truck comes along with every Junk King removal assignment. You’ll also be getting a two-man crew to do all the heavy lifting. That Junk King Dallas crew will create a direct path from your junk to their truck.

Once it’s loaded up, you can wave good-bye to your junk once and for all. It might have taken you several years to collect all that stuff but it will only take Junk King a few moments to clear it out of your home. Because it’s a two-man crew and a huge truck there isn’t anything they can’t take away. Whether you want to clear out your home or yard or both Junk King Dallas should be your partner. Call today to schedule your own Cowtown cleanup!

Dallas Yard Waste Removal

Recently there was a huge explosion over at the Nexeo Solutions chemical plant in Garland. The sky filled with acrid smoke and flames. That gave everyone of the local residents a pretty decent scare. Luckily, the Garland Fire Department was quick to respond and beat back the flames. Because of the nature of this plant, the EPA was summoned tom make sure there was no lingering danger to the air quality. It was deemed safe. The day after the explosion, the clean-up began. As the work crews came into the sight, the fire department was standing by with their hoses at the ready in case any hot embers would flare up and start a new fire. That didn’t happen but it was still a slow and potentially dangerous operation to clear out the debris. This is something that had to be handled by professionals.

When it comes to your own type of clean-up, you can call on professionals as well. Hopefully, your mess won’t be as drastic as the aftermath of a chemical plant explosion but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t benefit from some helping hands. Junk King Dallas is the one company you should turn to for any type of large waste removal project whether that’s in your home or out in your yard. They’re professionals through and through!

Top of the list of things that a Junk King Dallas crew can remove are all the heavy objects that require at least two workers to lift, haul and put onto a truck. Out in the back yard, this could be things like old wrought iron patio furniture, a hot tub or a kid’s play set. They can also take away chunks of concrete from a patio removal job, piles of dirt and fallen tree branches. Junk King Dallas could also cart off an entire shed that has fallen down. If it can fit on their truck it can be hauled away and they’ve got a very big truck.

After letting a Junk King crew sweep through your yard, why not let them get rid of the junk in your house as well? You can finally clear out the garage of all the left over car parts or workout equipment that isn’t getting any workout! If you shoved an old stove or fridge into the garage to make way for a new model, now is the chance to get rid of it. Couldn’t you find a better use for your garage than as a storage locker? Inside your house you can get rid of the old furniture or boxes of papers. Basically, if you’re sick of looking at something and want to get rid of it, then Junk King DFW is the answer.