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Dumpster Rentals vs. Junk Pick Up In Dallas

There is just so much that your weekly garbage can is able to hold. You notice this the day after Christmas when you attempt to stuff the can full will all the wrapping paper and boxes. There is also a problem after and big party. Somehow you managed to cram the can full. You might even end up sneaking a bag into your neighbor’s trashcan. However, there are those times when even stuffing won’t get the job done. When you’ve got a serious amount of overflow garbage, you’ll be thinking about dumpster rental vs. junk pick up. Here’s what you need to know about both:


With a dumpster rental, you’ll have to keep that unit on your property for at least three-days. You’ll be hard pressed to find a company that can drop off and pick up in the same day. You have to fill a dumpster up to the rim without going over. That’s because by law a tarp has to be placed over the garbage for transport. Dumpsters allow for a lot of garbage to be thrown out in a single load. That works best when you are involved in a remodel or home build. Of course, you or your work crew will still have to load up the dumpster.

If the dumpster is placed on the street outside your home, then you might need to secure an additional permit from the city. You also have to insure there is at least 60 feet of clearage on the day of the drop off and pick up. That might mean blocking off the area with traffic cones. Your neighbors might not like that.

With a junk pick up from a company like Junk King, all the trash removal can happen in a single appointment. The Junk King crew will do all the lifting and loading. You won’t need to bring anything from your home. There are no weight restrictions with regard to what you want removed from your home. You’ll have a full moving truck capable of holding an entire home’s worth of furnishings and household goods. A junk pick up appointment with Junk King can happen as a same day service or scheduled around your convenience.

The goal is to get your clutter cleared out as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Although it might seem like you have more room with a dumpster rental, you’ll also be doing all the work. The best option for junk pick up is to hire Junk King. They’ll get the job done right every time.